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Picnic Date 29:08
Picnic Date 29:08 A first lesbian date can be tricky to pick. Whether it's your very first lesbian date, or even when you've had plenty already. The best first lesbian date is a date where you can interact one-on-one and get to know each other, but also a place that stimulates conversation. So a picnic seems to be the perfect place.
Maid Loves Money and Dick 57:23
Maid Loves Money and Dick 57:23 Imagine if Caramella del X were to waltz in your home ready to clean your house, what do you think she would be wearing?? Well, don't wonder any longer as we have the perfect scene for you. Caramella comes in with her petite outfit that is ready to be ripped open. But our boy Freddy is ery classy and doesn't touch her at all while trying to convince Caramella to take her clothes off while cleaning. Caramella is very shy but agrees to get rid of her clothes and we are so very thankful for it. The way her patnies curves her ass when she removes it makes my dick brick hard. And if you thought this was going to be vanilla then you definitely haven't checked this out yet. Watch Caramella put Freddy's long cock all over her body and listen to her cum as she's getting railed up her ass.
Hot Housewives Fuck Fest 30:55
Hot Housewives Fuck Fest 30:55 Carlita Ray and La Sirena 69 (two hot housewives) make fun, flirty, and raunchy videos on their phones. They're bored and horny! What begins as relatively tame stuff (a nipple here, some pussy lips there) eventually intensifies to heavier scissoring, and it's not long before the husband (Mazee the Goat) gets involved! Their antics eventually turn into a deep, shared dicking with Carlita's husband. Both housewives get their cheeks clapped, pussies stretched, and bodies covered in cum — far more than they expected from a cute little video. How's that for "online content?" How much cum for a vid to go viral?
Wedding-Day Confession 36:31
Wedding-Day Confession 36:31 Gracie Jane looks radiant as she gets ready for her wedding to Andre Stone. Her best friend King Noire, who is her 'man of honor' (fulfilling the same role as a 'maid of honor' ), then enters the room and compliments Gracie's beauty. King seems oddly nervous and jittery, even though he's not the one getting married. Gracie is curious and concerned as she asks what's going on. King says he has a confession... he thinks Gracie is making a mistake. Gracie is shocked and a little offended, asking what he means by that. King takes a deep breath and admits that he's developed feelings for Gracie, so he's hoping she'll change her mind about marrying Andre. Gracie is shocked and conflicted as the weight of his confession hits her, admitting that if she had known this earlier maybe things would be different. She admits that she's always been drawn to King but that she never said anything because she wasn't sure that King would be open to being with a trans woman -- plus she didn't want to risk their friendship. But now that she's about to marry Andre, King's timing couldn't be worse! King sees his chance and insists that the timing is PERFECT. Gracie isn't married yet, so here's their chance to see if there could be something more between them. Gracie is conflicted, not wanting to be some kind of cruel experiment, but King insists that he cares deeply for Gracie and would NEVER hurt her like that. King begs Gracie to reconsider the marriage -- maybe if she saw just how serious King is about her, then she'd change her mind. Frustrated, Gracie challenges King, asking HOW he's supposed to PROVE that he's serious about all this? King boldly kisses her. Caught up in the passion and heat of the moment, Gracie returns the kiss.
Super Horny Barbershop 26:38
Super Horny Barbershop 26:38
TOTM - The Perfect Gift 23:41
TOTM - The Perfect Gift 23:41 Dark-haired Chloe Surreal is wrapped up like a present for your December Twistys Treat of the Month, and you'll want to find her under your tree! Chloe does a sensual tease in her dark red lingerie, shows off her glittering baubles in a tinsel-like dress, and even wears nothing but a shiny bow for you to unwrap! Chloe has some special toys to play with this holiday season, and you'll love watching her give herself an orgasm as much as she loves playing with her big tits and pretty pussy.
Leana Loves To Be Stimulated 28:23
Leana Loves To Be Stimulated 28:23 Leana Lovings looks up at the camera with a bright, shining smile as she chats with Seth Gamble about all the things that turn her on. She particularly enjoys the feeling of fingertips running up and down her skin, stimulating her to her very core. From there, she describes a sensual escalation of exciting sensations, from breath-play to body-grinding, finishing with her begging for deep penetration. With this erotic roadmap laid out, Leana and Seth come together to put Leana's plan into action. Watch it in our new split-screen view that's sure to capture these intense sexual moments in the most memorable, and intimate, way possible.
Tiny Katie Fits a Huge Cock In Little Tight Ass 31:38
Tiny Katie Fits a Huge Cock In Little Tight Ass 31:38 Going commando in a scandalous dress, curvy Katie is certainly in a frisky mood. This petite kitty's in heat, and only some anal will cool her down.
Big cock POV bj and romantic sex 21:43
Big cock POV bj and romantic sex 21:43 Clad in sexy black lingerie, raven-haired beauty Lady Dee looks sensational as she teasingly strokes her hot body before pushing aside her lacy thong and pleasuring herself. Turned on, Charlie Dean approaches the gorgeous Czech and playfully spanks her curvy ass as she continues masturbating. Afterwards, Lady Dee kneels down and treats the tall, handsome stud to a raunchy blowjob before taking a doggystyle pounding from behind, and then Charlie flips her over to fuck her in missionary position. Next, the horny nymph rides her lover’s well-hung cock cowgirl-style, and then the amorous couple enjoy a passionate side fuck on the bed. When it’s time to cum, Lady Dee plays with Charlie’s dick until he leaves the all-natural babe with a messy facial!
Realtor Please The Dominant Couple 42:30
Realtor Please The Dominant Couple 42:30 Dominant couple Joanna Angel and Scott Nails are house hunting and viewing a property listed by realtor Tommy King. Tommy’s a new agent who is uneasy in her role and her nervousness amplified by the couple’s domineering manner. Joanna and Scott catch on to Tommy’s submissive vibe and enjoy messing around with her, bossing her around from the outset. When Tommy catches a glimpse of the horny couple’s eternity collars, she knows they’re into kink and eagerly shows them the house’s special amenity, the BDSM dungeon! The potential buyers insist on testing it out and introduce Tommy to their world, engaging in an intense BDSM threesome!
Enjoying Calvin's Cum 23:16
Enjoying Calvin's Cum 23:16 It's a heaping helping of beefcake when two of Helix Studios sexiest studs hit the sheets and go head to head in a highly anticipated and smoking hot cock-knocker. On their own, Calvin Banks & Justin Owen are two of the industries hottest young jocks. Together, they're an absolute mountain of muscle. Watch these rock hard & horny hunks fuck like two twink tanks with some of the best chemistry captured on screen.
Mommy Swap 3 -Scene 1 - Mommy Does it Best 27:48
Mommy Swap 3 -Scene 1 - Mommy Does it Best 27:48 Watch smoking hot MILF ,Ryan Keely, gets extra nasty on Jimmy Michaels cock! It’s time for pussy pounding action! This hot babe is ready and willing for hot and nasty fucking!
She Likes His Roomie Better 32:44
She Likes His Roomie Better 32:44 Babi Star is so bored while her BF fucks her, she's texting his roommate! Jmac peeks in at the hottie getting mid dick, and is so turned on by her tight body, he has to go jack it in the bathroom. After Babi's BF finally cums, she finds Jmac in the shower and starts sucking his bigger, better cock. Babi finally gets the fire dick she wanted as Jmac pounds her pussy and picks her up to ride him, and she even lets him fuck her ass too!
The Voyeur 3 Scene 4 - I See You 37:06
The Voyeur 3 Scene 4 - I See You 37:06 When Avi comes by Logan’s house to talk about his security cameras he quickly thinks she might know about his hidden ones. But - in reality she’s seeking his comfort and assurance that she is safe. Before long he is enchanted by this beautiful, wholesome woman who enticing him into an afternoon tryst behind her husband’s back. He laps at her tight little snatch before burying his cock inside her. It’s been months since he’d felt a woman’s tight hole around him and he doesn’t want to stop until he spews his load all over her olive skin.
Life Is Sex: Episode 2 27:32
Life Is Sex: Episode 2 27:32 As we continue to follow Jordi in his serendipitously sexual life, traveling from odd job to blowjob, he finds himself in the next temp job along his journey – moonlighting as a janitor in an office building. Of course, Jordi stumbles into an office filled with absolutely stunning women, all dressed in conveniently tight clothing and lacking any male affection to help release their pent-up sexual frustrations. Swooning and tittering, they speculate on the size of Jordi’s manhood and hope to attract his attention. Finally, office hottie Cameron Cohen decides to corner Jordi in the break room and find out for herself what kind of heat he’s packing. Things get out of hand and before they know it, Cameron and Jordi are fucking right there on a desk in full view of the office! Once again, our hero learns a very valuable lesson – that life is sex!
Lusty Sneaky Nurse 22:47
Lusty Sneaky Nurse 22:47 Sexy nurse Clemence Audiard requires a sperm sample from her patient, Kristof Cale, but instead of leaving the room, she stays and watches him wank off! The horny redhead slides her hand inside her panties and rubs her lips and clit to orgasm, and then she drinks up Kristof’s cum! Planting her juicy snatch down on the hunk’s thick cock, Clemence rides him cowgirl-style and reverse, and then Kristof tongues her pussy. Next, the naughty pair do some 69ing before having a passionate side fuck on the bed, and then Clemence sticks out her firm ass to take a doggystyle fucking! Afterwards, the all-natural babe spreads her legs and takes a missionary-style pounding while Kristof plays with her perky nipples until he pulls out and treats her to a sticky facial!
The Cute Little Babysitter #9 - Scene 4 34:29
The Cute Little Babysitter #9 - Scene 4 34:29
Big Dick meets Tight Ass Cheeks 53:38
Big Dick meets Tight Ass Cheeks 53:38 Nicole aria a florida native flew all the way from cali back here to get ass cracked open like a coconut by Jovan big dick Jordan. As impressive as that sounds its nothing like seeing it first hand and they get straight to no bullshit involved dick comes out and its gets to fucking and sucking oh its bangbros time.
Thirsty Cutie Raina Is On The Prowl For BBC 29:14
Thirsty Cutie Raina Is On The Prowl For BBC 29:14 Raina acquired some cute tanlines by the pool, and she wants to make the most of them by showing them off. That will mean finding a guy worth bringing back to her room. But that shouldn't be a problem for a woman with Raina's wiles.
Intrusive Neighbor 36:49
Intrusive Neighbor 36:49 Renee Rose decided to sneak into her neighbor’s backyard to hang out in his pool. Apparently she has been doing this almost every day while he’s at work. However, this time he ended up catching her in the act. He approached her and told her to please leave. From there, She quickly convinced him otherwise by asking him to join her in the pool. While in there, she slowly started undressing and she then made her move. It didn’t take long for her to be sucking his dick in the pool. Eventually, they moved inside the house where he stretched her tight hole in several different positions making her orgasm several times. Finally, it all culminated with a huge load all over her face.
Tit-Mobbed & Oddjobbed 46:21
Tit-Mobbed & Oddjobbed 46:21 The girls have invited their crush Alex over for some nostalgia with their favorite show from their youth – Boston Creek. As they watch the show and realize it’s actually shite, they figure there are other things 3 attractive adults can do together. Watch as Chloe and Ashlynn use their assets to tempt Alex into a hot threesome!
Gamer Girls Compete for Cock 32:45
Gamer Girls Compete for Cock 32:45 Gamer girl Katie Kush likes it when her roommate, Kyle Mason, starts sneakily touching her and fingering her and even fucking her while she's gaming with her bestie... at least until she realizes he's doing the same thing to Leana Lovings! She tells Kyle to sit down and be quiet while the girls have it out... and soon they're licking each other's pussies and scissoring. Lucky for Kyle, the girls let him join in, because they both want another helping of that dick!
We Both Just Wanna Fuck 33:28
We Both Just Wanna Fuck 33:28 Meeting up with strangers can be sketchy, especially in a random abandoned spot. But the truth is that Jazmin just wants to get some dick, and Ike has a girlfriend but needs a new pussy from time to time, so they both have something the other one wants. It’s only natural for him to take her to his place, then, so Jazmin can show Ike how freaky she really is and how that fine body of hers can put much more than a show.
Morning Dick 34:43
Morning Dick 34:43 Kira Noir is humiliated when her husband refuses her some morning dick. Instead of pouting around for too long, the horny housewife seduces her brunch guest Phoenix Marie into sharing her morning sausage, her husband, Manuel Ferrara
Not So Shy Anymore 35:05
Not So Shy Anymore 35:05 Sia is a cute and innocent teen model who wants to become a star. Determined to succeed, she goes through a major glow-up to meet Chocolate God, a fashion artist and expert in what’s hot. Now a total vixen, Sia will do much more than posing for Chocolate–she will show him that her beauty is only matched by her sexual drive.
Natural beauty intimate caress 24:16
Natural beauty intimate caress 24:16 In this erotic scene, glistening babes Josephine Jackson and Lovita Fate sensually explore each other’s hot, oiled-up bodies in the Massage Rooms. Sexy brunette Josephine gently squeezes Lovita’s small, natural tits and beautiful bubble butt before getting on all fours and eating her out, and then they get into the 69 position so that they can both be pleasured at the same time. Next, the stunning lesbians scissor together, orgasming multiple times, and then blonde Czech Lovita plays with Josephine’s huge tits while rubbing her lips and clit. Nearing climax, the busty Ukrainian sits on Lovita’s face for a tongue fucking, and the amorous couple end the steamy session with a passionate kiss.
Convincing Titties 38:26
Convincing Titties 38:26 Skyler Storm is sunbathing while Tommy Pistol watches nervously from afar. Finally, he works up the courage to join her and tell her that their secret relationship HAS to come to an end. He doesn't want people finding out about them and starting trouble. But more than that, he doesn't want Skyler to get bored of him and cast him aside... As Tommy tries to break up, Skyler isn't having ANY of it. To distract him and give him more reason to stick around, she pops out her perky breasts from her bikini, asking him if he's SURE he wants to give them up. She further tells him that she doesn't WANT to break up with him because she thinks all of this -- and HIM -- is hot. Tommy is pleasantly surprised, especially that she's really into him. Suddenly, all his reservations are out the window. Well, sure, he'd still like to keep everything on the downlow, but it looks like they're not going to quit their fun any time soon. With that in mind, Skyler gives Tommy a sultry look and leads him inside...
Overachiever 44:49
Overachiever 44:49 Mr. Richards (Vince Karter), a high school vice principal, is relaxing in the teacher's lounge when Kimberly (Gal Ritchie), a student, sneaks in to speak with him. Mr. Richards can't help but grin, knowing that Kimberly must be here for a favor of some sort. Indeed, Kimberly explains that she is trying to qualify for a scholarship, but since she's been doing so many extracurriculars, her grades have dropped. She'll lose the scholarship unless Mr. Richards is willing to alter the grade she got on a recent exam. Mr. Richards is amused- this isn't the first time Kimberly has asked him for such an... unconventional favor. The last time she did, he got something in return: her virginity. So, if he's going to have to step in and save her once more, what could she possibly offer him that he hasn't already gotten from her? Kimberly is stunned, but in a moment of sheer desperation, comes up with an offer Mr. Richards can't refuse. If he helps her, she'll let him not only fuck her again, but she'll let him cum inside her too. Mr. Richards can't say no to that. He hikes up her skirt and starts fucking there and then in the teacher's lounge, with a shocked yet willing Kimberly going with it. Even when another teacher (Daniel Shar) comes in to grab some coffee, Mr. Richards continues without hesitation, chatting away with the teacher as if nothing was awry. After some free-use sex and a good pounding, Mr. Richards finishes with satisfaction, leaving Kimberly panting and breathless in the lounge.
Hotel Hookup: Febby, Wolf and Lance 33:45
Hotel Hookup: Febby, Wolf and Lance 33:45 Lance was at dinner with Wolf and some other friends. He texted Wolf and some other people under the table asking if anyone was down for group sex after in his hotel. Wolf was totally down, but other people were too tired. So Wolf texted Febby, and she came right over and met them at the hotel. They all fucked. It was all so impromptu that they didn't have time to set up a camera person. Everything was filmed with phones on tripods and leaning against stuff. Still very hot :)
Blonde Co-Ed River Lynn gets a taste of cock from her friend's daddy 42:30
Blonde Co-Ed River Lynn gets a taste of cock from her friend's daddy 42:30 Blonde cutie River Lynn is studying for her exam with her best friend. Her friend went out to get some sandwiches and then Ken arrives to find River all by herself. They start chatting and he asks River if she would have a drink with him sometime. yeah right, the only way she gets his big cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy is in his dreams.
A Cozy Day In 20:52
A Cozy Day In 20:52 Michael Fly and Katarina Rina are enjoying a nice day in, which of course means getting nice and close together. Katarina gets their party started by donning some hot sheer lingerie that highlights every one of her voluptuous curves. When Michael comes up behind her, Katarina easily slides out of her robe so he can enjoy the full picture. Sitting Michael down on the couch, Katarina straddles his hips and grinds against his stiffie. Of course those big naturals come popping out of her bra, leaving them free for Michael to play with. Dropping to her knees, Katarina begins with a titty fuck that moves forward to an enthusiastic blowjob. Sliding her thong to the side, Katarina takes advantage of Michael's seated position to slide down onto his hardon. Beautifully impaled, she rocks her hips and leans forward to shove those big ones into Michael's face. Turning around, Katarina continues her ride in reverse cowgirl. Michael finally takes control of the pussy party as he gets Katarina on her knees. Plunging into her from behind, he uses her necklace to do some light breath play and keep her right where he wants her. When Katarina rolls over, Michael spoons behind her to keep her full of cock. On her back, Katarina enjoys one last climax and then goes to work for Michael's pleasure. He pulls out of the velvet glove and lets Katarina stroke him off. When he's ready to cum from the handie, Michael lets Katarina direct it all over her bountiful bosom.
Emergency Press Cumference 34:43
Emergency Press Cumference 34:43 Alexis Fawx is the best kind of politician, the sexy kind! During a press conference, she gets her hands messy addressing her many scandals. Mayor MILF takes a strong stance against reporter, Ricky Johnson but when she challenges him to focus on anything but her scandals, he chooses her ass instead. Ms. Fawx is a lot to handle so her security, Charles Dera, and his cock also help to fill the holes in her story.
Sharing Our Crush 37:30
Sharing Our Crush 37:30 Kimmy Kimm and Alison Rey are two film students who have just moved into a new apartment together. Luckily for them, however, their next-door neighbor just happens to be the one and only legendary filmmaker, Penny Barber! Not only has Penny given them a warm welcome to the neighborhood, but she's also agreed to stop by later today to have a look at a cut of Alison and Kimmy's latest student film. Penny has nothing but positive things to say about Kimmy and Alison's movie. In fact, she just happens to believe that it could have success well beyond film school. Have they thought about distribution? Film festivals? Surprisingly, however, Kimmy and Alison turn out to be less interested in what Penny has to say about their movie... and much more interested in what she thinks about THEM. It's revealed that Kimmy and Alison are each harboring mega-crushes for Penny, and they just can't help but blurt it out. Penny's taken aback, albeit flattered, though things get a little prickly when she gets into a literal tug-of-war between both girls, neither wanting the other to get their hands on the gorgeous filmmaker. Penny puts a stop to it quite quickly, insisting that they don't have to fight over her... If anything, they can share! After all, filmmaking IS a collaborative art form
Sexy Sorority Trials 49:58
Sexy Sorority Trials 49:58 Bec really wants to enter the Beta Pies and enjoy the benefits of such a prestigious sorority. To do it, she'll have to face different challenges under the supervision of Fiona, one of the sorority’s most experienced members. What Bec doesn’t know is that her sexual appetite will also be put to the test, as she’ll have to find a hot guy on the campus and do stuff she didn’t know she was capable of doing!
Hot Professor Penny Porshce fucks her favorite student 26:35
Hot Professor Penny Porshce fucks her favorite student 26:35 Derrick has no idea why Professor Penny Porsche kept him after class. He's one of her top students and got a 98 on the last exam. He promises to try harder to be perfect, but she thinks he's already perfect ... perfectly fuckable, that is.
Switch: Awakening 37:20
Switch: Awakening 37:20 Kenna James recounts the lurid details of her past relationship with Dana Vespoli, and how their intimacy went to the deepest territories of domination. Dana would pick Kenna up and drive her around, teasingly asking Kenna if she'd told her friends that she had a new girlfriend. Even though Dana was older than her, Kenna couldn't get enough of Dana... and wanted more. One day, Dana stops her truck outside her house and asks if Kenna would like to get into the backseat. Kenna obliges, her pussy already wet from the mere thought of what Dana was going to do to her. Kenna gets on all fours in the back and lets Dana finger her and spank her into submission. Before long, Dana goes into the house, beckoning Kenna to follow her. Kenna does as she's told, still weak in the knees from the edging that Dana just put her through. Once inside, Dana slowly and sensually doms Kenna, giving her wave after wave of near-climax, until she finally lets her cum into her hand. Kenna does her best to please Dana as well. After all, her entire sexual activation is thanks to her, so it's the least she can do.