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Melania in MELANIA 11:00
Melania in MELANIA 11:00 Melania is a 19 year old shot girl with a great attitude and a huge sexual appetite. What puts our young Puerto Rican into potential pornstar material territory are her great body and one the nicest sets of all-natural tits we've seen in years. "HOLY SHIT!!" - moment nice. Oh and she was up for anal antics of all kinds, even after she collapsed onto the floor in pain after we gave her The Chair treatment. We thought we were going to need to stop the shoot, but she continued like a trooper. This temptress may very well be ideally suited for the porn business (if she ever meets a real casting agent).
Alina West in Alina West 19 Year Old Teen Does Her 1st Dp 13:00
Alina West in Alina West 19 Year Old Teen Does Her 1st Dp 13:00 Alina West 19 year old teen does her 1st DP. Alina is a young, cute, blond who is ready to explore her sexual needs. Alina West loves cock and boy does she get her holes filled, and enjoys every moment. This petite teen has a sweet smile, innocent face and natural tits. This is a must see and you wont regret it.
Charlene in CHARLENE 11:00
Charlene in CHARLENE 11:00 19 year old Charlene is a real life nanny who likes older men, daddy-daughter porn (hmmm...) and sucking dick. Despite - or probably because - of her fairly conservative Wisconsin-German upbringing, she's been lending out her pussy and mouth to quite a few guys in her young life already, mostly to older, married white guys. No black or Asian boys Yet. That's about to change but our giddy little blonde has no clue, she's just happy to be here. After swallowing (heh) her disappointment that Troy isn't the guy who will be doing that scene with her, she gets really nervous about that mysterious somebody who will be poking her pussy on camera instead. When big black dude Marcus walks in a few minutes later, we split screen that shit so you can watch Charlene's facial expression go from WTF to OMG to WHERE'S THE EXIT DOOR?. She still breathes heavily and tries to act cool when Marcus immediately starts rubbing himself on our small white girl. Fast forward a few minutes and she's got Marcus' black dick in her mouth and begins to show him how much she loves to please men (and prove she's not a racist while she's at it). Clearly her BJ skills are too much, and after getting some head from Charlene, and fucking her pussy for a few strokes, Marcus cums inside her early. We can barely see the cum dripping back out of her tight teen pussy, that's how deep the guy shoots. Wanting more dick ASAP, Charlie offers to suck off Troy while they wait for Marcus to recuperate. Marcus gets hard really quick watching Charlene give the white boi head, so he mounts our pretty blonde teen from behind and fucks her in doggy right as she swallows Troy's cum load. If you think that part's hot, wait until our little blonde takes that black dick in her ass - that's right ladies and gents, it's first time anal for our petite nanny! If Charlene's pussy was tight, her ass is a vice grip cock clamp. After getting assfucked in missionary and doggy, Marcus unleashes his second cum load (so that makes 3 cum loads total if you're counting) into Charlene's ass. We get to hear how she felt about her first black man, first porn, and first anal and then send both to the shower for some behind the scenes fun.
Roxy in Roxy 4 11:01
Roxy in Roxy 4 11:01 Watch what happens after a 19 year old McDonald's cashier asks me to help her get into the adult industry!
Nanny in Nanny 11:59
Nanny in Nanny 11:59 Nanny has an amazing set of fresh 19 year old big natural tits. She oils herself up, gives a titjob and plays with her wet pussy.
Tori Matthews in TORI MATTHEWS 10:59
Tori Matthews in TORI MATTHEWS 10:59 You've got to wonder what goes on in a girls head when she decides that "today I think I'm going to fuck a total stranger in another town make some porn", especially when she comes across as your typical girl next door like 19 year old office worker Tori Matthews. Now we know better than most that there are all sorts of hidden whores out there that get freaky the first chance they get, we happen to really enjoy ourselves when they come walking through our door. But there are also the quiet ones who just want to experience what it's like to take a big cock in front of a camera for all to see, which is what Tori appeared to be. The thing is, if you're going to check in to our room with a banging body, you best expect to be on your knees before you know it. Which is pretty much what happened when Jake got a good look at Tori's sweet ass. Long time viewers know we like to get to know our girls a bit before we fuck the shit out of them, but not this time. Within minutes, Tori is kneeling in front of Jake taking his baby arm sized cock straight to tonsil town with tears from going deep down her throat. OK, so now we know, this quiet cubicle queen is just the kind of slut we were hoping for. The more cock she takes, the more she feels like a whore, and she likes the feeling. She's a pleaser and the thing that gets her off is getting her partner to cum, whether it's a guy or a girl (yes, the plot thickens!). Good news for us is that she's really good at sucking cock, which comes from lots of experience. She's only been fucked by 4 or 5 guys, but when it comes to blowjobs, she's lost count. Excellent! Tori came to us to experience what being a porn star is like and we sure as hell weren't going to disappoint her, queue the clitoris torture device better known as the Hitachi. Yeah, you know exactly where this is heading. Watching her eyes light up when we break it out is priceless, but it gets better as she is soon writhing on the couch begging for mercy and Jake goes to town on her tight little pussy. And to think she was more worried about what his huge cock was going to do to her teeny twat. Her clit gets a real workout here but she hasn't gotten to the meat of the matter yet and that's when she gets a real taste of the biz. Tori is a petite girl with a pussy to match, so when Jake finally opens her up with his huge cock, it's game, set, match. He fills her up so much and goes so deep that Tori can barely take it. You have to admire her grit for taking it to the hilt, but sometimes there's only so much a girl can take and we go to the limit and beyond until she cries uncle. But remember what we said about being a pleaser? Tori wasn't lying about that and she spreads her legs wide open in her best "thank you sir, may I please have another" fashion for another round of pounding, and then another and another. The only thing better than watching a girl push her limits is watching one doing it that looks so damn hot. Tori gets the full exploited treatment and takes it with a smile, and a huge load of Jake's cum all over her face. We just love happy endings! So if you ever wondered what that hot girl at the office looks like when she's bent over and taking a huge cock up her dripping pussy, you're going to like watching Tori fulfill that twisted little fantasy.
Melissa Moore in This Babysitter Needs a Real Man 15:00
Melissa Moore in This Babysitter Needs a Real Man 15:00 Melissa just got done babysitting when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her stepsister! Juan noticed something was wrong and tried to cheer her up, saying that she will find the right guy. Melissa went in for the and kissed him! She needed a real man to satisfy her, and he was the guy for the job. They started making out and that lead to some intense finger fucking. That was until Melissas parents got there and she had to go. The next day she waited for Juan to get home, and when he did she took out his cock and went to town! A day later, Juan walked in on her touching herself to his picture and thats when they finally got to fuck! Her tight 19 year old twat got pounded into while she moaned with pleasure until her boss jizzed all over her mouth!
Tara in TARA 10:59
Tara in TARA 10:59 19 year old Irish-American nurse Tara works too much to date boys but likes to have the occasional fun with big cocks. It's been many months since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hasn't had any sex since. At all. She thinks that maybe the porn industry can help. Luckily for us, we were the first ad she replied to on her quest to cum n' go. Not that our ads mention anything about a huge black guy... Tara is excited to see what today's mysterious shoot will bring. We're always sparse on details but tell the girls to be "open-minded", which of course they all claim to be. After an in-depth interview, naked time with masturbation demo, and handcuffing her to the bed (was on sale on Amazon, so let's use it.), we disappoint Tara in letting her know that her interviewer is, in fact, not the guy to do her first porn scene with. A moment later we let our African-American big dick hero JD in to the room and Tara practically loses it. It's hard to tell if she's scared, excited, or both. She quickly regains her composure (open mind, remember?...) . What follows is a very intense hour of sex, with Tara having multiple orgasms, a bit of pain (her facial expressions are glorious!), and even anal. Instead of the expected ambush insemination, Tara actually decides to take JD's cock out of her ass and suck on it until he cums, so we're getting another swallow finish like last week. If you're in the creampies-only camp: we're sorry about that, but our girl made her decision to ingest his semen without warning and we're not gonna stop our teen nympho from doing what she likes best LOL.
Frida in FRIDA 10:59
Frida in FRIDA 10:59 Find out why 19 year old part-time stripper/ part-time airport employee Frida is basically doing her first porn because of Beyonce, and how you, too, can earn sexual favors from our leggy babe by being her friend. Then watch as this sunny TSA-approved pleaser tries to hold it together when she learns that today she will be having sex with a black man - for the first time in her life. We have guest ambusher Ray and he's doing a great job considering it's his first time on camera, too. How does it go? Well, let's say this: after thoroughly sucking and fucking that big black dick, Frida agrees to her first anal, even though during the interview she emphatically stated she'd only do it with someone she trusts. Guess that big black dick fucked the trust right into her. In fact, Frida clearly switches from a "don't let this guy cum inside me"-like mindset after she met Ray into his personal cum recepticle. You'll see, it's interesting to watch how she just flips. She enjoys that dick so much, it doesn't take much convincing to let Ray do anal with her, but not before she has Troy show her how to use an enema and anal stretching exercises. It works and Frida says she's relaxed for her anal. But when the time comes for that black dick to make its way into her forbidden zone, things ain't that easy at first. Painal fans will enjoy Frida's first time anal. After surviving her first ass-fuck, Frida expects and actually asks that Ray give her a creampie. Our babe knows what 'creampie' means, but apparently Ray doesn't - he pulls out and just unloads his cum all over Frida's face. Or maybe he did it on purpose. Either way, heads up next time, bub? Since she claims to love swallowing cum, we make Frida scoop up the semen and suck it off her fingers. And since she also likes creampies , we let Ray rest for a bit and then fuck her again until he finally cums inside her pussy. She pushes out a surprising amount of black man seed considering that dude just came on her face a couple minutes earlier. Freshly fucked, facialed, and inseminated, we send a very happy Frida home, dried-on sperm on her face and everything. She did her first porn, first time with a black man, first time anal, and swallowed AND took a creampie. Queen Bey would be so proud of Frida. NOTE: we realize the guest fucker didn't perform the way we all wanted and expected him to. But voting down that whole scene because of him doesn't help. He won't be back. But when you vote down a whole scene, we have no idea what's wrong. So please, if there is a problem just send us feedback via the contact form. It'll help us do better next time. Or at the least we can stop wondering why the fuck a scene that should be a solid 9 or 10 gets a 6.
August in August 11:00
August in August 11:00 August is a 19 year old charismatic stripper earning $1000 per day, but dancing does not deliver the fame she craves. Watch how far she'll go to get what she wants!
Elektra Rose in You're So Strong Daddy! 15:00
Elektra Rose in You're So Strong Daddy! 15:00 Elektra needed 1 more hour of massaging to get her certificate and the person who was going to be that last hour bailed on her so she called in her stepdad to ask for some help. He didnt feel comfortable with his stepdaughter giving him a massage but eventually her sweet charm convinced him to get naked and lay on the massage table! The massage was going fine until Elektra took out her tits and started rubbing them on her stepdad! After that, it wasnt long until Elektra had her mouth full of his thick cock! Her stepdad face fucked her and drilled into her 19 year old pussy and finally jizzed inside of her!
Jessica in JESSICA 2 11:01
Jessica in JESSICA 2 11:01 19 year old beautiful blonde first timer Jessica has only done foot fetish videos before. She'll tell you all about it during her interview and even demonstrates how she does it. Foot fans, that segment is mandatory viewing for you. After that we focus on what we're here for - Jessica's first bona fide porn shoot. Like many girls her age, she wants to start earning some real money and having done those foot fetish clips for her fans, she feels comfortable doing some REAL porn now. Luckily for us, we got her first. Jessica doesn't know that her very first time having sex on camera will be with a huge black man with a dick the size of a beer can. In fact, she's never had sex with a black man before, only the Italian guys she likes so much. But Jessica is genuinely sweet and open minded , so it's not a big surprise when she opens the door, realizes she will be having sex with the tall black stud standing in front of her...and then starts kissing him all over a few moments later to begin the scene. We wanted to take it slow but no, Jessica is all over JD, and our man doesn't mind. He enjoys a BJ - his cock barely fits in Jessica's mouth! - and then takes her hard bent over the desk in the room. They take things into the bedroom where things are more comfortable (and better lit) and we get to watch our white bonde with her black stud doing sexual acrobatics until JD cums early inside her pussy without warning. He just couldn't hold it any longer and looking at Jessica, we can't blame him. Very hot scene with a real and gorgeous first timer.
Indica Monroe in My Hot Cuck Wife Gets Me A Busty 19 Year Old for New Years 15:00
Indica Monroe in My Hot Cuck Wife Gets Me A Busty 19 Year Old for New Years 15:00 My Wife is great but never did I think she would get me a hot 19-year-old to have sex with to bring in the new year, I knew I was in for a surprise when my wife blindfolded me, the whole time I thought she was touching me never did I think when I took off the blindfold I would see Indica. Her blonde hair and big tits were exactly what I like, my wife really is the best especially after she let me cum in her tight pink pussy.
Skyler in SKYLER 11:00
Skyler in SKYLER 11:00 I know the World's a pretty shitty place right now, but 19 year old young and willing Skyler we hope will be just that vice to help you through your tough week. Now Skyler is a friend of fan favorite Ellie aka Hazel Moore and Ellie is the girl Skyler mentions in her interview as being the girl she first hooked up with and they licked each other's pussies while at one of their dorm parties. You will just love how shy and presumed innocent this girl is as she talks about what she likes sexually with that beautiful smile, supple lips and braces. During this hot conversation we find out that innocent teen beauty Skyler has never used sex toys before and Jake introduced her to the wonderful would of the Hitachi. "OH MY GOD... OH FUCK. OH THAT FEELS GREAT!", exhales Skyer as her new favorite way to masturbate brings her to her first of 6 O's of the day. And the man that make any girl squirt got right to work after the toys and her 2nd "first" of many today happened as her pussy juices erupted out of her tight teen fuck box. Skyler then gets right to what she loves, and sucking cock is something that Jake can confirm she is good at. You can't chisel the smile off this girls face as Jake instructs her what to do with his cock and then makes her squirt a second time before he tries that tight pink pussy out for size. You can tell Skyler has only been fucked by young boys who don't know what the fuck they're doing because she exclaims at the end of this scene that "I didn't know sex could be this good". Damn strait girl. We don't fuck around her and after Jake fucks her silly in missionary he fucks her in modified reverse cowgirl and probes that tight asshole since it's puckered and just asking to be explored. The next position in our little tour of sexually fulfillment is reverse cowgirl, which Skyler confesses is her new favorite position after today. Next stop on the tour is doggy and just watch this Latina hottie back that thing up and fuck Jake's cock as he pounds that pussy all the way to pound-town. "Oh fuck me daddy" she screams as no mercy is shown to her inexperienced holes. Of course we told her to reach back and spread her whore check wide so her pussy lip grabs are visible on Jake's cock as he withdraws with every forceful thrust. After that pounding Skyler needed a little break so Jake gives her a tongue-lashing she will never forget as she O's one more time. This girl just can't get enough good dick and Jake takes her to another O in side-spoon where she confesses what a total whore she is and loves cock. Fuck this teen is so fun to corrupt and the SEXploitation doesn't end there, NO! We just had to make Skyler do the final first of the day and lick Jake's ass as I use the Hitachi on her clit from behind. Fuck if she was not into it and just watch as her little virgin asshole puckers and winks at me the entire time I tortured her clit to her last and final O of the day. 6 in total and that's a new record for her. Oh yea, Skyler loves cum also and sucks Jake's cock dry after he unloads on her face as a kind of thank you for fucking her so silly. Man if we didn't use young and innocent Skyler as our personal little fuck doll that day but damn if she didn't enjoy it. Our first timer's are precious and sweet aren't they?, and oh so EXPLOITABLE. Enjoy, Steve
Penelope in PENELOPE 2 11:00
Penelope in PENELOPE 2 11:00 When some girls were playing with dolls and pretending to be princesses, 19 year old Penelope was fucking a dildo and dreaming of being a porn star. She was the high school slut who would give blowjobs to every Tom, Dick and Harry, and Paul, Dave, Kevin, you get the idea. So it's no surprise that this blonde nympho would walk through our doors looking for fame and fortune, not to mention as many hard cocks as she can get a hold of. The bottom line is she's a natural which is fine with us and an extra good time for Vince who got more than his usual helping of ass. She passed our ass eating test like a pro and couldn't understand why other girls would have a problem with that, same with the butt plug. Turns out she has one just like it at home, go figure. When it comes to getting her ass filled with Vince's massive man meat she was all in and gave it up like the good little slut she is. We're all about pushing the girls to do new things, but honestly we had a hard time finding anything she hadn't already done, well except for the pile driver and you'll have to see that for yourself. Vince finishes her off with a huge crreampie which makes a mess of the couch, but like a good whore, she cleans it right up. Welcome to the jizz biz Penelope, you'll fit right in.
Ginger in GINGER 2 10:59
Ginger in GINGER 2 10:59 Welcome back friends, we hope your New Year is treating you well. If not, you know we’re gonna take care of you here. What luck, we finished out the year with a pretty young redhead, what better way to ring in the 2022 New Year… than with a pretty young redhead!! We’ve got 19 year old Ginger today and she’s quite the little fox. She’s in culinary school, but is looking to branch out into the adult industry. She arrives in a cute little skirt she seems to be popping out of, so we put her on the couch and get to know her a little better. We find out she’s a quirky little thing which is how I knew today would be a good day. We get her naked and it’s always nice when the girls come in wearing a nice matching set of panties. She’s got a tight little teen body and a really great set of perky tits. Back to the couch she’s vibrating that pussy and using a butt plug. Next thing she knows she’s got my cock in her mouth, slobbering and sucking all over it. It’s kinda crazy how fast it all happens eh? Anyway, by then it’s on like donkey kong. She gets fucked on the desk and couch, at one point in the side spoon, her pussy is literally dripping cream. I get her back to the desk and start working on her asshole. I can tell it isn’t an optimal experience for her, but she does a really good job. She handles the freckle stick railing that sweet sweet asshole. She rides, and gapes, and gets some good piledriver. I’m not exactly sure how you’d classify the pop shot, but as I'm fucking her ass, I just pull out and unload all over her pussy ass and mouth. I just blasted all over her and iced those holes real nice like. We get her up, get her dressed, let her know we’ve got no paycheck for her and send her on her way!
Judy Smile in Judy Smile 12:00
Judy Smile in Judy Smile 12:00 19 year old Judy Smile inserts a blue dildo in her pink pussy and then stuffs it with q-tips.
Kinsley in KINSLEY 11:00
Kinsley in KINSLEY 11:00 This week we have 19 year old Kinsley, eager as a beaver and ready to start what she thinks will be her new life in the adult industry. She's a worker at an assisted living facility, which is some strange trend with these young girls lately. I guess the allure of getting fucked in the ass for money is much more promising than helping Mrs. Jefferson in and out of her bed everyday... Kinsley is fun and she really tries to showcase herself for her audition tape. She has very perky pierced tits and she gives one hell of a blowjob. She lets Cam use all her holes, and cheerfully does what she's told including happily tasting her ass off his cock. Cam blasts her with a facial and I send her on her way back to oll' Mrs. Jefferson. Thanks Kinsley!
Bailey in Bailey 10:59
Bailey in Bailey 10:59 Here at BRCC, 19 year old Bailey is what we like to call "The Great White Buffalo". After watching her casting you'll see why. She is a truly enthusiastic slut who's ready for her big break into the adult industry. We put her love for "Butt-stuff" to the test as halfway into the blowjob she's eating Cam's ass like it's dinner. She's ready to show the agents and producers she's the one for the job. She rides, sucks, takes it in the ass like a champ and does a lot of ATM. Cam blasts her face with a huge facial since she's not used to getting cum on her face, then I send her on her way... without pay... because as always, I'm not really a casting agent and of course... there IS NO JOB!
Melissa Moore in Something New 3 15:00
Melissa Moore in Something New 3 15:00 This week on FirstTimeAuditions we have Melissa Moore. She's a hot little 19 year old from Texas, with 36 C cups, 105 pounds and she's five feet 4 inches. Pretty detailed info huh? That's because we have a new format for FTA that we think you guys will like. Watch Melissa go thru an interview where you'll get to know more about her before you beat your meat. She gives some really genuine answers to some intimate questions. After we get the questions out of the way we got Tyler to fuck her good. She wan't lying when she said her favorite position was doggy. I think we'll be seeing moore of the lovely Melissa Moore.
Liz Jordan in Sweetie Liz Jordan Offers Her Wet Nookie 10:00
Liz Jordan in Sweetie Liz Jordan Offers Her Wet Nookie 10:00 Watch as 19 year old Liz Jordan gives up her wet nookie in this pussy-pounding hardcore encounter. She fucking loves it!
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59 Thick, sweet 19 year old barista Ashlynn is here to see if she has what it takes to make it to the big time.She’s got a real girl next door presence about her and arrives wearing a very pretty little sun dress which we get rid of pretty quickly. After getting her naked, she has fun playing with some toys and pops the butt plug right in. When it’s time to suck my cock she gets down to business really slurping and sucking on my rod. I fuck her all over the desk and have her ride me with that butt plug staying in until I pop it out and replace it with my cock. I get tons of ATM and some great gapes out of her before I fill her like a donut. Following instructions she slurps the cum off my cock until I can’t take it anymore… c’mon it gets super sensitive… you know what I’m talking about lol. Finally, she plays with her pussy a little bit while we try to get her outta here as fast as possible. You can tell she’s awfully hesitant throughout our casting, but she a great job. See ya later alligator!
Reese Robbins in REESE ROBBINS 12:00
Reese Robbins in REESE ROBBINS 12:00 Some girls do, some girls don’t, and some you just can’t tell. Words were never more true of today’s ex*!%@t and when Reese Robbins walked through our front door we all thought the same thing. This girl doesn’t look like she should be doing this but we are all so glad she is. Now don’t let this seemingly book smart sleeper fool you. This girl is into some kinky shit and says she prefers girls to guys and even wants to try multiple guys just to try it. You know, like 8 or 9 guys multiple at the same time, like I said don’t let the glasses fool you. This unsuspecting little 19 year old told us the story of once she seducing her female roommate and three of her friends one night into an all girl orgy on her couch while just hanging out. “You know, just one thing led to another,” she says coyly. No, actually I don’t have any fucking clue how one charms 4 inexperienced teenaged girls into having an orgy “actually,” but its so fucking hot. Is this girl a fucking rock star or is she a unicorn? I don’t know which but what she has is this unassumingly shy disarming charisma about her that’s so girly that it just screams, “I’m going to fuck your boyfriend's girls while I tutor him in biology.’ Then she’ll start dating you the girlfriend and you won't even know what’s happened until her tongue is up your pretty pink pussies and all your boyfriends are fucking her behind your backs. I must say this interview was quite the eye opener indeed and neither Tyler nor I saw this one coming. But in the best fucking way possible I might add and you best not fast-forward through the interview or you’ll miss a lot. So why does this wolf in sheep’s clothing prefer girls to guys you ask? Well a guy has never made her cum before so I guess that’s a fare enough reason. But she has had an anal-gasm before and get this? It was from a girl while she was getting fucked in the ass with a strap-on. Yeah another curve ball and I’ll say it again. It’s that hot of an interview and she concluded it with this statement. “I like surprise threesomes where you come home to your partner fucking someone and you just join in. I’m kind of a cuck that way,” and there you go folks. You don’t want to skip the interview, but I do understand one important fact. No one beats off to an interview so you’ll all be glad to hear this scene doesn’t disappoint in the sex department either. It’s full of butt plug stuffing, face fucking, orgasmly pussy pounding good of a time with a first timer who’s finally got some good cock. Now this is just a guess but I think after today little Ms Reese is going to rethink her pussy preference and will want more cock in her life. But that’s just guess, and oh! That’s no mistake in the tag categories either. She most certainly did get a load shot up that pretty pink slit of hers followed immediately by a facial. And what’s even better than a creampie / facial combo you ask? It’s that this girl is no cum dodger either and hopped right off Tyler’s cock to lick up his cum that oozed out of her. She even licked his load off her glasses post facial. Now that’s a good girl for ya all who enjoys sex and pleasing. Love that. So quit reading everyone and lets all enjoy Reese shall we?
Amy in AMY 10:59
Amy in AMY 10:59 19 year old Amy is here today to get fucked in her ass for the first time... she just doesn't know yet. You know the drill, she's here to interview for an adult modeling job. She's Puerto Rican, she's petite, and she's an absolute treat. This is one of those girls who you can tell has a dirty side, even if she doesn't show you all of it at first, but don't worry, it's all gonna hang out by the time we're done. We get to know her a little bit, then we get that pretty little dress off, and a dick in her mouth. You can see as she's sucking dick, how she cradles the balls, and flicks that wrist, that she genuinely likes to suck cock... there's that dirty girl coming out. Cam fucks her with that little peach butt plug in that little sweet peach. She takes it on her back, doggy, and even rides both ways with it in. She's NEVER done anal before, and if they gave out awards for taking in in the ass the first time, this girlie would be on the shortlist for accolades. Cam does a great job breaking her beautiful brown eye in, and she has a blast riding his cock in every direction. We put her on her back and blast her face before I hand her a toy and ask her to masturbate with all that cum on her face. We get her cleaned up, and out the door before she realizes what happens. That's right baby, it'll take 'bout three weeks to get you that job that doesn't exist.