Malory Malibu, Audrey Hempburne in MALORY MALIBU AUDREY HEMPBURNE 3WAY 10:59
Malory Malibu, Audrey Hempburne in MALORY MALIBU AUDREY HEMPBURNE 3WAY 10:59 You knew we had to keep Malory longer than 1 day to maximize on this sweety right? So yes, 18 year old Malory Malibu lost her virginity the day before this shoot so we had to capture this "oh so special moment" of her licking her first pussy with her roomy Audrey Hempburne and today is that day! Now Malory is a little sore from the pounding she took yesterday but rest assured there's lots of perversion in this fuck session. Anyways it's all about Malory licking her first pussy right? So as we probe, we find out these two girls are roommates back in LA and Hempburne is taking Malory under her wing to show her the INS & OUTS of the porn business. Yes, the old IN & OUT of the jizz biz, lol. But rest assured perverted fans, they have abstained from performing pleasures of the flesh on each other until today just for your viewing pleasure. And what pleasures abound! So for this shoot we forgo the pleasantries of an interview. Why you ask? Because frankly who wants to hear these two talk. We want Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! And who am I to withhold what my masses want. Give the people what they want right? So we start these two girls off with a little kiss. No reason to go stampeding towards the clitoris and Malory's awkwardness is just adorable. Adorable! And to temper her into her first ever Girl/Girl experience we have Audrey go down on this lost virginity whore first. Does she enjoy it? You have to watch. Next we switch these two and Malory dives into the Audrey's Sea of pussy and she takes to it like a duck takes to water. The way her tongue flicks over Audrey's pussy is a sight to behold. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Next the Hitachi comes out and Malory sucks Jake's cock for her first official 3some ever! SO glad we could capture this moment with picture movies. Next Jake enjoys the sinful pleasures of a double blowjob which he thoroughly enjoyed by the way. There's lots of ball sucking, deep-throating, and I hope you enjoy the new perspective it's shot in. I like it. Next up is fucking and the girls rotate as one is fucked while the other enjoys the spectacular view and dives into licking that clit as the other gets fucked. The look on Malory's face is worth the video by itself and Audrey is of course her orgasmic self. There is lots of pussy to mouth and swapping of bodily fluids in this scene for sure to stroke to and of course everything is shot in multiple camera angles with PIP for your viewing and stroking pleasure. We got you. Next Malory gets a very good lesson in how to lick and finger fuck a wet pussy. Something every girl needs to know when entering adulthood. Next up the girls get into 69's and lick each other as one is getting fucked by Jake's massive cock and it ends with Jake dumping his load in Audrey's pussy and Malory eating his cum out of Audrey's quivering pussy. Snowballing anyone? So sit back and enjoy another first for Malory in this epic scene in all its perverted glory.
Andi Rose, Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS ANDI ROSE 3WAY PT 1 11:00
Andi Rose, Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS ANDI ROSE 3WAY PT 1 11:00 Today started out with a long ass drive out to the desert to pick up super cute and sexy Jane Fuck'n Rogers. Let me Fuck'n say she's a Fuck'n hottie with a body! Schwing alert! Trust me the long ass drive was will worth it. Jake thought so too wasting no time getting her naked to check out what god blessed this sunflower with and blessed she is. You'll notice Jane is all smiles today and for good reason. It's 3some day and I'm not sure who's more excited, Jake or Jane? I think they're equally excited and for good reason because the other slit in this "menage et trios" is non other than the highly member rated Andi Rose. If you haven't seen her scenes you need to. Two of them are rated #1 & #2 and the 3rd is ranked in the top 10; and for good reason. Anyways, "Back at the Ranch" and the drive from it, we do find out that Jane's BF is supportive and even encourages her extra curricular activities. He even gave her a big kiss goodbye outside the house before Jake wrapped his perverted arms around her and whisked her away for the best sex of her life. You have a good man there Jane and she even repay's this openness by bringing girls home to share with him. That is one lucky guy because sharing is caring and we love you for it. Is Jane a keeper? I'd say definitely and she's definitely the type of girl you want to chew up all her bubble gum. You'll also wanna take her home to your momma's house type of special. Did I say she's special? Yeah she's special. So yda, yda, yda in the back seat were Jane gets naked and gets to sucking and fucking Jake's dick for some really hot warm up sex because you know us. Why waste a long car drive to the ExCoGi hotel room by just talking. Talk is cheep and car sex is a hell of a lot more fun. Now go watch both parts.
Malory Malibu in MALORY MALIBU 2 11:00
Malory Malibu in MALORY MALIBU 2 11:00 Christmas came early here at ExCoGi this year and our little presents name is 18 year old VIRGIN Malory Malibu. Yes she's a VIRGIN and we are way ahead of you on bringing her back and have already shot a 3some with her, Jake Adams & Audrey Hempburne. It's fucking awesome by the the way so stay tuned for that one. So lets focus on today's gift and the deflowering of Malory. Let me also say first that Malory is the second virgin we have had the pleasure of deflowering here at ExCoGi. If you want to see the first, her name is Keisha and I was just as excited to meet and get that shoot started as I was for the deflowering on Malory. Even though I wasn't the one sticking my dick up her virgin pussy this time. You may ask: "Steve, is Malory really a virgin?", and my answer is absolutely 100% she is. This girl hasn't even seen a real penis before today and Jake can't hardly wait to get his hands on her. She even claims to watch porn constantly and her fantasy is to be gangbanged. I know it's always the quite ones that are the super whores right? Well during the interview you get to see what a wholesome and inexperienced slut she is and we get her naked in the car. Once back at the hotel we find out more about Malory as her makeup is getting done. Trust me. This interview is one you have to watch and listen to set the mood of this shoot. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is a first for our wholesome flower. Listen, I can try to give you blow-by-blow accounts of this epic shoot but she gets all her wishes granted from Santa and go watch the fucking video!
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON THREEWAY 11:01
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON THREEWAY 11:01 Good things CUM in small packages and there are lots of good things CUMMING in today's package. First good thing is 20 year old collegiate Gymnast & Diver Brianna Anderson. The second and third good things are our studs Jake & Vince that CUM on our little fuck doll in this girl's first ever 3some and DP! This is Brianna's 3rd shoot and she lost her porn cherry over at Backroomcasting & then lost her BBC anal cherry at BlackAmbush so go check them out. They are hot scenes! Alright enough of the BS chit chat let's get to the perversion. This scene innocently enough starts with our gymnast taking a shower and getting ready before the DP storm hits and unbeknownst to me she hears me discussing the scene with Jake and Vince in the other room. Just watch as she gives a few smiles and giggles as we discuss taking turns on her and fucking her in a few different positions. It's hot. The actual sex scene then begins with Brianna sitting on a chair getting asked what day it is. IT'S DP / 3SOME day she says enthusiastically. This girl is so happy and up for anything. I just love her energy and spunk. I think Jake and Vince loved her "Energy and FUCK holes" better, getting her naked faster than you can say licitly split. She goes to town on sucking their hard cocks with the biggest smile. Has she ever sucked 2 cocks at once before? Nope. Has she ever had a 3some before? Nope. Has she ever had 2 cocks up her fuck holes before at the same time? Nope. That's all going to change today. I have to admit this ones a trooper and she pushed through the painal to give you the goods so lets all appreciate this little hottie in all her whoreful glory. Fuck I love my job.
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00 Winter’s upon us everybody and we all need a little something to help keep us warm this time of the season. What season is that Steve? You know the, ‘It Jizz the Season’ Season… The ‘Elf on the shelf’ time of year… The, ‘I saw mommy blowing Santa by the Christmas Tree,’ shenanigans. Well in Santa’s little help Mrs. Abby’s case, it’s more like ‘I saw Grandma blowing Santa and a bunch of his helpers by the Christmas Tree’ because that’s the type of gal Abby is. Bring them on is her attitude and like I said in her first scene's write up, boy do we have a treat for you today. May I present, for the second time, 41 year-old Abby Somers and I’ll say it again. If I hadn’t seen pictures of this hot Gilf’s smoking hot daughters myself I’d say there was no fucking way in hell babies came out of this girl's tight pussy and Tyler, along with Alex Mach couldn’t be more happy to see how Abby takes both their cocks. So today was Abby’s second scene and it was only supposed to be a 3some. No anal. Well we are always down for a little change up here at HMF and Abby said she’s up for a little anal and possibly some DP, Double Penetration action. Yeah baby!!! This little fire cracker was actually hoping for anal in her first scene but didn’t tell us so today we’re going to let the wild cards get played and see what happens. I know the suspense is killing us all. Ok I’ll give you a little something, something to tide you over with. She gets a double facial in the end and then sends her hubby pics of it, then calls him to get his reaction because she’s never let anyone else ever blow a load on her gorgeous face before but him. Curiosity satisfied? No? Well ok then let’s start unwrapping Abby shall we and see what’s under that wrapping paper. The rest of this story shouldn’t disappoint. It’s a good one. Happy Holidays!
Aarora Fire, Leana Lovings in AARORA AND LEANA THREESOME 11:00
Aarora Fire, Leana Lovings in AARORA AND LEANA THREESOME 11:00 Who likes to lick pussy & have their pussy licked at the same time as a walking hormone named Tyler Nixon stuffs their holes with his cock? Well it's Aarora & Leana of course back for their first 3some on camera and boy oh boy does this scene deliver. It’s fuckmates delivery service or Santa’s helper Saint Tyler stuffing these girls' boxes full of cock and instructing them on all sorts of holiday naughty shenanigans. Do these girls like to lick pussy? Fuck yes they do and nothing's better than young fresh nubile pussy aching to be used. So this scene starts out innocently enough with some kissing. No need to go stampeding towards the clitoris. Just a soft kiss is all these girls need to get the vaginal juices flowing, but rest assured valued members! There’s lots of debauchery and nastiness packed in this one. Just read the categories to fill your fireside stockings full of cock stuffers that would make an old woman blush and a young girl scream. It also all ends in a glorious double facial this one does because my man Tyler’s good but I don’t know of anyone who can do a double stuff creampie that would satisfy this bunch of creampie hungry members without having multiple guys involved. Spoiler alert! We don’t fake anything here and trust me when I say there are some creampies a coming in future scenes but remember this. ExCoGi was never a creampie site. Ever! And that's coming from the guy who started this. But when we do do them it's like a special treat or something, like getting to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve special, and unfortunately for all of you I can’t wave my magic cock over a completed scene and change it to a creampie no matter how much you comment on it. So enjoy these two girls having a debauchery facial full of a good time.
Charlie Valentine in CAITLIN BELL & CHARLIE VALENTINE 3SOME 11:00 The wait is over and everyone can rejoice that fan favorites Caitlin Bell and Charlie Valentine are back to lick slit for their first 3some on camera! In fact it’s Charlie’s first threesome EVER we cum to find out and boy this video doesn’t disappoint. However, yes there’s always a however, it is Caitlin’s uuuummmmm fuck if I know how many 3somes this hottie with a body has had but what I do know is Caitlin’s got bodacious tits and Charlie’s packing a bodacious ass and together these two are wonder women. It’s like they have super powers or something and can make other women totally wet and turn super slutty with just one glance of an unassuming coy smile and all. Love that. Yes when these two combine their super slut powers they can drive men bonkers or cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs with ease and we love them even more for it. Yes I know I’m building this scene and these two fine women up as goddesses but hey, both of these honeys have super sweet and perfectly pink pussies… So there. Yea that doesn’t make sense right now but it will make perfectly pink pussy sense after you watch this scene where both these fine women get their pretty pink pussies and wonderfully lush mouths worked over and used to the fullest by one lucky as fuck stiff cock named Tyler Nixon. Yea Tyler’s the man and he gives both these gals a proper fucking today, you’re welcome girls. And when Caitlin asked Charlie how her first ever 3some was after they had just received Tyler’s love all over their pretty faces? She responded rejoice- fully, “Yes!!! The writing’s on the wall,” or face depending on….. something? Hey everyone give me a break ok. I’m trying to write this while I’m beating off to this scene, and have you ever tried to do homework and beat off at the same time? It’s difficult. But what’s not difficult is you just relaxing and rubbing one out to this hot as fuck scene. So enjoy your rubbing
Sabrina Dior in SABRINA DIOR DP 11:00
Sabrina Dior in SABRINA DIOR DP 11:00 Just sitting here waiting on dicks,” giggles today’s hot MILF Sabrina Dior for a whole fist full of firsts again today. So if you’ve been living under a rock and you aren’t aware of our launch a few months back, then you’re probably painfully oblivious to the smoking hot Sabrina Dior who so graciously gave us her first Anal for our site’s inaugural launch. And by graciously gave us, I mean she took it like a champ. And if she can take Jake Adam’s man sausage up that fine ass with a smile then why wouldn’t she be able to take Jake in the Pink, and Isiah Maxwell in the stink. Yes you guessed it! And as M.C. Hammer would say… It’s Double Penetration TIME! And you can touch this. So since we all got to know Sabrina Dior for her first shoot here on HMF this scene jumps right into it with a hello and lets get to sucking dick shall we. This write up is also straight to the point with no buildup for Sabrina’s first ever 3some with two guys, first double facial, and of course the “why we are all here” and her first ever DP. I have to say this girl takes it like no first timer I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming and we love it. So sit back and watch just how lovely this girl is and how also unassumingly sexual and down for anything this hottie, who doesn’t look like she should be doing this, does it and does it marvelously. We think you’ll agree. This Hot MILF does fuck.
Heidi Van Horny, Lovita Fate in Fantasy 3some with MILF and teen 10:00
Heidi Van Horny, Lovita Fate in Fantasy 3some with MILF and teen 10:00 While his MILF wife Heidi Van Horny is away on a business trip, George Uhl decides to treat himself to a teen-looking woman. Calling a serivce, George soon hears Lovita Fate knocking at the door. Dressed in a school skirt, Lovita shows off her ass for George, who eats her out from behind. The blonde woman sucks his hard cock, but as George fucks her doggystyle, his wife comes home early! Heidi is very upset he lied to her, because she wants to fuck Lovita too! Heidi gets her fill of Lovita's cute tits and pink pussy, then both ladies team up to get a facial.
Silvia Dellai in Submissive Silvia Dellai Takes DP Punishment in BDSM 3some GP1905 14:59
Silvia Dellai in Submissive Silvia Dellai Takes DP Punishment in BDSM 3some GP1905 14:59 While looking through his girlfriend Silvias internet search history, Kristof discovers that she has a soft spot for BDSM porn. Having discovered this new information, Kristof decides to call Yanick a BDSM instructor to assist him in giving his girlfriend a very special punishment. When Yanick arrives with his gear, the two head into the bathroom where Silvias pleasuring herself in the bathtub. After having a leash put around her neck and her ass plugged with a whip handle, Silvia enjoys some hardcore double penetration.
Shalina Devine, Liya Silver in Team Work to Close a Deal - Liya Silver tastes Shalina Devine's ass on a cock (anal 3some a2m eurobabes) GP1888 15:00
Shalina Devine, Liya Silver in Team Work to Close a Deal - Liya Silver tastes Shalina Devine's ass on a cock (anal 3some a2m eurobabes) GP1888 15:00 To be stuck in traffic chaos is something we all hate, and it can be quite a trouble if you are supposed to meet with your business partner. Shalina Devine is giving her best to get home on time, but fortunately, she can rely on her assistant Liya Silver to welcome her business partner Kristof. Liya is willing to help her boss in trouble, and she'll entertain Kristof until Shalina gets home. She decided to stall his departure by giving him a nice blow, and he is more than happy to stay and fuck her wet hairy pussy. Shalina eventually came home and she didn't mind being pounded in the ass and join the sex ride. Isn't that the best way to seal the contract? Stay tuned!