Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons in Full Cavity Search Pt. 1 12:00
Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons in Full Cavity Search Pt. 1 12:00 Polly Pons is a kinky girl, and although airport customs agent Nathaly Cherie is typically the no-nonsense type, she can't help but want to have some squirt-filled lesbian fun with the horny traveler after discovering she's hiding a dildo under her face mask... and a buttplug in her ass! Once Nathaly has Polly all to herself in the security office, a strip search leads to her tearing off Polly's leggings and diving in for a taste of her sweet ass and pussy for some wild and wet hardcore anal lesbian action!
Adrianna in ADRIANNA 11:01
Adrianna in ADRIANNA 11:01 Curvy Arab first timer Adrianna is in for a quite a few surprises today. When Troy picks her up from the airport, she's super excited about her first ever porn shoot. This quickly changes as she finds out that things aren't going the way she had hoped. No studio. No makeup artist. No catering or ...well, anything else a young porn hopeful might expect from her first shoot. Her attitude is not surprisingly pretty sour once she sees the fleabag motel she is to do her first scene at. Troy has to have an attitude adjustment talk with her, and she does perk up. But then it's time for the big surprise - Adrianna is to strip and lie on the bed, face down, spreading her ass and pussy open. At that point she still thinks Troy is the one she'd be having sex with. Watch her face when the door opens and gigantic black man JD enters the picture instead. The result - Adrianna has an actual freakout on camera. None of this is staged and if you watch it all through you'll see this is real. But so how does she make it through the scene? Quite well, thanks to JD's amazing skill with the lady (again, that whispering shit he does....). In the end we even get some anal, ass to mouth, and a super juicy ambush creampie out of this. (Plus she eats JD's remaining cum off the bed spread, so that's a plus). Overall this turns into a very orgasmic, very filthy shoot, but it was pretty dodgy in the beginning. Some technical issues notwithstanding (2 short camera fails, unfortunately), Adrianna's porn debut turned out pretty fucking fantastic (and JD LOVED it, too!)
Lily Larimar in LILY LARIMAR 2 10:59
Lily Larimar in LILY LARIMAR 2 10:59 Some girls just have that "IT" factor, and 21yo Lily Larimar has IT. You know the story by now. Our stud Jay probes our over sexed exploit all about her off camera sex-ploits and we find out that Lily is one horny girl. "So what's the most times you have cum from one fuck session?" asks Jay. "Oh I think it was like 8 or 9 times!" giggles Lily. Stating it happened after a full day of webcamming. What a little slut. "You are horny, I can feel your clit getting hard" declares Jay as he rubs Lily's pussy on their way to a secluded spot for road head and outdoor sex. Lily is one sexual girl I tell you and this interview/Pornplay is right up any girl's avenue if she wants the "girlfriend experience". This is one of the hottest girls getting her hot pussy rubbed almost the entire drive back from the airport so if you like this pornplay stuff your in for a treat. Oh and they fuck outside the hotel also which is totally fucking hot. Back in the hotel she gets naked, sucks his dick, plays with toys, gets her pussy licked, gets fucked in all the right positions and takes Jay's load up her perfect pussy. Of course she licks his cum out of her pussy. She's a little slut and we LOVE IT! Lily Larimar is smoking hot and we hope your going to love the way you feel after watching this one. I'm ExCoGi Steve and I guarantee it!
Tigerr Benson in DP Anal Super-fuck 5:59
Tigerr Benson in DP Anal Super-fuck 5:59 SCORE magazine covergirl Tigerr Benson takes on two guys. They don't stand a chance against this princess of boobs, beauty and brains. She easily drains them of their precious bodily fluids. Tigerr gives her all. SCORE: Was this DP threesome with George and Kristof any different in any way? Tigerr Benson: Yes, it was. I liked that I was with a cute young guy and an older guy, that was hot for me. Sometimes it's the small things that get me hot. SCORE: Do you have any kind of mental warm-up before a scene or do you jump right in? What about a physical warm-up before you get into all those hot positions? Tigerr Benson: I don't do any warm-up. I always like to keep things natural when I'm having sex. I think you would need a warm-up if you were just doing a job but that's not really me. I keep fit by climbing. I'm a bit short so I'm always having to stretch my legs. SCORE: What three things do you enjoy most about making adult videos and pictures? What three things do you enjoy the least? Tigerr Benson: First, I just like sex, and sex with a new guy or guys is always exciting. My Chinese sign is the pig so I think I was born hungry for everything! Sex on-camera is without strings so that's cool. Second, I like the attention and the feeling I am being watched by thousands of men lusting after me. That's a cliche, I know. But in my private life I am very much into the hot wife fetish and have my (cuckold) hubby and quite a few boyfriends who enjoy seeing me having dirty sex with other men. This brings out the exhibition or performer in me when I'm having sex in front of camera. Also, many have mentioned me being in SCORE so I think being on camera is really good promotion too. Third, I enjoy being able to travel. I'm not that well known in the USA but in Europe I am popular enough that now I can pick and choose who I work with (I only work with nice people). So when I travel I know there is always going to be hot fun at my destination. Sometimes I sit in the airport waiting for my flight and just daydream about what might happen during the shoot. Then I have to go to the loo and masturbate.(Laughs) Three things I enjoy the least? That's really hard. Well, I miss my doggy Snoepje. Snoepje means "sweet" in Dutch. He gets very sad when I'm away. Second, when I am traveling it's sometimes very difficult to get good Chinese and Japanese food. I love noodles--Ramen, Soba and Udon--and I go noodle crazy if I don't get any... that sounds rude! (Laughs) Third and actually the most important now I think of it! When I'm having sex in front of a camera with two hot guys and really getting hot, and the director shouts "cut!" Totally frustrating! A lot of times I have to carry on with a stunt after the shoot is finished, so I can cum or I won't be able to sleep at night! I have collected a few boyfriends this way, which is good 'cos it means when I shoot with them again, the sex scenes are even hotter. 'Cos they are real! SCORE: Most porn performers are sexual athletes. What about the regular guys you've had sex with? Have you discovered any of them to be sex athletes too? Tigerr Benson: Yes, some of the professional guys are amazing! I have a stunt boyfriend in Valencia, Nick who fucks me all day and night!! We only stop for food. [Laughs] When I am shooting in Spain I stay with him, so when I get back I am always really exhausted. But in normal life with regular guys, sex is very different. I enjoy the difference, I'm very much into yin and yang in life. I like balance. I also enjoy slow sex that's quite real and sensual. You don't really get asked to do sex like this in front of the camera. So although the regular guys are not really sexual athletes, they still get me hot in a different way.
Gisele in GISELE 11:00
Gisele in GISELE 11:00 Today we have 18 year old porn first timer Gisele, doing anal, hello !White camera guy Troy picks up Gisele at the airport and she doesn't waste time bragging about how much she loves anal with her boyfriend. She loves kink and BDSM, she loves big dicks, and blah blah blah. Gisele wants to impress the guy she thinks will film and fuck her on camera and make or break her porn career. She has no idea that instead of the white guy sitting next to her, Gisele will be taking one of the biggest black cocks in her teen ass. She doesn't think anything is off until she realizes that they've been driving in circles at the airport. Why? "We're gonna pick up your male talent, he came in at a different terminal". Our petite teen's heart drops when 6 foot 6 huge black lord Jovan walks out of the terminal and gets into the car a few minutes later. Awkward? Yes. And we love it. Once settled at the hotel, we get to admire a very excited Gisele's pierced teen titties before the boys invite her to show off her blowjob skills. When she unpacks Jovan's big black cock for the first time we can hear her exhale in near desperation - that's one huge cock for a tiny teen!His big dick barely fits in her mouth, and the harder Jovan gets, the more Gisele's jaw looks like it's going to get unhinged. But she's a tough little trooper and she sucks and licks him until she relaxes enough to take him all in. OK, mostly. Frankly, it looks like the girl is sucking on a black baseball bat at this point. We watch Gisele get more and more into her black lover as they take things to the bed. After more cock sucking and deep throating, Gisele really perks up when Jovan eats her teen pussy. That really got her attention and now she's all his for the rest of the day. Gisele and Jovan's energy and enthusiasm for fucking absolutely fills the room. She moans and cums loudly, to the point where a ball gag needs to make an appearance to keep her somewhat quiet for a while. This is a hotel with thin walls, after all. So we could go on about the pussy fucking at this point but you probably want to hear about the young lady taking that big black cock in her tiny ass, right? Well, we're not gonna describe it here in detail, this is really something you just got to watch for yourself. Suffice it to say it does take some ...ahem...anal training (knuckles deep!) before Gisele can enjoy that BBC in her ass. And enjoy she does! Once properly lubed and loose, the dark lord has a grand ol' time fucking that teen asshole, and Gisele nearly cums from having that huge dick in her ass!Things aren't as joyful for her when Gisele begs Jovan to cum inside her (meaning her ass), but he switches quickly into her pussy and unloads his semen inside her teen womb.Gisele is begging him not to cum inside her pussy but he does it anyway because, fuck it. What better place to unload your cum than a teen pussy, right?So why the drama, Gisele? Oh you're not on birth control? Of course you're not. Because planning and being 18 don't go together. We let our cum filled cutie stew in fear a bit and make her scoop out his sperm from her pussy and eat it before hinting at a possible solution to our teen's predicament. All in all, Gisele's porn debut is fantastic. She does everything we could have hoped for, and then some. And a petite teen taking Jovan's mighty BBC in her ass in 3 positions? We should give her a standing ovation but it's hard to stand and clap when all your blood has rushed into your dick. Enjoy!
Holly in Holly 11:00
Holly in Holly 11:00 Dallas, Texas. INT. Holly's bedroom. Night time. Holly and her wife make sweet, sweet lesbian love when Holly suddenly tells her that she plans on flying out to the Southwest the next day to shoot a porn movie. With a man. Closeup of a shocked wife. Cut to wedding rings being flushed down the toilet. At least this is how we'd imagine the situation at blonde, green-eyed first timer Holly's home. The wife thing is real - Holly is married to a woman, but the ladies like to have fun with men occasionally. Holly apparently more so than her wife because, well, she's here in Troy's car now, talking about her personal life and how she wants to get some dick on camera. It's been over a year since she's enjoyed the loving dicking-down of a male. Being a white and apparently proud Texan girl, Holly answers the question about what kind of guys she goes for - when she actually goes for 'em - with "white, nerdy, and a Justin Bieber haircut". Troy is surprised Holly specifically mentions "white". Does she know what's about to happen? Nope, turns out Holly just likes white guys only. Never been with anyone outside her race besides a "Mexican", and that was probably just a white dude with a tan which in Holly's world counts as being open minded. We don't want to call Holly racist but considering she's a white lesbian Texan who married another girl, we do call her surprisingly unadventurous when it comes to having sex with men. This is about to change today. Dramatically. As Holly and Troy walk up to the building's elevator, big black cock lord Jovan surprises both of them by being early. Well, the ambush might as well happen right now, so Troy introduces Holly to the man she will be fucking on camera today. Immediately Holly's smile turns into a "WTF, are you serious?" frown. Yes, Holly, we're serious. You'll be fucking your first black man today. Got a problem with that? The boys can drive your ass right back to the airport and you leave without getting paid. Your choice. Holly is still reluctant so to give her a chance to see if she's into black cock, Troy invites Holly to at least give Jovan a "sample blowjob" in the car. The walk in that dark garage must be one of the scariest few moments in Holly's life at this point. But Jovan's big black dick just has that magic that makes even the most apprehensive white Texan girl fall in love with it. She sucks Jovan's cock in the car and then agrees to continue with the shoot. Hurrah! Holly and Jovan hit it off once they are unleashed on that comfy bed, and there's even some kissing, tongue and everything. Very hot. After more cock sucking and 69 fun, the cock lord is yanking and throwing the white girl in his favorite positions. Any hesitation on Holly's part is now out of the window and Jovan fucks her any way he wants to, and she loves it. Yes, she really was missing that dick. Any dick, but even she is surprised how much she loves black cock. Apparently Holly has a magic pussy, or maybe it's the fact that no man hath entered those hallowed lips in over a year, but cock lord Jovan is fighting hard to not cum early. That thing he does when he hits his cock on her thighs? That's to keep him from cumming too soon. Hey, there are positions to get through, this is a fricken porn movie after all! And what a relief it must be when he is finally allowed to cum inside that Texan pussy! We're still not sure how much Holly actually told her wife. In one breath she says her wife knows she's shooting a porno. In another she seems awfully worried about the wife finding out details - especially that it's with a black man. What both girls SHOULD be worried about is that Holly, being a full-time lesbian by day, just got inseminated by Jovan and has a womb full of sperm that just won't come out, no matter how many awkward positions Troy makes her get in. Some cum does finally flow back out (enough to make her eat it anyway) but we all know Mr Jordan's balls shot a lot more inside this girl than that. Will Troy save Holly's marriage and life by giving her a morning-after pill? Hint: yes. But this stuff ain't cheap so Holly's pay will be docked for this. To prove that the "not on birth control" thing isn't just some dumb plot device (and to cover his ass legally), Troy makes Holly take the pill on camera. Yeah it's like a repeat from last week but fuck, man, these girls just don't plan ahead when they want to get into porn, do they?
Tayler in TAYLER 11:00
Tayler in TAYLER 11:00 22 yo ex-webcam girl Tayler shows up at the airport, looking like she just fell out of a birds nest. After throwing as much makeup at her as we can find, we realize no matter how much you glam up this girl, she's gonna be a pasty white trailer trash from Vegas who talks like she's in a gang or something. Granted, she is pretty funny. And those big natural tits are awesome. And yes, she's as open-minded as she claims to be. She's super nervous when she finds out that instead of the camera dude, "someone else" is going to fuck her. She thinks we're joking at first but then realizes we don't kid around with that. Our dirty-blonde fun bucket gets pretty nervous, which is made worse by the fact that the person who's going to be fucking her is like an hour late. We get to know Tayler very well, get her to play around with her pussy and tits on camera, and generally kill time (much of it we had to cut out, otherwise this video would've been a pretty boring 2 hours.) until HE finally shows up. HE is a huge black man with an enormous dick. It's Tayler's first time having sex with a black man, but the way she reacts you would think she's never even seen a black dude. But she's down to give him a try. It becomes clear early on that JD and his big dick are way more than Tayler expected or has ever handled before. JD's cock is the largest she's ever seen, let alone sucked or fucked. She can barely fit that black snake in her mouth, and her pussy is stretched to the limits. Despite all that, thanks to Troy's sweet talking she agrees to try anal! It's not smooth. In fact, we can call this PAINAL. There isn't a lot of loooooong strokes of that big black dick going in and out of her asshole, JD barely fits it in and wiggles it around in her ass, occasionally pushing ind and out an inch or two, and Tayler whinces and whines (but never stays stop!...). It's clear this curvy girl isn't putting on a show, she's as real as it gets and that includes the fact that this BBC is simply too big for her -especially her ass. Nevertheless, we get everything we need from this cheery amateur. That includes a creampie. She was shocked at first when we told her JD will cum inside her, but then just shrugged it off by saying she'll be going to the pharmacy to pick up a morning-after pill. We offer to provide her one but will take it out of her pay. She even fished out his sperm from her pussy and ate it to give us maximum fappable footage. Yummy creampie! That's the spirit, you little trailer trash cum bucket! Tayler is a funny girl, not the brightest, curses like a sailor, and clearly isn't cut out for the porn business. But she didn't walk out when she was ambushed by that big black cock, and did everything we wanted her to. So overall - great success!
Frida in FRIDA 10:59
Frida in FRIDA 10:59 Find out why 19 year old part-time stripper/ part-time airport employee Frida is basically doing her first porn because of Beyonce, and how you, too, can earn sexual favors from our leggy babe by being her friend. Then watch as this sunny TSA-approved pleaser tries to hold it together when she learns that today she will be having sex with a black man - for the first time in her life. We have guest ambusher Ray and he's doing a great job considering it's his first time on camera, too. How does it go? Well, let's say this: after thoroughly sucking and fucking that big black dick, Frida agrees to her first anal, even though during the interview she emphatically stated she'd only do it with someone she trusts. Guess that big black dick fucked the trust right into her. In fact, Frida clearly switches from a "don't let this guy cum inside me"-like mindset after she met Ray into his personal cum recepticle. You'll see, it's interesting to watch how she just flips. She enjoys that dick so much, it doesn't take much convincing to let Ray do anal with her, but not before she has Troy show her how to use an enema and anal stretching exercises. It works and Frida says she's relaxed for her anal. But when the time comes for that black dick to make its way into her forbidden zone, things ain't that easy at first. Painal fans will enjoy Frida's first time anal. After surviving her first ass-fuck, Frida expects and actually asks that Ray give her a creampie. Our babe knows what 'creampie' means, but apparently Ray doesn't - he pulls out and just unloads his cum all over Frida's face. Or maybe he did it on purpose. Either way, heads up next time, bub? Since she claims to love swallowing cum, we make Frida scoop up the semen and suck it off her fingers. And since she also likes creampies , we let Ray rest for a bit and then fuck her again until he finally cums inside her pussy. She pushes out a surprising amount of black man seed considering that dude just came on her face a couple minutes earlier. Freshly fucked, facialed, and inseminated, we send a very happy Frida home, dried-on sperm on her face and everything. She did her first porn, first time with a black man, first time anal, and swallowed AND took a creampie. Queen Bey would be so proud of Frida. NOTE: we realize the guest fucker didn't perform the way we all wanted and expected him to. But voting down that whole scene because of him doesn't help. He won't be back. But when you vote down a whole scene, we have no idea what's wrong. So please, if there is a problem just send us feedback via the contact form. It'll help us do better next time. Or at the least we can stop wondering why the fuck a scene that should be a solid 9 or 10 gets a 6.
Fuck)Luna in LUNA 10:59
Fuck)Luna in LUNA 10:59 20 year Luna is almost cartoonishly cute and upbeat when I pick her up from the airport. She is excited for her first porn shoot and is comfortable with me to reveal some pretty jarring secrets about her sex life. She enjoys choking girls but loves getting fucked hard, spanked and even whipped by men. With another self-proclaimed submissive on my hands I make good use of the big plastic ruler I keep in my BDSM emergency bag. OK, it was supposed to be used to measure Jovan's cock some day, but today it serves to whip young Luna's white ass and feet until she nearly cums. But I won't let her cum, not even with that vibrator I have her masturbate with for us. No, I make her save those orgasms for later - when she will be having sex with a huge black man for the first time in her life. Oh yeah, Luna, forgot to tell you about that... In the middle of playing with Luna we are interrupted by a loud knock on the door. I make Luna open the door to greet her surprise visitor - 6-foot-6 tall dark lord Jovan Jordan. Luna clamps up a bit and thinks this is all a joke but she quickly learns that this is all too real. Spoiler alert: Luna agrees to have sex with this black stranger on camera for us. After all, she doesn't want to end her porn career before it ever started. But the joke's on us because, after getting over the shock of seeing Jovan's big black cock - and then sucking it, young Luna has one orgasm after another with Jovan when he starts fucking her. Seriously, it's an absolute orgasm fest with this girl, her body shaking and her eyes rolling to the back of her head over and over again with her black lover. Luna finds out she loves, loves, loves that big black cock! That cock barely fit in her little mouth, and her pussy is stretched to the max with our big boy inside her, but JJ knows just the right moves to make to get Luna to cum. He fucks her hard on the living room coffee table and after the first 2 orgasms we take things into the bedroom where the fucking, sucking, and cumming fest continues. Luna practically cums in every position with Jovan, it gets sweaty and energetic and at no point do these 2 slow down. Enjoy the multiple split screens and watch Luna's little tight pussy get fucked by Jovan's big black cock while also watching her face in orgasmic agony at the same time. Jovan finishes off with our young orgasm fiend by blasting her face with a big load of cum, which somehow seems to be just about the most exciting thing in the world to her - Luna's joyous giggling and laughing when Jovan cums on her is both a little crazy and hot. We make her shove all that cum from her face back in her mouth before getting her thoughts on her first encounter with a big black dick, and her first porn scene in general.
Jules in JULES 11:01
Jules in JULES 11:01 18 year old redhead Jules is a part time webcam girl, part time waiter, with a drive to be the next big pornstar and keep her boyfriend happy letting him know about the filthy stuff she's doing with other guys. Troy picks Jules up from the airport and keeps her thinking that they are on the way to the studio where she'll do all the cool things pornstars do. Pretty still pics, nice lighting, comfortable surroundings, and a fit, young white dude to seduce her on camera. Troy gets that dreaded message that the studio , makeup artist, and all the other nice things were canceled. Jules takes it in stride but she does start to think this might be a scam. Not quite, Jules but you do have to be a minded now. The behind the scenes chat keeps going, Jules reveals some astounding facts about herself (especially considering she's only 18...) and inevitably the topic goes to roadhead. Which what happens driving around for half an hour waiting for that text message from the "producer". Unfortunately there was no time to get a hotel so the suggestion is: shoot the scene in the car. All of it. Shocked first, Jules starts to kind of get excited. She's very much the adventurous type. But what happened next is something she really could not expect. When she meets the man she would ultimate be having sex with, we can see her real expressions of shock. She composes herself quickly though because she doesn't want to appear racist on camera. And luckily, once cockgod JD enters the picture, young Jules turns from somewhat aghast into a black cock superslut who quickly gets comfortable enough to let us watch her pee, has a smoke while JD fucks her white pussy, and doesn't raise a major fuzz when he comes inside her without warning...
Ava in AVA 11:00
Ava in AVA 11:00 Today we have the very first HMF scene we ever shot & things start off with the airport pickup and we all get to know Ava a little and it’s obvious she has no idea Jay had cameras in the car and wanted her to get right down to sucking dick. Well Ava’s no school girl either and actually seemed quite excited to suck dick right away, showing all the typical slutty qualities we look for in a hot MILF and was more than willing to oblige and blow Jay on the drive back to the hotel. This girl is horny and I can vouch for this. She actually propositioned me when I stopped over afterwards to pay everyone and it’s just not my thing you know? Yea… sloppy seconds, but thanks anyways honey. So meanwhile back at the ranch, and after a little more of the bedroom chit chat, Ava plays with herself and has two, yes two orgasms before Jay gets more of that sloppy blowjob then fucks that pretty little slit of hers. She also lets Jay shove a butt plug up that ass in doggy for her first ever DP with toys before he blows his huge load all over her face. I think, no I know some of it also was shot right up her right nostril and apparently went down the back of her throat because she couldn’t stop coughing. Sorry about that Ava but lets focus on all of the positives of today ok? You shot your very first porno. Love that. You got to fuck a good-looking guy with gorgeous blue/green eyes, which you just kept gawking all over. You came multiple times and swallowed cum which you said was your favorite, even though you drank some of it through your nose. So all in all I’d say it was a damn pretty good and successful day wouldn’t you? Exactly. So enjoy Ava everyone.
Ava in AVA 2 11:00
Ava in AVA 2 11:00 Today we have the very first HMF scene we ever shot & things start off with the airport pickup and we all get to know Ava a little and it’s obvious she has no idea Jay had cameras in the car and wanted her to get right down to sucking dick. Well Ava’s no school girl either and actually seemed quite excited to suck dick right away, showing all the typical slutty qualities we look for in a hot MILF and was more than willing to oblige and blow Jay on the drive back to the hotel. This girl is horny and I can vouch for this. She actually propositioned me when I stopped over afterwards to pay everyone and it’s just not my thing you know? Yea… sloppy seconds, but thanks anyways honey. So meanwhile back at the ranch, and after a little more of the bedroom chit chat, Ava plays with herself and has two, yes two orgasms before Jay gets more of that sloppy blowjob then fucks that pretty little slit of hers. She also lets Jay shove a butt plug up that ass in doggy for her first ever DP with toys before he blows his huge load all over her face. I think, no I know some of it also was shot right up her right nostril and apparently went down the back of her throat because she couldn’t stop coughing. Sorry about that Ava but lets focus on all of the positives of today ok? You shot your very first porno. Love that. You got to fuck a good-looking guy with gorgeous blue/green eyes, which you just kept gawking all over. You came multiple times and swallowed cum which you said was your favorite, even though you drank some of it through your nose. So all in all I’d say it was a damn pretty good and successful day wouldn’t you? Exactly. So enjoy Ava everyone.
Zerella Skies in ZERELLA SKIES 11:00
Zerella Skies in ZERELLA SKIES 11:00 Today we have very enthusiastic 20 year-old Zerella Skies. This girl has been begging to do porn and we got her first sex on camera back on 11/19/2020. We’ve been holding onto this one for a little bit but this girl is about to be set loose and she’s coming at you. So Jay picks up Zerella from the airport and right off the bat we can tell this girl is sex starved. She says she likes girls more than boys, but she loves cum. Kinda doesn’t make sense, but when your dicks hard lots of things at the time make sense that don’t. So anyways, Zerella REALLY loves cum. I mean REALLY loves cum. She’s a cum lover. Can’t get enough of the pearly white stuff says this girl. Actually wants to take baths in it she says. Says she would eat it for every meal of the day if she could. Requests it to be shot all over that smiley beautiful face every time she fucks a guy. Well you’re in the right car with the right guy Zerella because Jay packs quite the load of jizz in his gun and he’ll fire it anywhere asked. Another fun fact, we also find out that Zerella hasn’t had sex for a few months and is more than ready to take her pornginity today. We’re also very ready and willing to help you out girl with all your requests of perversions. So right away Jay gets to feeling up those perfectly not so hiding under that very see-through top of hers. Perfect tits, and Jay can’t keep his hands off of them. Yes Zerella is quite the exhibitionist and says she loves to tease the guys, and piss the girls off, while everyone stares at the headlights god blessed her with while walking through the airport. Some guy almost walked into a pole she giggles when she got off the plane. It’s also just about this time that while Jay is feeling up our exploit, we get a sneaky snake look at that wonderful “Gene Simmons” of a tongue she’s been hiding. “Let me get a closer look at that,” Jay snickers with a smile as he whips his snake out to get a sampling of her snake pierced tongue. Yes Zerella is B-Jay approved and this girl can suck a mean cock. And Jay should know. He’s had quite a few honeys suck his cock over the years. So while Zerella does what she loves doing the most, Jay begins to play with that fully erect clit of hers and introduces her to the Magic Wand while on the way back to the condo. “Does she cum Steve?” you ask. No this girl loves to torture her clit with vibrators and makes herself get” just-to-the-edge”, then backs off. She loves to actually force herself NOT TO CUM! Ok now I’ve heard everything. But I guess I get it. She wants it to happen while having sex at the condo and we say have it your way girl. It’s your pornginity. But why this girl doesn’t get sex all the time is beyond us because this girl is enthusiastic and loves to please whomever she’s sexing with. Did I say this girl loves cum also? She does, and she loves it so much that she didn’t want to wash it off after the scene. She actually requested to wear her Jay cum facial on the airplane ride home. Kinky… and I think she also said she had a date that night. Oh My!!! Hope he likes cum as much as Zerella does because he’s probably going to ask what flavor lipstick she’s wearing while getting to second base. If I knew who you were buddy, I would have shouted out a warning. But hey? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him I guess. Anyways enjoy Zerella and her first sex on camera. We hope her date enjoys the taste of Jay as much as she did today.
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00 “I’m a chef all day, every day. It’s what I like to do… And I LOVE seeeexxxxx,” are the seductive and sensual phrases that pass over 33 year old Eva Alvarez’s luscious lips in her submission video to us. Wow! And who could resist a hot MILF that loves sex and cooks? I can just see her now standing at the stove with just an apron on and that perfect, and I do mean really perfect, ass peering out just begging to be slapped, kissed, and spread wide, revealing those wet pussy lips anxiously awaiting a stiff hard cock to be rammed up it from behind. Those same lips that soon will be wrapped around Jake’s stiffy. The same wet lips that will be bouncing up and down on said hard cock just minutes after the airport pickup, and we can’t wait. So lets get-it-on shall we? So Eva’s an admitted tease and knows how to use that perfect body of hers to get what she wants from guys. Yes MILF Eva’s a stripper and once she’s stripped off those clothes of hers in the back seat it becomes very apparent why she can hang with the teeny boppers at the clubs and command the guys attention while on stage. This girl is hot, and with that fast-tongued Cuban personality and spirit, this girl may be too hot to handle for most men. Well she isn’t too hot to handle for Jake and he dives straight into this spicy Cuban dish to taste what delicacies this fine ass Caribbean meal has to offer. Did I say this girl is hot? Well she is and with such a pretty pussy and silky smooth skin that just begs to be touched and manhandled, it’s more than Jake can resist. So as I eluded to earlier, Eva’s willing and ready to get into her birthday suit just minutes after her pickup and demonstrate what phenomenal cock sucking skills she possesses for an out of this world ball drainer of a BJ. Her fucking skills are exceptional as well as you will see, hopping aboard the Jake Adams “rail me” express on her way to fucked silly town. Fuck, this girl can ride a stiff cock and she looks fucking hot as hell doing it. You know what I’m talking about. When you see a hot stripper on stage and you wonder if she’s just as good in bed as she is swinging around the brass pole? Well Eva lives up to all the hype and is well worth the cover charge and admission. So Jake fucks the shit out of our Hot MILF on the ride back to the condo and this girl knows how to use her body, and use it she does. This is one hot as fuck car dicking and a prelude to the just-as-hot condo bedroom sex that gives Ms. Eva multiple O’s. And just like in the club, she’ll be leaving today with a pocket full of Benjamin’s and a smile on that pretty cum covered face of hers. As for Jake? He’s leaving this stripper’s club more than satisfied and unlike most guys after a night at a strip club, he doesn’t have blue balls. So boys and girls, moms and dads, perverts far and wide, grab your lube or favorite toy because this show’s about to start and up on center stage is Eva. But you don’t need to tip the hottie dancing at this club. Your tipping and cover charge is the admission to our site and we thank everyone who has joined and enjoys our content. Without you we would not be able to do this. We thank you all!
Honey Hayes in HONEY HAYES 11:00
Honey Hayes in HONEY HAYES 11:00 “I’m wearing a black skirt, a white top that says ‘Baby Girl’ and a white Cardigan sweater. Someone said I look like Brittany Spears in the airport”. Those were the words that 20 year old Honey Hayes used to describe herself to us, and she wasn’t fucking kidding! Wow!!! I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of her either if I saw her walking threw the airport, and walked through the airport proudly she did. If I looked liked you Honey I would be a little baby girl slut wanting all my holes filled everyday. Well that’s something to work up to I suppose but you’re here now and we’re going to make the most of the opportunities that are laid, and spread before us. So this is Honey’s 2 nd shoot and she’s fresh off the Backroom Casting Couch were she did anal for the first time ever and we love that. She admitted she’s not a huge fan of anal at the moment, but said she’d be more into it once she has more practice with it. My dick’s getting hard typing this shit because this girl has everything going for her to be a superstar. Rocking great body, fine ass tits, beautiful pussy, sweet as all fuck personality and the right fucking “I want to please” attitude that makes cocks go stiff when she walks in the room. So we find out that Honey’s got a BF who’s kinda supportive with her new career choice. We say boyfriends aren’t roadblocks Honey, they’re speed bumps and it looks like the road is clear. So lets put the peddle to the metal shall we and get this car romping moving in the direction of cock sucking, titty pinching, finger fucking, ass rimming, and pussy pounding till you cant walk strait action because I know Jake’s raring to go as he always is. Just remember everyone. This IS someone’s daughter and Jake certainly fucked the shit out of someone’s daughter today for one of the better sex scenes we’ve shot in the past few years. Yes Honey may look innocent and sweet but don’t let looks fool you. Today Honey walked in a BABY GIRL, and walked out SORE. Those are her words, not mine. Trust me when I say Jake took this Baby Girl for a ride on his sit and spin using her like his own personal little fuck doll and she loved it. She couldn’t stop shaking from the intense dicking Jake gave her. Her sex life will never be the same your welcome. “This is the sex that all my future fucking’s will be judged from,” she said during her post shoot confessional. We agree and you’re welcome Baby Girl. This is just the way we like to treat and leave all the newbie’s that we get our perverted hands on here at ExCoGi. So enjoy Baby Girl everyone! Jake did you lucky son of a bitch.
Kylie Rocket in KYLIE ROCKET 11:00
Kylie Rocket in KYLIE ROCKET 11:00 When we picked up Kylie from the airport, she was all set to light the porn world on fire. She had just quit her fast food job and had a plan to fuck her way to the top. Little did she know she was going to get her first BBC on the way there! She was happy to see our man, JJay (who she had met on an earlier shoot) and thought she was going to get a taste of her favorite cock. No sooner were they in the car before she had her lips around his cock and having a quickie in a random alley. All revved up and ready to go, it was ambush time, not that she minded once she walked through the door to see her next challenge, Jovan's huge black cock. Fortunately, Kylie had been practicing her deep throat skills and she was going to need them to take his manmeat good and deep. She must have done something right judging by the smile on Jovan's face! A good throat fuck is fine and all, but she was ready for a lot more. And yeah, we were happy to deliver, no cock that size has ever penetrated her tight pussy, so let the games begin! She turned into a little dirty slut (her words!) without much effort, we have no doubt Kylie has a bright future in the jizz biz. Not only did she take getting slammed every which way, after a huge creampie, she needed more and got off three more times before turning off the hitachi which was overheating from all the use. Kylie is back, and you're gonna like it!
Lolly Dames in LOLLY DAMES 11:00
Lolly Dames in LOLLY DAMES 11:00 “We’re pulling up to the baggage claim so look for a unicorn Jake.” Yes a unicorn I said, and judging from her submission video she’ll probably have a lollipop in that pretty mouth of hers prepping for the soon to be road head. Well, if you were expecting a beautiful blonde dame sitting naked on a unicorn you’re getting everything but the horse with today’s hot MILF Lolly Dames. But has she had any horse sized cocks you ask? Well that’s up for debate I think but she does admit quite jokingly during her post shoot confessional that Jake’s the biggest cock she ever fucked… for a Caucasian person… LOL! I can guarantee you that it’s the best fucking she’s had to date because Jake wore this Hot MILF out and road this unicorn bareback till her cervix was bruised. Also many people ask if the car pickups are staged? I don’t know, you be the judge because when we had to stop for gas she took a breather from sucking Jake’s cock to ask why there were so many cameras in the car and if this was for a video? So there’s that! I’d also say she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked and have Jake manhandle her juice box to 2 of her 6 orgasms for the day either. Sounds like a good time to me though ladies, and for the chosen women that do get to visit the back seat of the Hot MILFs Fuck Carriage who might not be expecting the shenanigans to begin right away? They’re sure glad they do once the fun and the O’s start a flowing. It’s not a bad way to get picked up from the airport one might say. But enough of the car sex and more of the Condo festivities because this is were the real heavy fucking takes place. You betcha Steve, and Jake begins with great haste throat fucking our mom who admittedly hasn’t been fucked by a large cock in quite some time. And that dazzling, oh so bedazzled pussy of hers with all its jewelry and piercings, looking so fine by the way, gets more attention from Jake and the Magic Wand than you could shake a stick at. Well Jake does shake his stick at it and shakes it a lot today. I’m guessing this girl needed it and needed it badly from a young stud like Jake who knows what the fuck he’s doing with genitalia. The answer to that question is a FIRM as Jake's cock YES and I’d say Jake SUCKceded in his mission of giving Lolly the fucking of her life. It’s bound to be one she won’t soon forget. She’s already asking to come back and get more. As my mother used to tell me, Too much of a good thing is never enough Steve. So sit back everyone and grab your favorite Magic Wand, or the wand between your legs gentleman, and get ready for some bare backing, horse trotting, ass spanking, hee haw’ing of a unicorn riding good time. Toodles, Steve
Fuck)Fuck)Sabrina Dior in SABRINA DIOR 11:00
Fuck)Fuck)Sabrina Dior in SABRINA DIOR 11:00 Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of HMF and our inaugural scenes. If you’re familiar with ExCoGi then you’ll feel right at home because this series is the same premise only with milfs. My father said, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” So that’s what we’re doing and today I am pleased to introduce Sabrina Dior to all of you. This hot as fuck milf’s a super sexy ex-office manager who currently moonlights as an exotic dancer to pay the bills and I can see why. Sabrina’s got the best fucking body I’ve seen out of all the milfs we’ve shot to date and Jake couldn’t wait to get his hands on this newbie. Seeing that this was shot during quarantine and the strip clubs aren’t open all the time up North, Sabrina admits to, “it either escorting or this” and we’re glad she chose the latter. It’s safer too honey. So Sabrina’s a little shy, as most of our newbie’s are, but once Jake gets past the usual questions in the car and his hands start wondering, all the first-time gitters just seem to fade away. It’s amazing how stripper’s clothes have muscle memory and just slide right off if there’s promised money as an end game. Love it and Sabrina’s the type of girl we all love and want to see naked. Again if you want to know more about what kind of guys Sabrina dates, or who was the last guy, or girl, she fucked by all means watch the intro car pickup. But if want 90 mins of hot as fuck sex, get to watching. In Sabrina’s own words, “Best airport pickup EVER!” and we couldn’t agree more. Did I say already Sabrina’s body is hot as fuck? Well if I didn’t it is so enjoy everybody and thank you all for you patience. Good things cum to those who wait, and the wait is over!
Riley in RILEY 2 11:00
Riley in RILEY 2 11:00 Bespectacled first timer Riley is going to suck and fuck a big black cock in a filthy mini van today - she just doesn't know it when white camera guy picks her up from the airport. He feigns being tired and asks Riley to have some coffee with him and record some behind-the-scenes chit chat. At least that's what she's supposed to think. After we get to know Riley a bit more (stripper! who'd a thunk?), Troy reveals the truth - the real reason they're sitting at the airport's coffee lounge is because Riley's real male talent is coming in on a flight in a few minutes. Riley's thinks it's a joke but when Troy walks away and picks up big black cock overlord Jovan from another gate and brings him back to the coffee lounge (all filmed on Troy's phone of course for your amusement!), our librarian-turned-whore realizes that not only is this not a joke, it's gonna be a fucking massacre when that gigantic black guy is going to stuff his presumably massive cucumber in the spinner's snatch. It's awkward and everyone at the airport lounge is staring, so off they go. Just out of the airport parking lot, it's time to test if Riley really is as...ummm.... sexually adventurous (ok, a slut) as she claimed during her interview: "So you want me to suck his dick, right here in your car?", she asks incredulously. Why, yes, Riley. Suck that big black cock and let him do what he wants with your little white ass. And don't stop until we're at the hotel, ya hear? Jovan, of course, is all game for that. He gets comfortable on the back seat. When Riley gets on her knees and unpacks his pants, it's clear she wasn't prepared for a big black dick like that. But the cameras are running, the car is going, and she's on the spot - suck that dick or look like a loser, right? Riley sucks that dick. And OMG does she sucks it good. Jovan is doing a good job keeping that POV camera semi-steady, considering he's getting what looks like an incredible blowjob in the car. After Riley's sloppy, wet cock sucking performance, Jovan somehow manages to defy gravity, stands up in the van - all while the whole thing is moving through town - and fucks Riley while she's on her knees on all fours. Troy does his best to not crash the van and film the action in the back at the same time, but for safety reasons the majority of footage here is Jovan's POV. And good work, Sir! It's hot, close, the noises are nasty, and the camera's new stabilization system makes sure you don't get sick from watching that thick black cock slide in and out of that tight white girl pussy while the car is moving. Once at the hotel, Riley is so turned on by that BBC experience in the car that she asks our white camera man to cut the stills photos session short and just let Jovan keep fucking her. Obligingly, Jovan jumps on the bed and goes back to town. He does his big cock magic on petite Riley, who at some point is so into getting her pussy pounded that she doesn't even hear him when he tries to do that dirty talking thing he likes girls to do. Like her body is going on auto pilot and she's just looking to orgasm. Riley cums several times and it looks like she's almost in a trance thanks to Jovan's BBC mastery. But all good things must cum to an end, and in this case that means getting her pussy filled with Jovan's bucket load of semen. It's absolute sperm overload, what an amazing creampie Riley takes here. The black lord had his nut, and so did our white cutie, the latter who seems to suddenly realize what she's done and rushes into the shower. No more filming, she demands. Apparently it's time for her to think through what just happened, and figure out how to explain that to her boyfriend.
Charlie Valentine in CHARLIE VALENTINE 2 11:00
Charlie Valentine in CHARLIE VALENTINE 2 11:00 Back that bootie up girl because you have one of the finest Asses on this planet. I mean really nice ass with a hip to waist ratio girls would kill for. That thing is twerk worthy, oh yea and firm I tell you. Jake Adams just wants to slap that shit home and he has a lot of fun with it today as he introduces our hot MILF who’s young enough to still be smok'in hot, but old enough to know better she says in her submission video. We agree and meet 34-year-old Charlie Valentine. Ok so her name’s Felix Cited [pronounced: Feel Excited] for this video, get it? Yeah we are all feeling a bit excited Charlie is right and she’s changed her name in between this and her other scenes with us but we don’t care what you want us to call you. Just show up with that fine ass and admission is guaranteed honey. Trust me, all her scenes are jerk worthy and well worth the price of admission. So if you watch the weather report or taken a gander at what the temperature is here in AZ then you know it’s like 115 fucking degrees out. So once again we forgo the airport pickup and get straight to the condo bedroom. Just a few more months everyone and we’ll be able to venture outside once again without melting. Ok so when Jake’s not fixated on this girl’s wonderful assets, we find out what Charlie’s into sexually and she’s into everything. Just watch the interview to find out all the IN’s & OUT’s of this girl's kinks and fetishes. You know the old “IN & OUT” wink wink, and Jake wastes no time getting this sex-starved goddess naked so he can taste what forbidden fruit abound between her legs. I have to say Charlie has one beautiful pussy and just by looking at her you know this girl keeps her engine in tip-top shape. Fuuuuuuck, I’d eat that pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I came home to that waiting spread eagle everyday and I know you would to. So is Charlie orgasmic? Meaning, does she have orgasms every time she has sex? Unfortunately no she tells us but today Miss Charlie you're losing your pornginity to Jake Adams and he gives all our newbie’s what they be missing. I think she stopped counting after 8 and we think this girl started hoping & planning her return trips so she could get down and dirty with some fine pussy and more of this proper fucking we be serving. It’s what she’s here for so I’ll shut the fuck up and let Charlie scream and be dominated properly like every thirty-something deserves. So everyone please keep your fun guns cocked and ready and don’t let your one eyed monster stray because we have the cure for what ales ya. And doctor Steve recommends this and her other scenes. Enjoy!
Bailey Base in BAILEY BASE 11:00
Bailey Base in BAILEY BASE 11:00 Halloween might be over all you deviants, but boy do we have a TRICK, and a TREAT for you today. So if you're familiar with our other sites BackroomCastingCouch and ExCoGi then you're familiar with 19 year old Bailey Base and her anal debut and first sex on cameras over there. If you're not? GO CHECK THEM OUT because now the tri-fecta is complete with the help of BBC Isiah Maxwell for all her firsts on camera. So Jay the director picks up little Bailey at the airport and finds out that our little trick or treater loves Halloween so much she doesn't just play a witch; She actually IS A WITCH. Cum here my little pretty. We have a special surprise for you and surprised she is. Now Bailey also claims to be a psychic but she admits she didn't see the sex toys or fucky sucky coming that took place in the car while on the ride home. And when she ran naked out into the street in front of that minivan? NOPE. Surprise again! Well there's an even bigger surprise awaiting her back at the condo and that was the biggest surprise of them all. Right away Isiah gets to work and spins our little witch on his stiff broomstick and she can't believe it all fits in her tight little box of tricks. Next they're whisked away to the bed were more fun and adventure awaits as Isiah has his way with her and gives our little pretty the fucking of her life. It all ends with more orgasm than you can shake a stick cock at. So sit back and grab your lube guys or Hitachi girls because this broomstick ride is going to be bumpy and full of ups and downs; and a lot of ins and outs.
Crystal Swift, Jarushka Ross in Slippery Situation 14:59
Crystal Swift, Jarushka Ross in Slippery Situation 14:59 Thick blonde Crystal Swift is traveling with her boyfriend Nick Ross, but when she passes through the airport scanner, it beeps. Agent Jarushka Ross uses the wand to find the source of the disturbance, but has to take Crystal into the backroom for a more intimate check. Jarushka doesn't find the device in Crystal's big tits, so she tears her tights open and finds a buttplug full of lube. Turned on, Jaruska tears Crystal's shirt open, then the ladies worship their big tits together. Crystal sits Jarushka back and eats her pierced pussy, then fingers her in doggystyle. Taking out a sex toy, the ladies rub their pussies together, tribbing with the vibrator until Jarushka covers the room in her hot squirt!
Alexxa Vice in Tight Leather Trousers and Big Tits 15:00
Alexxa Vice in Tight Leather Trousers and Big Tits 15:00 I saw this woman wearing leather trousers waiting for the bus, but couldn't quite make out what she looked like. I approached, and realized it was my old fuck buddy Alexxa Vice! Alexxa had been waiting for the bus to take her to the airport, but the bus wasn't coming. I offered her a lift to the airport, because what are friends for? As we walked to my ride, Alexxa was so thankful she showed me her big, pierced tits, and even shook her ass! We went into some bushes and she gave me a blowjob, but when trucks came by, we headed to my apartment instead. I forgot how amazing Alexxa's tight, wet pussy wet on my hard cock, and after stuffing her missionary and doggystyle, the slut dropped to her knees to catch my facial!
Catalina Ossa in Catalina Ossa fucks friend's husband's cock after catching him sniffing her panties 15:00
Catalina Ossa in Catalina Ossa fucks friend's husband's cock after catching him sniffing her panties 15:00 Catalina Ossa is visiting an old friend and taking a nap before her flight. Her friend's husband, Brad, was asked to drop Catalina off at the airport so he goes to the guest room to see if she's ready. Upon arriving at the guest room he finds Catalina sleeping in her sexy bra and panties. He decides to give that ass a little sniff before heading over to her luggage to get a whiff of her panties. Just then Catalina wakes up and catches him in the act. She's willing to keep it a secret as long as Brad shows her that big cock that she has heard all about. Brad gives her a glimpse, but upon seeing it Catalina just needs to have it inside her...whose Brad to argue with their guest? He gives her that big cock she has been wanting!