Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01 If you missed Part 1 of Blake Blossom's Epic debut scene here at ExCoGi you have to check it out. But in case you didn't, the beginning of Part 2 gives you a little taste of the fun rides the Blake Blossom Amusement Park has to offer and the fun Jake had riding everything this blooming flower had to offer on the car ride to the hotel. With so much "Strange Danger" about, a quick call to mom before her beautiful daughter takes dick on camera is always a safe bet and today's scene is MOM APPROVED! So lets focus on Mom's blossoming offspring shall we? "I don't get naked in front of many people," confessed Blake. Could have fooled us how easy it was to get you into your birthday suit in the car and then again naked during your makeup. Blake, your a natural exhibitionist. "I don't know what that means", she said with a perplexed face. It's what you're becoming dear by fucking in a moving car and stripping bare ass naked in front of 3 complete strange men you just met minutes before. God bless America! She then followed those statements up with more of what we wished every naked young beauty would say to 3 strange men in a hotel room, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it". YES PLEASE. We do tell her what to do, and guess what? She does everything on our checklist like the good like super slut in training she is, and I mean EVERYTHING. Right off the bat Jake makes Blake squirt and gives her her very first orgasm ever with the "Hitachi Thingy". That's her new BFF for sure. Next Blake gobbles Jake's cock with her sweet DSL's and takes his baby arm down that oh so fuckable throat like she hasn't seen a real cock in months, which she hasn't. "Fuck me now please", she whispers to Jake. Not before we make her rim his ass. Check. "I'll try" declared our eager beaver as I use the Hitachi on her pussy while Jake's nuts teabag her pretty face. The way she squirms as her pussy lips vibrate from the Hitachi is fucking hot and hard! The only thing I love more than telling a girl to lick ass for the first is when a girl does lick ass for the first time after I tell them to. This outgoing obedient girl is special and from what I can tell, very sex starved by how eager she is to please. Trust me, Jake takes full advantage of his self-proclaimed perverseness and gives her the fucking of her life for sure. Of course the rest of this scene lives up to everything you expect from the perverted fucks we are and confirms you don't want us to get a hold of your daughters or college coeds. We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we enjoyed making it because this is one fucking hot of a scene. Just remember this thought. Beautiful ExCoGi pussy like Blake Blossom is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy so happy fapping! Stay Safe - Stay Home. Wash your HANDS and Wash your BUTT! Enjoy, Steve
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00 Wonder Lez-powers ACTIVATE! The wait is over and let me introduce you to 18-year-old Hazel Heart! She is the other half of the Remi Jones (18 yo Virgin) super duper extra special LezFriends duo, and what a duo these two make. If you missed Remi's scorching lost Virginity scene last week you have to check it out. Her hour-long BTS, makeup and post interview will be released soon so check that thing out if you're into that shit. If you did see it Remi's video also included the car pickup & intro with a majority of Hazel edited out. But rest assured everyone's going to get the full Hazel treatment with today's update of the hotel sex. You will have to wait a few days for all the BTS, post interview and shower content in a BTS update that will follow soon. Yes LezFriend Remi's scene was almost 2 hours long and so is Hazel's so we are breaking hers also into 2 parts. Let us know your feedback on this format of breaking the scenes up between Hotel sex and BTS footage. Ok enough of that shit and more HAZEL please! Things start off with the girls being picked up by Jay and boy is he excited. Fuck I would be two if I was about to get may dick sucked by two barely legal girls and one of them has never even seen a real cock before. The anticipation is killing me and you will have to wait a few days to see I'm afraid to say. But it's worth it. Trust me. So you get a little taste of the car at the beginning and you're whisked away to the ExCoGi hotel room were super eager and horny Hazel awaits. This girl is so sweet and innocent looking it kills me. But don't let those shy eyes fool you. This girl is HORNY-AS-FUCK and ready to get it rough! "I like pussy, but occasionally I like it rough and usually the only ones that can go there are guys" confesses Hazel in that Fuck-Me-Now smile. "I like being submissive and letting guys have their way with me." Yeah we agree, there is no substitute for the real thing. A real cock attached to a real guy to give it to you right. Damn we love this girl. I love it, that's hot. So we barely get started and I see that Jay's cock is standing at attention so she just starts sucking it! Wait wait wait everyone. We are getting waaaaaaay ahead of ourselves here. Pull back the reins everyone. Pump those breaks we need to get to know this little tart a bit and we do. This is one of the most fuckable girls we have had on the ExCoGi hotel room bed in a long time. So how did super horny, extremely fuckable Hazel whined up here? Hazel was always a super good girl. Did what her parents told her. Got good grades. Was an honor role student with lets saaaaaay, very strict and controlling parents. I'm sure there is a lesson here but I hate to point out the obvious. Anyways you just want to fuck the shit out of and take control of this girl from the moment she walks into your line of sight she is that special. Trust me this is one eager beaver and we are eager to see Hazel with her full bush in full action. Hazel likes both girls and boys and we love this! There isn't anything about this girl we don't like and you wont either. Hazel is girlfriend material and as Jay said at the end of this scene "I've always wanted my GF to have a GF." So has everyone. This scene is fucking awesome with Hazel taking Jay's huge load in her mouth and she swallows it all, with a little gagging involved, but she does it all and asks for more. Again I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such a treat but here she is! HAZEL HEART everyone! Enjoy, Steve
Kinsley in KINSLEY 11:00
Kinsley in KINSLEY 11:00 This week we have 19 year old Kinsley, eager as a beaver and ready to start what she thinks will be her new life in the adult industry. She's a worker at an assisted living facility, which is some strange trend with these young girls lately. I guess the allure of getting fucked in the ass for money is much more promising than helping Mrs. Jefferson in and out of her bed everyday... Kinsley is fun and she really tries to showcase herself for her audition tape. She has very perky pierced tits and she gives one hell of a blowjob. She lets Cam use all her holes, and cheerfully does what she's told including happily tasting her ass off his cock. Cam blasts her with a facial and I send her on her way back to oll' Mrs. Jefferson. Thanks Kinsley!
Cielo in CIELO 11:00
Cielo in CIELO 11:00 Here's Cam giving us his version of the casting: Welcome Cielo, she’s 22 years old and eager as a beaver to get into the adult industry. Measuring up at a TOWERING 4 foot 11 inches, she is as itty bitty as they come. (and as I mention in the video I’m pretty sure that’s legal midget status.) Boy oh boy Rick sure knows how to pick ‘em amiright? So I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this little slut today. She’s here in search of fame and fortune and whatever else girls that age are looking for. She seems to enjoy her gig doing data entry for a construction company, but I guess that’s not enough to satiate her appetite for bigger and better things. So I'm gonna give her my cock. She’s pretty, bubbly and eager to show off what she’s got after a little reassurance. She seems to enjoy playing with herself and that pussy gets sloppy wet in absolutely no time. It’s actually kind of impressive how wet she gets. She complies when Rick has her get down on her knees to sob on my knob and doesn’t bat an eye when it’s time to start fucking. She’s so damn small it’s easy for me to toss her around a little bit. I love pumping them up and down while they ride my cock. She seems to be into the anal as I replace the buttplug with my dick. She gets the chair, some nice gapes of that blown out butthole and I even get her in a good ol’ fashion anal full nelson. I move her back to the desk and just pound away at that sweet asshole till I blast a nice load. UNFORTUNATELY i miiiiiiiight have blasted a little too deep as we don’t get much drippage… laugh out loud…. myyyyy baddd guys.
Bree in BREE 11:00
Bree in BREE 11:00 Today's casting candidate Bree is 22 years old and an exotic dancer… that’s a fancy way of saying she’s a stripper. This girl is a super hot tall drink of water who looks great in her flowing romper thing she’s wearing. Bree really does have a bit of a leg up on the competition coming from the stripper ranks, she doesn’t seem to be too nervous. You'll notice she really has this certain confidence about her I kinda dig. We get to know her a little bit, and then get her out of that pretty red romper. Like I mentioned before, she's tall, fit and eager like a beaver. She has zero issue playing with herself and she even lets me push that butt plug in. I’m pretty sure she loves sucking cock, because she does a great job on mine. She makes it all sexy and sultry, and sloppy. After that, I fuck her all over the office. Next I get to work fucking her ass and she takes it like a trooper. Then she does some sexy smiling ass to mouth and a couple little gapes before I unload in her asshole. Finally, just to see how far she’s willing to go, we have her taste some of that sweet baby batter that she just squeezed out of her ass. Her performance is so incredible that I know you'll be seeing more of her in the future.
Dixie Jewel in DIXIE JEWEL 11:00
Dixie Jewel in DIXIE JEWEL 11:00 Today we have naughty and sexy Dixie Jewel’s second sex on camera and we hope you all enjoy it. It was produced back on July 24, 2021 and some things are worth the wait. This was also produced a few weeks after Jake’s passing and a stiff cock from the past by the name of Jay Smooth stepped in to lend a stiff cock and blow his load all over this eager beaver. So enjoy everyone.
Size Queen in Tiffany Watson Is A Size Queen Who Wants Massive Meat From Mandingo 13:00
Size Queen in Tiffany Watson Is A Size Queen Who Wants Massive Meat From Mandingo 13:00 Who’s in the mood for taking on a big cock challenge? The athletic blonde wrapped in a black strapped leotard is happy to solve the mystery if she can handle Mandingo’s shaft. A brief ass shake and she’s indoors. Mandingo is wrapped in a towel sitting on a sofa. The eager beaver Tiffany begins and she realizes she doesn’t need a magnifying glass to behold Mandingo. She gives the giant a good slobbery sucking then calculates backing her ass up on it is the best approach for penetration. She’s able to take a large portion and her harlot howl matches the amount. It only takes one position change to missionary and Watson is announcing she’s going to squirt. It’s a gusher that resembles an audience event at Seaworld. Tiffany is siren-ing throughout. “Oh my god, fucking pounding my pussy” is just some of the self narration. A chair doggy session winds things down and her figure shines here. Mandingo relents and Tiffany ingests his load and then puts on a quick bubbling “I got cum!” show...
Dakota Knight in DAKOTA KNIGHT 11:00
Dakota Knight in DAKOTA KNIGHT 11:00 I don't think we will be needing any lube today is the understatement of the year from 23 year old eager beaver Dakota Knight from Florida. This girl is in need of some good fucking that's for sure and JAKE KNOWS FUCKING so this is a match made in porn heaven. So we find out during the drive back to the hotel that Dakota is no stranger to sex and has been around the block a few times. But she hasn't been around Jake's block if you know what I mean and things escalate quickly from "I've been on a plane for six hours and don't want to get naked in the car and fuck" blah blah blah too... "I love sucking dick and sure I'll suck his dick" said eager Dakota when I asked. But can she suck a good dick Steve? Well... We're waiting... Fuck yeah she can suck a good dick and no one has ever made Jake cum twice in a shoot before and little miss Floridian made Jake pop in the car. So YES she can suck a good dick and it's a sloppy, wet as fuck blowjob. The write home to mom and say I found the girl for me MA kinda blowjob. There's so much spit and wetness smothering Jake's cock there won't be a need for any lube kinda wetness going on here. But is Dakota's pussy as wet and her mouth Steve? Yes. Yes it is. It's the fountain of youth kinda wet and Dakota squirts for the first time ever as Jake takes her on the ExCoGi rollercoaster of multiple orgasms as he fucks the shit out of this newbie's pussy. Ok so now that the important questions are answered, it's time to sit back and enjoy as Dakota Knight gets the fucking of her life because in her own words, "Porn is a lot more fun than I thought it would be". Yeah it is a lot of fun. Enjoy Dakota Knight. Jake did.
Summer Rae in True passion: Maestro Claudio making love to Summer Rae 11:01
Summer Rae in True passion: Maestro Claudio making love to Summer Rae 11:01 When petite brunette Summer Rae shows her pretty little face and all-natural body in PervCity, Maestro Claudio follows his true passion, raising his camera and his cock for some good old-fashioned lovemaking. He sweeps her off her feet and onto the bed, sensually worshipping her small tits with his tongue and her shaved beaver with some pussy-licking. It drives her wild and she sips up his big dick with a ball-sucking blowjob. Cock throbbing, Maestro takes the young hottie in missionary position, pulsing his prick in and out of her wet pink hole. She moans when he fucks her sideways and she gives him an awesome handjob, before he breaks back into her tight snatch and cumshots blast all over her sexy navel.
Brooke Haze in Brooke Haze: "Take One For the Team!" 10:01
Brooke Haze in Brooke Haze: "Take One For the Team!" 10:01 All-natural teen Brooke Haze has a huge favor to ask her stepfather. As it turns out, this petite slut has to fuck a guy on the football team. However, Brooke doesn't want the guy to be her first. She prefers to have her stepfather let her experience sexual bliss first. The small tits babe has thought of the perfect plan to make this happen. All she needs to do is seduce the man of the house with her stunning pussy. Wearing her sexiest top and skimpiest skirt, Brooke goes to enact her plan. It didn't take long before Brooke is sitting on the edge of her bed while sucking her stepdaddy's huge cock. She never thought that seducing a man is so easy. Brooke bends over on the bed to flaunt her bubble butt. She wants her stepdad to fuck her from behind. Her stepfather is happy that the petite teen knows what she wants. He quickly shoves his huge dick into her tiny pussy. Brooke can feel her stepdaddy's cock digging deeper and deeper into her wet cunt with each thrust. She can't help but let out moans of pleasure as her stepdaddy continues to give her pussy endless barrage of balls-deep action. After getting tired of fucking in the doggy style, the two change their position to cowgirl. Brooke spreads her legs to show her stretched out unshaven pussy to her stepfather. She rides his cock like a crazy cowgirl. Brooke turns around to fuck her stepfather in reverse cowgirl. The petite slut continues to slide her pussy up and down her stepdaddy's huge cock. Brooke lies down on the bed with her legs up in the air. Her stepfather can't resist her tight beaver. He fucks her in the missionary position. He keeps on pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Brooke shivers in pleasure as she cum over and over again. It doesn’t take long before her stepfather feels like he is about to cum as well. He pulls out his cock and showers the teen's pretty face with his thick cream. Brooke is now prepared to take on any man, even the entire football team.
Khloe Kapri in Khloe Kapri: I'll Take Care of You, Stepdaddy 10:00
Khloe Kapri in Khloe Kapri: I'll Take Care of You, Stepdaddy 10:00 All-natural teen babe Khloe Kapri is the best stepdaughter anyone could ask for. She knows that taking care of a spoiled brat like herself must be very difficult for her stepfather, especially now that her stepmom left them. Khloe doesn't want her stepdaddy to get tired of taking care of her. She is so accustomed to the life of comfort that she is willing to do everything it takes to continue living as she did. Khloe knows that her stepfather is tired, and at the same time, sexually frustrated. He doesn't have a woman to help him release his stress. Khloe wants to take the place of her stepmom. The small tits teen is confident that she can satisfy her stepdaddy better than her stepmom. Wearing her sexiest pink crop top, shorts, and socks, Khloe goes to her stepfather to give him the service he deserves. The thoughtful slut doesn't think twice and goes immediately for her stepfather's huge cock. She quickly gives the man of the house a titillating blowjob. She tries to deepthroat his huge cock but ends up gagging as the tip touches the back of her throat. Khloe wants her stepfather to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. She does a quick striptease before riding her stepfather's big dick in reverse cowgirl position. Her bubble butt wiggles cutely as she slides her pussy up and down his cock. She looks back to her stepfather to make sure that he is enjoying her gift for him. After humping him in reverse cowgirl, Khloe shifted to the cowgirl position. She spreads her legs and leans back to let her stepdaddy have a better view of her gripping beaver. Her stepfather can't control his lust any longer. He wants to fuck her stepdaughter to the limits. He bends her over to the bed and starts to fuck her from behind. After taking her doggy style, Khloe's stepdaddy turns her around into the missionary position. He continues to pound her in the pussy until he feels like he is about to explode. He unloads his thick cream all over his petite stepdaughter's irresistible body.
Karla Kush in Karla Kush Is An Anal Squirt Fountain 11:00
Karla Kush in Karla Kush Is An Anal Squirt Fountain 11:00 Blue-eyed blonde Karla Kush isn't the innocent strait-laced all-American woman that she pretends to be. Once this small tits babe sets her sparkling eyes and beautiful wet mouth on a big dick, she reveals herself as a wildly insane cock-obsessed slut. Holding nothing back, Karla slurps Tommy Pistol's prick like a pro. Spit slides off her chin during POV deepthroat and slathers over his sack as the ball-sucking mistress gobble him down. Intense face-fucking drives his rod into her asshole. She can't get enough and finger fucks her hairy beaver. But when his throbbing dick moves from ass-to-pussy, the insatiable Vegas chick can't take the intensity and she squirts a fountain. Unstoppable, she sucks her orgasm off his shaft from ass to mouth, before he pounds back into her big butt and cums over her begging tongue.
Lydia Black in Up Close and Personal Pussy with Lydia Black 8:39
Lydia Black in Up Close and Personal Pussy with Lydia Black 8:39 Canadian punk slut Lydia Black is horny for her first PervCity anal sex scene. She feels like she's been waiting way too long for big dick, and the anticipation of a thick prick pounding her big ass is too much to bear. There's only one cure for her pulsing beaver right now. She slips from her sparkly outfit, jiggles her small tits, wiggles her big ass, and leans into the sofa to get up close and personal with her shaved pussy. Her thighs spread, her sexy feet fly into the air, and she starts giving her plump snatch a helping hand. She turns into the doggy style position and then missionary, letting out a little whimper when fingerfucking herself from ass to pussy until she orgasms.
Fuck)Allie James in Pretty Pink Pussy Fucking 11:00
Fuck)Allie James in Pretty Pink Pussy Fucking 11:00 Blonde Allie James met Perv City director Maestro Claudio during a Mike Adriano porn shoot. The leggy teen was so charmed that she just had to see him again, so she’s hatched a plan to surprise him. Showing up at his door, the all-natural slut strips through his living room, and then struts upstairs. Finding him sleeping, the young seductress slips into his bed naked and wakes him with a deep French kiss. Judging by his hard-on, he couldn’t be happier to see her — until she slips her warm mouth over his prick, that is. The blowjob drives him wild. He pins her to the bed and gives the banging beauty a pussy-licking orgasm, and then fucks her shaved teenage beaver in missionary and cowgirl, before unleashing a facial she’ll treasure forever.