Sophia Burns in Sophia Burns Loves Doing Anal Play LIVE 12:00
Sophia Burns in Sophia Burns Loves Doing Anal Play LIVE 12:00 Tall and wild babe Sophia Burns returns to put on another hot show with you! Sophia brought along some more of her toys and this time she wants to show you how much she loves anal. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a buttplug in your ass. Sophia just loves feeling her ass plugged while she uses her dildo fucking herself deep with it wishing it was your cock so she could feel it inside her. She gets so messy with her oil and lube getting it all over her juicy ass. Sophia has a lot to show you including her big black double sided dildo that she attempted to DP herself with but unfortunately is a little too slippery to keep control over it. If only you were here to help her get that dildo successfully in her ass and pussy! Archive from 11-24-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Jessica Ryan in Naughty Redhead Jessica Ryan Stretches Her Asshole with Buttplug 9:35
Jessica Ryan in Naughty Redhead Jessica Ryan Stretches Her Asshole with Buttplug 9:35 Jessica Ryan looks stunningly captivating in sexy lingerie while she chills out on the couch before her scene. The naughty redhead with big tits can't help but feel horny as she waits for her man to come and fuck her hard. Not able to control her urges any longer, Jessica decides to have fun by herself first. She teasingly takes off her lingerie to show off her round tits, plump ass, and hairy pussy. The horny bombshell then goes straight into fingering her already wet pussy. Simply fingering her coochie is not enough for this horny slut. She brings out a black butt plug and shoves it deep into her asshole. Jessica bends over on the couch and pops her ass out in the air. She slides the dildo in and out of her tight asshole while fingering her pussy. Jessica is now all warmed up and ready for the big cock that will stretch out all her holes.
Amber B in Amber 11:00
Amber B in Amber 11:00 Let me start by saying, I love redheads! This girl was right up my alley. Nice and tall, long legs, a great set of tits, a great ass and of course that long beautiful red hair. Santa musta thought I was a nice guy this year to get a present this great. So welcome 21 year old Amber to the couch. She’s a line cook at some restaurant and she should absolutely not be subjected to such a terrible job. So she came to see us in order to see if sucking dick and getting fucked in the butt can make her some money. She comes in wearing a pretty black dress and we have a pretty fun little interview. She’s trying to be a social worker, or just finished school or something like that. Honestly, I don’t listen that closely. All I can think of is does she have a bush and is it red? My question is answered pretty quickly, no bush, but look at that fantastic pussy! She’s literally a virgin to anal, never had more than a finger in that beautiful butthole. She takes the buttplug pretty well considering and finally I get a chance to get my cock in her mouth. She’s a great cocksucker too. We do some fun vag fucking, on the desk, I work in a little doggy on the floor so we can see that ass up face down pose. She rides my cock and eats my ass before I get to be the first man in that ass. She does surprisingly well getting fucked in the ass on the chair, playing with toys at the same time. She rides and I get a quick full nelson and some nice sole shots for our more vocal feet fans. After some ass to mouth and some little gapes I unload a monster load in that sweet lippy pussy. I mean I unloaaaaad. She’s in pretty good spirts after her first anal adventure, ever finding out she’s not getting paid today. All in all a pretty cool chick if ya ask me.
Mia Blow in Anal Nympho 13:59
Mia Blow in Anal Nympho 13:59 Mia Blow offers exactly what you would expect from a German girl. A love for tattoos, big tits, big ass and an insatiable love for hardcore sex, especially anal sex. As soon as she undresses, we can see that she had a big butt plug inside throughout the interview and Jack knows his big dick will not be a problem that she can't handle. She opens her mouth wide and take the face fucking like a champ getting more and more excited before Jack pulls the buttplug out, puts it in her mouth to taste herself then he starts fucking her big ass only taking a small break to fuck her big tits then resuming to fuck her ass until he ejaculates on her stomach.
Cielo in CIELO 11:00
Cielo in CIELO 11:00 Here's Cam giving us his version of the casting: Welcome Cielo, she’s 22 years old and eager as a beaver to get into the adult industry. Measuring up at a TOWERING 4 foot 11 inches, she is as itty bitty as they come. (and as I mention in the video I’m pretty sure that’s legal midget status.) Boy oh boy Rick sure knows how to pick ‘em amiright? So I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this little slut today. She’s here in search of fame and fortune and whatever else girls that age are looking for. She seems to enjoy her gig doing data entry for a construction company, but I guess that’s not enough to satiate her appetite for bigger and better things. So I'm gonna give her my cock. She’s pretty, bubbly and eager to show off what she’s got after a little reassurance. She seems to enjoy playing with herself and that pussy gets sloppy wet in absolutely no time. It’s actually kind of impressive how wet she gets. She complies when Rick has her get down on her knees to sob on my knob and doesn’t bat an eye when it’s time to start fucking. She’s so damn small it’s easy for me to toss her around a little bit. I love pumping them up and down while they ride my cock. She seems to be into the anal as I replace the buttplug with my dick. She gets the chair, some nice gapes of that blown out butthole and I even get her in a good ol’ fashion anal full nelson. I move her back to the desk and just pound away at that sweet asshole till I blast a nice load. UNFORTUNATELY i miiiiiiiight have blasted a little too deep as we don’t get much drippage… laugh out loud…. myyyyy baddd guys.
Ember Snow in Tiny Tight Therapist Has a Tiny Tight Asshole 11:59
Ember Snow in Tiny Tight Therapist Has a Tiny Tight Asshole 11:59 Ember Snow is an expert masseuse. She runs her hands all over Charles Dera with lust. She's heard a lot about him from the other "ladies" that work with him, and thinks he deserves an extra special treatment today. He's an extra freaky kind of client, and she's an extra freaky kind of masseuse! She climbs on top of him, putting her beautiful, natural tits right in his face while he enjoys her wild moans. This massage is about to get freaky, and he gets to massage a little more than Ember's pussy. She's already armed with a buttplug so this extra special client truly gets the best massage ever!
Scarlet Rebel in SCARLETT 3 11:00
Scarlet Rebel in SCARLETT 3 11:00 SCARLETT.IS.BACK! That’s right, one of the hottest (IMO) chicks we’ve had on our couch this year is back for more. You should remember this beautiful, naive girl from a few weeks ago. She came in and did a great job letting me fuck her pussy. As usual we sent her on her way anxiously awaiting a call from our producers, that of course never came. So she hit up my homie Rick wondering what she could do to speed up the process. His answer was simple, “ANAL.” So here she is, back to see if she’s got what it takes. She’s a little less nervous this time, because she has an idea of what’s coming. We invite her in, and have some brief small talk. When we’re getting her naked we notice she smuggled in some contraband. Yup, you’re seeing that right, she came with a buttplug pre-inserted. Kinda reminds me of when stuff you’d buy used to come with batteries included lol. This girl was pretty anxious about the buttstuff so she came prepared. She’s as sexy and sultry as ever and ready to do what it takes. We have her start by sucking my cock. After that, I play in her pussy for just a bit before we get to the soup de jour…. That buuutttthooollllleeee. TBH, I think she was so anxious and nervous about her first real anal experience (supposedly I'm the first guy to get it in there) that she might have over prepared, because she absolutely kills it. I fuck her all over the office and she does smashingly. We give her the chair, she rides, takes it in the spoon. I give her the ol’ gaper and she’s a trooper throughout. Since I filled that pussy up last time, I figure it’s only fitting I cover that pretty face in some jizz. I really wish Rick had a job to give her because honestly, she kind of deserves it.
Tasha in TASHA 2 11:00
Tasha in TASHA 2 11:00 19 year old Tasha is here to experiment and have fun. She doesn’t really care about the money or the fame. This girl just wants to experience life and get away from installing air conditioners or whatever it is she does. She’s super super sexual and into that whole dom/sub scene and has no problem following our orders. We start by having this tall drink of water pull off that pretty pink dress and she reveals a smokin little body. We talk her into masturbating using the buttplug, then she slurps down my cock like the good girl she is. Next, I have her hop on my cock for a nice little ride. She’s also a champ taking it in her ass, which just happens to be the first time she’s had a real cock in her ass. Before today, she's only had her ass fucked with a dildo. Tasha does a great job riding me on the floor and takes some great ass to mouth. Finally, I gape her sweet asshole, then bust a MONSTER load on all over that pretty face. Yowza! -Cam
Jennifer White in Anal Dream Cum True 12:01
Jennifer White in Anal Dream Cum True 12:01 Jennifer White is BACK in Florida and BACK on Bang Bros. This sexy queen loves dick...BIG dick, and her favorite place to stuff a big dick is in her tight asshole. We had to come through with the biggest dick we know. Our man Brickzilla came to slay that booty once again for us. His dick fits 4 of her hands, and shes got all that going in her asshole. She takes out of buttplug and stuffs her hole back up with a true monster cock. She begs for him to cum inside of her and he leaves her with a huge creampie all in her booty.
Gina Gerson, Sophie Lynx in Gina Gerson and Sophie Lynx: Cum Swapping And Cock Worshiping 10:01
Gina Gerson, Sophie Lynx in Gina Gerson and Sophie Lynx: Cum Swapping And Cock Worshiping 10:01 Tiny teens Gina Gerson and Sophie Lynx are spending some time playing around at their friend's house. Tired from playing outside, the two girls go inside the house to get something to drink. The girls are taken aback when they see their friend's step-father masturbating on her teen step-daughter's panties. The two naughty teens quickly grab the old perv, binding his hands and covering his mouth with tape. These two tiny sluts love to tease old perverts. Sophie starts caressing Gina's body while the old guys watch. The girls continue to fool around the bed. Sophie brings out a glass buttplug and shoves it into Gina's tiny asshole. The old pervert can't do anything but watch the teens fuck each other. After the intense teasing, the naughty girls finally decided to let the old guy join the fun. Gina and Sophie take turns sucking his old wrinkly cock. Sophie sits on his face while Gina deepthroats his cock. The old guy lies on the bed and lets the girls take control of him. Sophie rides the pervert in the cowgirl position. She humps violently on his crotch while his cock slides in and out of her pussy. After the pussy fucking with Sophie, the old guy stuffs his dick into Gina's tight asshole. The anal-whore teen loves the feeling of a cock stirring up the insides of her anus. She plays with her pussy as the cock digs deeper and deeper into her tiny butthole. Sophie grinds her pussy to his face while Gina humps on his cock. The two girls continue to use the old man's dick until he can't contain himself any longer. He pulls out his dick from Gina's asshole and shoots his thick into Sophie's mouth. The two horny girls play with the thick cream, cum swapping and licking the old man's love goo.
Tokyo Lynn in Thick Babe Tokyo Lynn Gets Oiled Up And Fucks LIVE 12:00
Tokyo Lynn in Thick Babe Tokyo Lynn Gets Oiled Up And Fucks LIVE 12:00 Busty babe Tokyo Lynn is looking hot in her strappy blue lingerie that keeps nothing hidden to your imagination and that is exactly what Tokyo wants. She loves shaking her big tits in your face as she drips oil all over them. Look at those beautiful tits shine. She has a lot more oil for that thick ass too and also reveals a blue buttplug when she bends over and spreads open those cheeks. Its time to get Chad in there and show this babe a fucking good time. Tokyo wants to cum and cum hard. Archive from 9-01-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Brookie in BROOKIE 11:00
Brookie in BROOKIE 11:00 This week we’ve got an extra special little treat! We’ve got Brookie (Yes, like the delicious dessert treat). She’s 22 years old, and she works in one of those coffee places where the girls all have their titties and asses out. Seems like a terrible health code violation somehow, but whatevs, I don’t drink coffee anyway. Brookie is a dime piece. She’s gorgeous, so bubbly, and has a superb attitude. OOOOH yeah, I mentioned an extra special little treat with this one… turns out she’s got a step-sister who turned her on to the jizz biz. Where’d her sister have her first adult industry foray? Right here at BackRoomCastingCouch.com (Coming soon)! We filmed her step sister a couple weeks ago, and apparently within that three week bubble we gave them, she sent Brookie our way. LOL we’re gonna be in double trouble. I can tell you her sister was a great little slut too, but we’ll save the rest of the details for another time. Today you’re gonna see me fucking Brookie’s ass, mouth, and everything in-between. She’s so compliant with the whole process. She comes in, gives us a good interview, Follows instructions when we tell her to get naked and suck my cock. She seemed to enjoy getting railed with the buttplug in. But here at BRCC we’re all about that ass fuckin’ and fuck that ass I do! Personally, the hottest part of the day for me was the no hands ass to mouth, and the facial expressions this girl made while I was balls deep in that butthole. I should have dropped my load right in that butthole, but we haven’t had the best luck with that lately lol. So I pop it in that pussy and fill her up. There's a nice bit at the end where she plays with herself while cum was dripping out of her pussy. It’s lovely. Finally, we dress her and send her to wait by the phone with her step-sister for that call the ain’t ever gonna come.
Crystal Swift, Jarushka Ross in Slippery Situation 14:59
Crystal Swift, Jarushka Ross in Slippery Situation 14:59 Thick blonde Crystal Swift is traveling with her boyfriend Nick Ross, but when she passes through the airport scanner, it beeps. Agent Jarushka Ross uses the wand to find the source of the disturbance, but has to take Crystal into the backroom for a more intimate check. Jarushka doesn't find the device in Crystal's big tits, so she tears her tights open and finds a buttplug full of lube. Turned on, Jaruska tears Crystal's shirt open, then the ladies worship their big tits together. Crystal sits Jarushka back and eats her pierced pussy, then fingers her in doggystyle. Taking out a sex toy, the ladies rub their pussies together, tribbing with the vibrator until Jarushka covers the room in her hot squirt!
Misha Cross in Mischievous Misha 12:00
Misha Cross in Mischievous Misha 12:00 Misha Cross is feeling kinky in the shower and invites you to watch as she gets wet while teasing and fingering her pussy and ass. But her naughty time doesn’t end there; she’s got Christian Clay waiting to join her and play along. With buttplug, his able hands, and his big dick, Christian treats Misha to hardcore anal sex, finishing things off in the bedroom with an anal creampie!
Aliz in Aliz: Deliver Your Package Up My Ass 8:00
Aliz in Aliz: Deliver Your Package Up My Ass 8:00 The stunning brunette, Aliz, is feeling a bit hungry and horny while she is home alone. The best way to solve her problem at the same time is by putting a delivery for food. The playful slut dances in the living room with her headphones on while waiting for the delivery guy. She can't wait to finally eat and, at the same time, satisfy her lustful desires. Luckily, the delivery guy is quite a stud, so Aliz is excited to see what this fit lad has for her. The naughty babe takes off her denim shorts and flaunts them in front of the lucky dude. She shows off her round ass and tight pussy, hoping the delivery guy will love to experience what it feels like inside her holes. After teasing the man with her stunning figure, Aliz drops to her knees and gives the big black cock a sloppy blowjob. She uses her soft lips and warm tongue to lick every inch of the shaft before trying to shove it balls-deep into her mouth. The horny stud can't take it any longer. He lays Aliz on the couch, fingers her sweet hole, and then fucks her right in the pussy. Aliz puts a huge buttplug on her asshole while the stud is pounding her wet cunt. She can't help but moan out loud as she feels both of her getting stretched out. The horny stud pulls out the buttplug and rams his cock into Aliz' tight asshole from behind. He relentlessly thrusts his cock into her bumhole until she cums over and over again. Aliz returns the pleasure by riding the delivery guy like a real cowgirl. Her round ass gracefully bounces as she twerks on top of the man. The lucky lad pulls out his cock from Aliz' asshole and sprays his cum all over her beautiful face.
Rosalyn Sphinx in Butt Plugged Teen Rosalyn Sphinx Solo 7:46
Rosalyn Sphinx in Butt Plugged Teen Rosalyn Sphinx Solo 7:46 Rosalyn Sphinx is so horny that she has already had sex four times in the last 24 hours. Today, she’s eager again. And to ensure that anal sex happens, the petite brunette turns up in Perv City wearing pigtails and a sexy schoolgirl skirt. She’s irresistible as she plays with her small tits before revealing the rosebud buttplug hiding in her big ass. But the teen is impatient. She wants to rock ‘n’ roll, and licks her fingers, draws them through her hairy pussy, and grabs a vibrator. Rosalyn moans as it quivers through her slit, and her toes curl as it trembles across her clit. She needs more, and moving into the doggy style position, she grinds her snatch against the sex toy and moans while fingerfucking her vag to orgasm.
Isabella Nice in The Big Boss Can Help When Isabella is Stuck 11:59
Isabella Nice in The Big Boss Can Help When Isabella is Stuck 11:59 Isabella Nice has heard a lot coming from her boss, Mike Stefano’s office. She hears nothing but him fucking the office in the ass and knows he can help her. She’s got a buttplug stuck in her tight little asshole and shows him what a predicament she’s in. After all, he knows his way around a tight ass! Loosening the plug turns into a hot blowjob and she cannot stop herself from more. When he finally gets the plug out, he makes sure it doesn’t close and Isabella gets the deep drilling she really came for!
Fuck)Fuck)Rocky Emerson in Rocky Emerson Tentacle Masturbation 10:10
Fuck)Fuck)Rocky Emerson in Rocky Emerson Tentacle Masturbation 10:10 Kinky inked giantess Rocky Emerson loves sex any time and any where. In fact, there’s hardly a place where this tall leggy exhibitionist hasn’t had sex. And she’s all ready for anal arriving in PervCity with a buttplug up her asshole. The buttplug reads “do not resuscitate,” but Rocky thinks it needs to read “please give this asshole immediate attention!” And at that, she’s horny and pulls out her favorite sex toy: an octopus dildo. We knew she was kinky, but wow! She presses it to her shaved pussy and starts fucking her juicy hole with the tentacle, before drawing it across her clit. She sighs, grabs a vibrator, powers it into overdrive, and then clenches the sofa as she orgasms and orgasms again.
Lola Fae in Lola Fae Gets Treated To An Anal Drilling 15:00
Lola Fae in Lola Fae Gets Treated To An Anal Drilling 15:00 Lola Fae is a beautiful, petite lil nympho. She knows exactly how to seduce you, by playing with her tight pussy while her buttplug is stretching out that beautiful little asshole. When she pulls it out and puts it in her mouth, you know she is ready for that ass to be destroyed. Today she gets everything she wants and more in both her holes!
Fuck)Riley Reyes in Cumming With An Anal Plug 9:20
Fuck)Riley Reyes in Cumming With An Anal Plug 9:20 Riley Reyes is excited to be back in Perv City, and she’s arrived dressed in a pink crop top and jean shorts that barely cover her big ass. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about what this blonde wants, don’t worry, because she’ll tell you herself: “I’m going to be having anal sex with Isiah Maxwell, and all of that dick is going to be in my butt.” Stoked to fuck his big black cock during interracial sodomy, Riley’s clit starts to pulse. She turns her back, making sure that you get a good look at that beautiful booty, strips, and then fills her asshole with a buttplug, before raising her sexy heels in the air, and spanking and masturbating her hairy pussy to orgasm.