Haley Reed in Office discipline 6:00
Haley Reed in Office discipline 6:00 brings you a big fetish variety. Distorded covers many many niches from foot fetish to face fucking to lesbian domination to massage porn. There is something for everyone here at the fetish variety network we call Distorded. Enjoy top pornstars from the USA in fetish productions brought to you by Bizarre Entertainment. All to be found in the AdultPrime website. With your password you get access to 90+ other studios like SinfulXXX, ClubSweethearts, Submissed and many more top studios. Distorded isn't
Destiny Cruz in Destiny Cruz: Oil-Drenched Anal Sodomy 15:00
Destiny Cruz in Destiny Cruz: Oil-Drenched Anal Sodomy 15:00 Petite starlet Destiny Cruz douses herself in hot oil and shows off her tempting body through a hot tease intro. The alluring blonde Latina strips and plays with her holes, posing lewdly for the camera throughout. Veteran stud Michael Stefano strokes his hard-on as he pours more grease onto Destiny's glistening body. She indulges his fetish with him a freaky foot job to start, and then Michael stuffs his big cock into her slut and pummels away. He rims her, soon stuffing his boner into her wet butthole. A mess of lube-soaked sodomy serves up hard anal riding; slobbering; ass-to-mouth fellatio; and rectal gaping. Flashy Destiny talks dirty as Michael fucks her booty, prying open her cheeks to show her stretched sphincter. For the climax, Michael spunks her with a hot cum facial.
Ellie in Ellie 11:00
Ellie in Ellie 11:00 18 year old Ellie has quite possibly one of the greatest natural sets of big tits we've ever seen. And she knows it. Beyond that though, Ellie is super down to earth and truly swings with the proverbial punches, as we find out later. We'd like to say this is Ellie's first porn scene but our friends over at ExCoGi had her first. Be sure to catch her scene there to learn all about her personal sex life and virginity stories. Ellie thinks today's scene will be the same as her ExCoGi scene: camera guy asking her questions, making her masturbate, then fucks her on camera until he blasts his load on her face. But that's not gonna happen today (well, the making her masturbate part does.). Instead, Troy focuses on the anal part. Ellie did some anal on ExCoGi so Troy, being the only one at this point who knows that a gigantic black man is going to fuck that teen ass in a little while, tries to prep Ellie's butt with increasingly larger butt plugs and lots of lube. The biggest butt plug (yeah, that one) stays inside her even when - *knock knock!* 6-foot 6 huge black man Jovan storms into the room. Ellie is naked, vulnerable, has a huge butt plug in her ass, and suddenly THIS is the guy she's supposed to fuck on camera? WTF, she's thinking. Her face shows that this was not at all what she was expecting. But what is she going to do, run out and kill her porn career after having had such a great start at ExCoGi? Besides, it turns out that Ellie hasn't had sex with a black man yet (she's only 18, c'mon, don't judge her too harshly here) and she's definitely curious. Butt plug still in her ass, she unpacks Jovan and gasps and snickers at the sheer size of his member. And he isn't even hard yet! Her bragging about that supposedly hung ex-boyfriend of hers quickly stops as Ellie barely manages to get Jovan's big black cock in her mouth. Seriously, it's like watching her swallow a tree branch. Side shots, POV, we get as much as we can before her jaw locks up and Jovan wants to see if he can fit that BBC of his into that tiny teen pussy. He does, but it takes a little while. He doesn't want to split the girl in half, especially since her ass is filled up with that toy, too. But eventually things get faster and more energetic, and Ellie really, really starts loving that big black dick inside her. Like, a lot. After the 2 cowgirl positions on the couch, the boys think she's ready to take some BBC anal. That doesn't quite work so Jovan fucks her teen pussy in doggy for a while, tries again, then goes back to her pussy and fucks her harder and harder. After several attempts at fitting that huge black dick in her ass the 3 have to admit defeat - Jovan's monster cock simply will not fit in Ellie's tiny ass. And we got the gape footage to prove it. This means extra long pussy fucking, rimjobs, and rough sex for Ellie. She's gotta make up for the no-anal thing and Jovan and Troy certainly make up for it by giving us over an hour and a half of energetic hardcore interracial sex with more camera angles than we can count. We got split screens, picture-in-picture, and orgasms and orgasms with Ellie. After a very thorough fuck marathon, Jovan finally gets to cum inside her pussy. Whatever didn't make its way inside her, or around her pussy and clit gets shoved right back in when Jovan pushes his cum-covered cock back inside Ellie to fuck her some more. The now obligatory cum eating (out of Ellie's pussy, from her fingers, and even from the bed!) follows. To everyone's delight, this barely legal porn newcomer actually is on birth control so the guys don't have to give her shit about that part and just end things with a nice, informative exit interview. We're sure we'll see Ellie again, probably even on this site network somewhere. And with her enthusiasm for sex, she'll probably be on a lot of sites in the future. So watch out of this rising star!
Fuck)Alice Chambers in Horny Housewife Alice Chambers Masturbation 10:09
Fuck)Alice Chambers in Horny Housewife Alice Chambers Masturbation 10:09 Horny housewife Alice Chambers loves to go it alone, although she gets her most powerful orgasms masturbating while being watched by PervCity fans. After all, this fiery redhead is one very dirty MILF! She's also super tall with incredibly long legs and fabulous feet. She may not be hiding a foot fetish, but the busty mom does have a butt plug hiding up her asshole! Sodomy is up her alley. As the sparkly sex toy shimmers and pulses, while she roams her fingers through her shaved pussy and tweaks the nipples of her natural big tits, you can tell just how much. Flicking her clit and finger-fucking her vag, it doesn't take long for Anal Sex Alice to climax!
Gisele in GISELE 11:00
Gisele in GISELE 11:00 Today we have 18 year old porn first timer Gisele, doing anal, hello !White camera guy Troy picks up Gisele at the airport and she doesn't waste time bragging about how much she loves anal with her boyfriend. She loves kink and BDSM, she loves big dicks, and blah blah blah. Gisele wants to impress the guy she thinks will film and fuck her on camera and make or break her porn career. She has no idea that instead of the white guy sitting next to her, Gisele will be taking one of the biggest black cocks in her teen ass. She doesn't think anything is off until she realizes that they've been driving in circles at the airport. Why? "We're gonna pick up your male talent, he came in at a different terminal". Our petite teen's heart drops when 6 foot 6 huge black lord Jovan walks out of the terminal and gets into the car a few minutes later. Awkward? Yes. And we love it. Once settled at the hotel, we get to admire a very excited Gisele's pierced teen titties before the boys invite her to show off her blowjob skills. When she unpacks Jovan's big black cock for the first time we can hear her exhale in near desperation - that's one huge cock for a tiny teen!His big dick barely fits in her mouth, and the harder Jovan gets, the more Gisele's jaw looks like it's going to get unhinged. But she's a tough little trooper and she sucks and licks him until she relaxes enough to take him all in. OK, mostly. Frankly, it looks like the girl is sucking on a black baseball bat at this point. We watch Gisele get more and more into her black lover as they take things to the bed. After more cock sucking and deep throating, Gisele really perks up when Jovan eats her teen pussy. That really got her attention and now she's all his for the rest of the day. Gisele and Jovan's energy and enthusiasm for fucking absolutely fills the room. She moans and cums loudly, to the point where a ball gag needs to make an appearance to keep her somewhat quiet for a while. This is a hotel with thin walls, after all. So we could go on about the pussy fucking at this point but you probably want to hear about the young lady taking that big black cock in her tiny ass, right? Well, we're not gonna describe it here in detail, this is really something you just got to watch for yourself. Suffice it to say it does take some ...ahem...anal training (knuckles deep!) before Gisele can enjoy that BBC in her ass. And enjoy she does! Once properly lubed and loose, the dark lord has a grand ol' time fucking that teen asshole, and Gisele nearly cums from having that huge dick in her ass!Things aren't as joyful for her when Gisele begs Jovan to cum inside her (meaning her ass), but he switches quickly into her pussy and unloads his semen inside her teen womb.Gisele is begging him not to cum inside her pussy but he does it anyway because, fuck it. What better place to unload your cum than a teen pussy, right?So why the drama, Gisele? Oh you're not on birth control? Of course you're not. Because planning and being 18 don't go together. We let our cum filled cutie stew in fear a bit and make her scoop out his sperm from her pussy and eat it before hinting at a possible solution to our teen's predicament. All in all, Gisele's porn debut is fantastic. She does everything we could have hoped for, and then some. And a petite teen taking Jovan's mighty BBC in her ass in 3 positions? We should give her a standing ovation but it's hard to stand and clap when all your blood has rushed into your dick. Enjoy!
Alektra Blue in Alektra Blue Anal Is In Fashion 9:59
Alektra Blue in Alektra Blue Anal Is In Fashion 9:59 Alektra Blue is cute and lusty little lady. She wears a white with red spots bikini that shows off her toned stomach but can barely contain her big tits and ass. A white hat is on her head and white almost transparent shawl covers her arms. She completes her outfit with a pair of sunglasses. Alektra is busy wandering around the pool, doing various poses for an unknown photographer. She pulls at her two piece and shoes off her tits.. Right after, she teasingly lifts up her panty and shows off her petite butt cheeks and the dildo that’s been up her ass for who knows how long. She then heads to where Michael Stefano is standing already naked and without any warning, grabs his big cock by the hand and puts his full-length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until he almost cums in her mouth. She lay down and used her foot to tease Michael’s cock. Michael loves her mouth on his dick that the moment he finishes, he hurriedly returns the favor. He turns her around, her back on her chest as she faces the kitchen counter. He eats her pussy as she bends over and lays her upper body on the counter. He then slowly thrusts his hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy in the frisk position. He humps her hard as she slowly climbs up the counter. Michael pulls his dick out of her pussy as Alektra lies down on the marble counter with her legs bent and spread widely giving him more access to her pinkish pussy. He pleasures her as he licks her clit and her pussy before he climbs up the counter and rams his cock inside her pussy in missionary. The two horny porn stars continue on with their rough sex. He once again lays her down on the kitchen and this time around he takes control of the situation. He starts with another pussy-eating session before he lifts her tutu skirt up and widely spreads her legs. He teases her by slowly inserting his big cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He wants to feel her pussy adjust to the size. He fucks her hard when he is fully inside her. It is now Alektra’s turn to control the situation. With Erik’s back now laid on the counter, she hops on top of him, slowly guides his big dick inside her pussy and rides him hard in cowgirl. She craves for more pleasure so she decides to switch and ride him in reverse cowgirl making his hit the right spot. With Michael Stefano almost reaching his orgasm and their clothes on the floor, he fucks Alektra in a stand and deliver position. His dick now throbs unstoppably with cum dripping from its tip. Alektra deepthroats him until he comes all over her face. Alektra Blue just had the most erotic facial ever.
Jessica Sodi in MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY - EL CHARRO VERGARA . JESSICA SODI 11:00 Jessica Sodi married Don Melitón, a wealthy and powerful landowner from Jalisco. However, she never stopped loving her last boyfriend, "El Charro" Vergara. Rumor has it that he has returned to town disposed to win her back. It has Don Melitón so worried that he has ordered his gunmen to kill that bastard if he dares to set foot on his lands.
Dacey Harlot in Dacey Strokes Your Cock with Her Sexy Feet and Hands 15:00
Dacey Harlot in Dacey Strokes Your Cock with Her Sexy Feet and Hands 15:00 Sexy Dacey Harlot starts in a cute tank top and shorts, and slowly strips it off...leaving a gorgeous yellow bra and panties set. Dacey strips off her underwear, and is completely naked. Dacey sits on the couch, and teasingly takes off her sneakers...showing off her sexy little feet. Dacey rubs her soles together, and asks if you want a foot job. Dacey rubs her cute petite feet on your pants, then strips them off. She rubs her soles on your cock, then gets them nice and wet to stroke your cock. Dacey rubs your cock with her feet, gripping you with her arches. Dacey strokes your cock with her hands, getting you harder. She strokes your cock again with her soles, teasing you with her sweet feet. Dacey lays back, and lifts her legs and feet high in the air...she rubs your cock with her soles until you cover them with cum.
Alex Blake in Vacation cabin nightmare 6:00
Alex Blake in Vacation cabin nightmare 6:00 brings you a big fetish variety. Distorded covers many many niches from foot fetish to face fucking to lesbian domination to massage porn. There is something for everyone here at the fetish variety network we call Distorded. Enjoy top pornstars from the USA in fetish productions brought to you by Bizarre Entertainment. All to be found in the AdultPrime website. With your password you get access to 90+ other studios like SinfulXXX, ClubSweethearts, Submissed and many more top studios. Distorded isn't
Gia OhMy in Make Sure It's Wet 14:59
Gia OhMy in Make Sure It's Wet 14:59 Blonde cutie Gia Oh My records herself repotting some plants for her channel, but after advising her viewers to "make sure it's wet", she takes her own advice as she starts playing with her pussy on camera! Gia's bofyriend Kyle Mason comes outside and catches her pleasuring herself. She sucks his cock, then they move indoors where she can give him a foot job and take that cock. Kyle does his part to keep Gia's pussy wet by filling her up with cum!
Rita Rush in Hot Courgar Loves Dick 8:00
Rita Rush in Hot Courgar Loves Dick 8:00 Rita’s an exotic, sexy, dominant, tattooed, blond MILF with a natural, toned body who’s using her foot to rub the asshole of the muscular stud kneeling at her feet. She decides to put him to better use, ordering to lick her bald, hungry honeyed hole as she writhes and moans in ecstatic exultation. She then rewards him for his obedience, sensually and expertly sucking his stony shaft with epicurean relish as she savors every steely inch. Mounting his potent prick in reverse cowgirl, she animalistically slams her hungry hole onto him with fierce fury, moaning and screaming in orgiastic ecstasy. After savoring sucking her slut juice from his dauntless dong, she resumes her wild ride in cowgirl, her firm round ass vehemently humping him with impassioned zeal as she spanks her ass to fan the flames of her desire. She orders him to fuck her harder as she races to her sluttish Elysian Field, volcanic, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms ripping through her. Once in doggie, she orders him to slam his crank into her hard and fast while her moans of whorish jubilation fill the room, throwing herself back onto him with unbridled feral lust as gut-wrenching, all-consuming orgasms possess her. Flipping into missionary, he zealously plows his meat hammer into her garden of licentious longings, continuing the endless torrent of orgasms until she has him pull out to fire a jet stream of jism into and all over her mouth.
Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00
Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00 Kiere is enjoying a quiet day in her kitchen when she hears a knock on her door. Her neighbor, Simon, has come over with a plate of cookies. Kiere makes some tea to have with the cookies, but it's soon clear that Simon isn't there just to chat. The girls exchange some sweetly sexy light touches and then go in for a kiss that says clearly that they're both interested.Simon takes the initiative to take things further. Tugging Kiere's loose shirt down, she takes one of Kiere's sweet titties into her mouth. Sucking the nipple to a hard peak, Simon has Kiere get to her feet so she can have her new lover fully naked.As Simon settles in to kiss her way towards her clit, Kiere lifts one foot onto the table to open herself nice and wide. She uses both hands, one to knead Kiere's titties and the other to rub her clit. Moving her attention fully to the south, Simon really goes to work for Kiere's pleasure.Getting to her feet, Simon takes off her clothes so Kiere can enjoy her friend's full breasts. The girls exchange a deep kiss and then Kiere bends over the table so Simon can complete her seduction. Kissing Kiere's spine and palming her twat, Simon eventually works a finger into Kiere's tight pussy. She hooks her other hand over Kiere's thighs to bring it around and rub Kiere's clit, creating some double pressure that really gets Kiere moaning.Temporarily sated, Kiere helps Simon onto the table so she can finally enjoy a more complete feast of her friend's tits as she lets her hand rub fast and furious at Simon's meaty twat. Simon opens herself up nice and wide for Kiere's ministrations. When Kiere leans in to lap at her friend's clit, it's a spike of pure bliss. Simon can barely wait to get on her knees on the table so Kiere can really have her way with her creamy twat.Finding herself on the table, Kiere mewls with delight as Simon goes back to work rubbing her clit. Simon loves the way Kiere moans, which she demonstrates by sneaking a rub of her own pussy. When Kiere gets Simon on the counter so she can go back to work pleasuring her friend, she finds Simon nice and wet. Her tongue spreads Simon's pussy juices all over, causing Simon to arch her back and let her had fall back as her climax overtakes her.Simon has just gotten to a seated position when Kiere joins her on the counter. Cuddling close into Simon's arms and between her thighs, Kiere opens herself up for Simon to make magic one more time. Simon cups Kiere's tits and fondles her clit, doing everything she can to help her busty friend cum. In the end, they wind up sharing those cookies as a well earned post coital snack.
Mia Ferrari in Intimate anal with perky teeny 10:00
Mia Ferrari in Intimate anal with perky teeny 10:00 Getting a nice oil foot massage from her super-handsome boyfriend makes this perky tattooed teeny so horny she decides to allow him where he's never been allowed before, deep in her tight chocolate hole. Just look at her ass swallow up his purple fuck tool and make it fully disappear in the depth of her narrow pleasure tunnel. Today she has her first anal endeavor and this intimate moment is worth watching over and over again.
Maya Kendrick in Maya Kendrick Shows Off Her Amazing Feet 7:35
Maya Kendrick in Maya Kendrick Shows Off Her Amazing Feet 7:35 Leggy Maya Kendrick wants to show you her secret sex weapon. You might think it's her perky natural tits, hairy pussy, or tight asshole, but no! It's her pedicured toes, smooth arches, and all-around amazing feet! It's always a pleasure when this redhead visits PervCity, but when she pleasures herself, masturbating with her young fingers, she'll turn your world upside down. She's definitely a chick who shares your foot fetish, and as soon as she teases her lingerie and heels off, she begins sucking her toes. Don't worry. Maya gives each foot and every little piggy equal sucking time as her hand swirls her clit. And when her slit is wet and slippery, only one thing can satisfy the horny minx: your big dick slipping between her tootsies and up her asshole!
Alexis Fawx in The Foot Fetishist 15:00
Alexis Fawx in The Foot Fetishist 15:00 When fashionista Alexis Fawx realizes her hunky stylist Quinton James is a secret foot fetishist, she's got him right where she wants him! She asks Quinton for a foot massage, and he truly worships her soles, rubbing them against his face and his cock. Alexis blows Quinton's mind with a foot job, then wraps her big pillowy lips and her huge tits around that dick. Quinton can't get enough of playing with Alexis's sweet feet as he pounds her pussy!
Kenzie Anne in Kenzie Anne gets down and dirty with her co-worker after receiving a massage 15:00
Kenzie Anne in Kenzie Anne gets down and dirty with her co-worker after receiving a massage 15:00 Kenzie Anne is working over the weekend and the only ones at the office is herself and co-worker Lucas. She's so tired and her shoulders and feet need a massage. Lucas insists he lend a hand and give her a good rub down. Things really heat up when he start to give her a foot massage he sees she's not wearing any panties. She can tell he's excited and feeding off that energy, she decides to fuck his brains out right there in the office.
Gianna Grey in Nailing The Day Nurse 12:00
Gianna Grey in Nailing The Day Nurse 12:00 Poor Charles Dera is laid up in bed with a broken foot, his girlfriend is around to help out but she's sick of taking care of Charles. However, his luck is about to change because a new day nurse is on her way! When sexy Gianna Grey arrives at Charles' bedside, she's ready to kiss it all better. Busty Gianna gives Charles a face full of tits before massaging and oiling up his sore and busted body. Soon, Charles is feeling much better and ready to give nurse Gianna the dick-down she deserves!
Freya Von Doom in Elf on a Cock 12:00
Freya Von Doom in Elf on a Cock 12:00 We are feeling festive this year and in order to celebrate Xmas, we met up with our friend Freya Von Doom. Freya is a smoking hot, four foot 9 babe that has an insatiable love for big cocks. We dressed her up as a little sexy elf in order to surprise our boy Derek Savage. We wanted to welcome him to the industry with a nice little gift. Freya jumped inside a small gift box and we waited for Derek to open his present. As she jumped out of the box his eyes lit up. From there they had fun getting to know each other, And by that I mean they quickly got to fucking. Freya could barely fit his huge cock in her tiny little mouth. She sucked his cock for some time. Eventually it was time for her tiny pussy to be stretched. Freya’s pussy took monster cock in several different positions before taking a huge load all over her face.
Maddy in MADDY 2 11:00
Maddy in MADDY 2 11:00 21 year old Maddy “The Baddie” (I just made that up) is here today. She used to be a teacher or teacher's aid or something, but that’s probably not going to be the case after this video hits the streets. Beneath that shy personality is an absolute super freak just waiting to come out. It’s girls like this that make life worth living, she’s a true embodiment of a slut who just wants to be used. I think, and this is just my opinion, the shock of “lights, camera, action” when she walked in the door is probably why she was so shy to begin with. But don’t worry my baby birds, we’ll get to that. After she arrives and we get her on the couch, we have a nice long interview with her. She’s witty, and quirky for sure, something we really dig. She’s got a good attitude, but she for sure seems a little leery of the whole operation (as she should be!). Although when it’s time to get her out of those clothes she isn’t too hesitant on showing us the goods. She’s wearing some cute undies, and those adorable little princess socks. She’s got a great body, a nice little bush and a superb little butthole that I can’t wait to break in. We get a nice little tutorial on how she masturbates before we hand her some toys and let her go to town. She’s pretty new to anal, but the butt plug doesn’t give her much trouble. Finally the moment I’VE all been waiting for, I finally get to put my cock in that weenie washer and take that mouth for a spin. It does NOT disappoint. She’s got some great tongue skills, that slobber, and deep throat action is amazing. We do a little fucking, but she’s not really feeling that buttt plug so we 86 that and get back to it. We get some doggy, riding and spoon before it’s time to explore that asshole. We take it nice and easy as she’s obviously nervous about taking it up the butt. She takes it up the ass pretty darn well. So we get some doggy and riding, some nice gapes and some no hands deepthroat ATM… my favorite. Finally and subconsciously because I knew she didn’t like the taste of cum, I absolutely UNLOOOOOOOAD on her face, I got a little lightheaded after that one. We went ahead and gave you two angles on that facial. After waterboarding her with some jizz we find out how she feels about all that after the fact and here's her thoughts: she still thinks porn is for her, she doesn’t like the taste of my jizz and anal probably isn’t her thing. We get her dressed, and I'm not a foot or shoe guy, but the way she puts her shoes on, while we’re getting an upstart of that pussy soaking those panties is pretty hot, so be sure to check that out. Rick lets her know she isn’t getting paid today, and she didn’t earn any money for the sex acts she performed today, buuuut the producers will for sure get back to her in about 3 weeks….. right guys? <3 Cam
Kitana Lure in Brunette Seduction 8:00
Kitana Lure in Brunette Seduction 8:00 Kitana is stunning, sultry cougar with a toned, taut body and dark red hair, and she should have a PhD in talking dirty with a sexy Russian accent. She’s talking on the phone while using her foot to play with the dick of her young stud, who’s stroking it in hopes of being used. After finishing her call, she takes total control. Using him for her pleasure, she orders him to use his talented tongue on her bald, hungry harlot’s hole, and his efforts elicit moans of ecstasy. Ready for more, she sucks his dauntless dong with virtuoso oral artistry and gusto, deep throating him with ease as she savors every stony inch. Feeding her other hungry hole, she mounts his meat missile in reverse cowgirl, throwing herself down to meet his potent thrusts with ferocious, fiery fervor, moaning and screaming in orgiastic exultation. She continue her wild ride in cowgirl, her fine, firm round ass vibrantly humping his potent prick as she gallops to some enraptured, lascivious nirvana. After sucking her slut juice from his dong, she has him slam his steely shaft into her in doggie, moaning and screaming in sluttish jubilation. Once in missionary, he fervently plows her garden of lecherous longings with impassioned zeal, bringing her to a volcanic, screaming orgasmic release. He then jacks off, releasing a geyser of goo into and all over her mouth and tits.
Callie Jacobs in CALLIE JACOBS 2 11:00
Callie Jacobs in CALLIE JACOBS 2 11:00 Yay. I really like doing porn. I never thought I would really like it... But I really like doing porn. Those are the surprised, but excited, words that pass over the sensual lips of today's exploitee Callie Jacobs to begin her post shoot confessional. Oh boy this little bundle of energy is super excited to be here and so are we. If there was an enthusiasm award, Callie would get it. This scene is actually Callie's second sex on camera because we ambushed her the day before at BlackAmbush for her first, so look out for that in the coming weeks. But yes, she looked like she enjoyed herself thoroughly both days. And I do me thoroughly enjoyed. So we find out Callie likes sex, and giving foot jobs apparently as Jake got to know our 20 year old newbie. How much does she like sex Steve? Well let me tell you. Callie likes it so much she has it every day, she admits, when she can find it. And the days she can't? She enjoys masturbating on those days!. Alright I have a prediction here. After today's scene you're going to be a much more popular girl around town and on the Tindersphere. But for a girl that loves sex and has it everyday she sure hasn't had much, if any, mind blowing, earth shattering, I see stars and colors swirling around when I'm getting fucked, and are having orgasms during great sex sex. In fact, she had her first ever orgasm yesterday from the Hitachi and she-is-hooked I'm telling you. "I'm going to buy one of those on my way home," she said with her ever-present entire shoot smile that just lit up the room. So where does she find all the dick she fucks you ask? Tindersphere is where. Of course it's on the internet, and whoever said the internet is a passing fad a few decades ago sure as hell doesn't have sex anymore and sure as hell doesn't masturbate either. Sex is what the Internet was created for right? Hooking up is the game and Callie plays the game a lot she admits proudly. She's even fucked a 60 year old and she told us she'd do it again because "He really through it down and fucked me good. He really did! And I'd do another 60 year old if I could" Good for you Callie, with all this quarantine and social distancing going on, the most vulnerable and forgot segment of our population is the elderly, and they need lovin' too. But we do come to find out most of her rendezvous on tinder are not that great. Well, this little weekend trip to Phoenix sure as hell opened up a whole new world for you girl because Jake rocked her world, as he always does with his aggressive and intense cocksmanship. But that was just an encore to Isiah's more passionate cocking the day before making these two pro-cocks the biggest things she's every had shoved up that small twat of hers. You're welcome girl and we get that her swiping right days are numbered now cuz she'll be sticking around the Jizz Bizz more and getting that fine-ass-large-dick from now on. No more average tinder dick for this girl. Nope. She's gotten a taste of Jake's baby arm of a cock and the sweet taste of Isiah's BBC and she ain't never going back. Good for you girl. Her future's only filled with Girl Power lightly sprinkled with magical pixie dust and the future's looking pretty bright I'd say. So sit back and enjoy newbie Callie. Jake & Isiah sure as hell did.
Jessica in JESSICA 2 11:01
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