Tiffany in TIFFANY 4436 11:00
Tiffany in TIFFANY 4436 11:00 Blonde, blue-eyed gymnast Tiffany gets a bit shy when she tells us about her threesome. It's a perfect representation of this girl: cute, shy, but proud of her naughty streak. And it doesn't take a lot of arm-twisting to get our flexible honeypot to take Vince's cock up her ass (with her legs behind her head, no less) and gulp down his huge cum load in order to prove how badly she wants those jobs that pay $1000 to $5000 per day. When we tell her how great she did (and that part's true), she does a naked handstand. Wish she'd told us about this skill beforehand. Her BJ demo would have been even more interesting...
Vanessa in VANESSA 810 11:01
Vanessa in VANESSA 810 11:01 So.Much.Anal! It's a common story, there are sex kittens right under our noses and we would never know that beneath their innocent appearance lies a girl hungry for cock. Take for example 21 year old mixed-race cutie Vanessa, she was shy and had a sheltered life: bibles and mandatory church, and a daddy who got mad at her for getting a C once, and everything. She's super cute, was a good student and even a cheerleader, the very definition of a good girl. But at a tender age, she discovered boys and lost her cherry by the time she was 14, just our kind of girl! If you ask her how many guys she's been with, she'll tell you after the first 20 guys she kinda lost count. Vanessa's a self-proclaimed people pleaser (which we know at least 20 guys will confirm!) and is just a girl who likes to have fun! Far from church, she's a bartender now and after surfing the web and finding us, thought it would be fun. We can assure you we truly did. And we've rarely had a girl who enjoyed getting ass-fucked so much! Unlike a lot of girls, Vanessa wasn't really nervous, she was ready to go from the very start. She was also a gymnast, of course we could hardly wait to see her routine! Aside from her excellent oral skills from years of experience swallowing hard dicks, she also likes her sex a little rough, so some (okay - a lot of) choking and a good spanking goes a long way with her. She definitely gets into it for you, being the pleaser that she is, and cums over and over. Vanessa also had a surprise for us when we found out she was an anal fan. Not just a little, but a lot, she loves having a big cock shoved into her tiny asshole. Remember she lost her virginity at 14? Well she popped her ass at 16 and has been going at it ever since. You get it all with her, great blowjobs, rimjobs, a tight, tasty pussy, fucking in every kind of position and some excellent anal action, and even ass-to-mouth, all packed into this jumbo sized video! So keep an eye out for those freaky girls with the innocent smile, you might just find another Vanessa out there and that would be a very, very good thing! Mr Vince from Backroom is Vanessa's cocklord, Mr Troy from Black Ambush hosts and directs.
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00 Mystica Jade wears a leopard print dress as she sits in a pure white couch near the TV. Her dress looks more like a nightgown rather than something that one can wear outside. James Deen wear a white shirt/ but that is not important really, because they just take off the clothes in a few more minutes. James sits down on the couch with her back on his chest and begins teasing her. He puts all of her long black hair on one side as he trails kisses at the back of her neck down to her shoulders. He stops, walks in front of her and kneels down on the floor. He once again trails kisses from her knees down to her toes. He then goes back up again, pulls her dress down and takes her big tits into her mouth. Mystica is now on her fours, her white underwear and butt cheeks exposed. He kisses her feet and without any hesitation, heads to her pussy. She was surprised and turned on at the same time. She bites her hand and the bed sheet, trying not to scream. James lays her down on the couch with her legs spread widely and dives into her wet and tight pussy. She looks like a gymnast with her flexibility. He playfully bites her clit and then later on sucks it. He French-kisses her pussy before she takes over. The two switch roles. Mystica is now in charge of the situation. She starts off with licking his ear down to his cheeks as he sucks her thumb. He’s had enough and takes control. Mystica now sits on the couch wearing nothing while James, still-clothed is at her back doing everything to pleasure her. She unbuckles his belt, takes it off, drags it to his neck and rubs it off. Mystica kneels down on the floor and faces James’s big hard dick. She looks like she hasn’t done a blowjob before that he ends up guiding her into deepthroating his cock. She continues sucking his dick with him lying on the couch. With his dick already hard and ready to fuck, James positions her into doggy-style and rams into her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind repeatedly before shifting into a more pleasurable position. He pulls out his cock, lifts one of her legs up and thrusts it in her pussy. Feeling that he is about to reach orgasm sooner, Mystica sucks his cock once again. The moment she sinks her teeth into his cock, he orgasms and releases straight into her mouth. The rough sex between the two isn’t finished just yet. James sits on the couch as she hops on top of him. She slowly inserts his cock inside her pussy. His hard dick hit that spot and she ends up riding him crazily. James Deen orgasms for the second time around as Mystica deepthroats his cock again. Instead of the mouth, James releases his warm cum into Mystica Jade’s pretty face.
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON THREEWAY 11:01
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON THREEWAY 11:01 Good things CUM in small packages and there are lots of good things CUMMING in today's package. First good thing is 20 year old collegiate Gymnast & Diver Brianna Anderson. The second and third good things are our studs Jake & Vince that CUM on our little fuck doll in this girl's first ever 3some and DP! This is Brianna's 3rd shoot and she lost her porn cherry over at Backroomcasting & then lost her BBC anal cherry at BlackAmbush so go check them out. They are hot scenes! Alright enough of the BS chit chat let's get to the perversion. This scene innocently enough starts with our gymnast taking a shower and getting ready before the DP storm hits and unbeknownst to me she hears me discussing the scene with Jake and Vince in the other room. Just watch as she gives a few smiles and giggles as we discuss taking turns on her and fucking her in a few different positions. It's hot. The actual sex scene then begins with Brianna sitting on a chair getting asked what day it is. IT'S DP / 3SOME day she says enthusiastically. This girl is so happy and up for anything. I just love her energy and spunk. I think Jake and Vince loved her "Energy and FUCK holes" better, getting her naked faster than you can say licitly split. She goes to town on sucking their hard cocks with the biggest smile. Has she ever sucked 2 cocks at once before? Nope. Has she ever had a 3some before? Nope. Has she ever had 2 cocks up her fuck holes before at the same time? Nope. That's all going to change today. I have to admit this ones a trooper and she pushed through the painal to give you the goods so lets all appreciate this little hottie in all her whoreful glory. Fuck I love my job.
Cali Carter in Hoop And Booty 12:00
Cali Carter in Hoop And Booty 12:00 Cali Carter's jaw-dropping body is put on display, as is her agility, incorporating a hula hoop (and a buttplug!) into her hardcore sex session with Xander Corvus, who oils up her delicious ass and licks her tasty wet pussy! Balancing herself with the skill of a gymnast, Cali sucks Xander's big hard cock and fucks him in a performance that's worthy of a perfect 10!
in BACK DOOR GYMNAST 11:01 This weeks eager casting applicant is quite the mutli-talented cutie. She's a 22 year old esthetician and gymnast who is half black and half white… and apaaaaarrrently her mother is a full blown ginger. At this point my friends, you should know how much I love those gingers, so this year has been a total win for me so far. This girl is a hottie, I really love her hair even though I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to say that anymore, but I fuckin’ love it. She’s got a really strong personality (which I also find attractive), but I don’t want anyone trying to fight me when they finally figure out what's going on lol. She’s super cool is all I’m trying to say. When our girl arrives we do the typical thing: take a look at her, get to know her a bit then get them titties out and them cheeks spread. So we do that. She’s got a great body, but you know what's better than that body? The way she gives a blowjob. This gal can suck a dick ya’ll and it’s fantastical. Honestly I could have just let her blow me the whole time, but that wouldn’t be much of a casting video would it? So we do some fucking and again it’s great. When I get to test out that asshole, we take it real slow to start and when she’s finally warmed up we really get to it. Some riding, some ass to mouth, some gaping, it’s all hot and you’re gonna love it. We finish it up with me blasting her face with a huge load. Finally, we get her dressed and send her on her way.
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON 11:00
Brianna Anderson in BRIANNA ANDERSON 11:00 Today's ambushie is 20 year old Collegiate Diver & Gymnast Brianna Anderson and what a treat you all are in for. From the moment camera man Jake picked up our unsuspecting first timer Brianna was a bundle of enthusiasm ready to go. Now of course the ambush was set by sneaky Jake in the car and he thoroughly convinced our unsuspecting model that he was the guy she was working with by cleverly getting her to take her clothes off and suck his dick. And being the master of getting girls who have never squirted before to do so he gave her a ride in the car she won't soon forget. But little does she know that dark lord Jovan Jordan is waiting back at the location to surprise her. Once they get back and Jake gives our first time model the red carpet treatment and pampering we give all our model by getting their hair and makeup done. Then Brianna asks to take a shower and Jake is more than ok to oblige her since Jovan has been waiting all along working his BBC into readiness. The surprise on her face is priceless and she can't wait to take on the challenge of sucking and fucking Jovan and that BBC. Does she take his thick black cock up her ass? You bet she does! And she deep throats him and fucks him up her tight pussy to boot. She actually wanted Jovan's BBC up her ass more because she said her pussy is tighter than her ass! We need to clone this one. Oh and the anal prepping should not be missed as well. We have something for the whole family so CUM on down to Ambushtown and watch 4'11" bundle of energy take on her first BBC and succeed!
Kelsi Monroe in The Cl-ass-ic Gymnast 12:00
Kelsi Monroe in The Cl-ass-ic Gymnast 12:00 Renowned talent scout Keiran Lee is in town scouting for the next great gymnast. After many auditions, Mr. Lee is ready to call it a day, that is until Kelsi Monroe arrives on the scene. Keiran can’t take his eyes off her sweet, precious ass. Kelsi tries to ass-ert herself and moves like no other audition he's ever seen! Kelsi's butt is simply heaven! Is she just teasing him or will Keiran be able to slide his dick between her sweet cheeks?
Sophia Sweet in SOPHIA SWEET 2 11:00
Sophia Sweet in SOPHIA SWEET 2 11:00 Do you like car sex? asked Jake of this week's exploitee Sophia Sweet. "It's my least favorite" this freshly 21 year old hottie with a fucking perfect body confessed as she got naked in the car for our viewing pleasure. That changed by the way. Car sex is her new favorite. So as the beginning of this video shows, Sophia got Ambushed the day before and boy was she quite the surprise to Jake and I. This girl knocked it out of the park for a home run taking Isiah's BBC like a seasoned fuck star. So it's understandable why Jake is so very, and I mean very, excited to work with this girl today because she can fuck. So we find out that little miss Sweet is a swipe right type of girl who finds all her hookups on Tinder. But I can guarantee you that after this weekend of getting dicked properly from Jake & Isiah her Tinder days are numbered. In her own words this was by far "Hands Down" the best experience and sex she has ever had and I agree. This sex is hot and intense. The girl is flexible and can spin around like a gymnast doing a floor exercise on Jake's dick, doing the splits and putting her body in positions like a summer Olympian. We give you a perfect 10 girl. She even fucked Jake so hard today that she popped her hip out during the last position. OUCH! You know you did some good hard fucking when your hip pops out of its socket. But she's alright thank God and you will feel all right as well after you see how sweet Sophia is with a dick in her and hot this scene is. We just love this girl and you will to, so sit back and satisfy your sweet tooth with Sophia. She's a keeper.
Charly Summer, Penny Barber in Do It For The Test 15:00
Charly Summer, Penny Barber in Do It For The Test 15:00 When olympic gymnast Charly Summer goes to do a drug test with Dr. Tommy Gunn, the results are brought in by Nurse Penny Barber who tells Charly they came back positive for several illegal substances. Charly begs her to re-do the test, she cannot get caught cheating. Nurse Barber makes her a devious offer, in which Dr. Gunn will perform a much more thorough examination in exchange for them to alter the test results in her favor.