Kendra Lynn in Horny College Chicks Love To FUCK! 12:00
Kendra Lynn in Horny College Chicks Love To FUCK! 12:00 In this weeks Bangbus update, we're riding through the hood. The streets are empty with no women in sight. Maybe because it's pouring out. All of a sudden, we see this little cutie getting into her vehicle. Lucky for us, we pulled up just in time. She's on her way to a Sorority party. That means, she loves to get crunk. I figured why not hop on the BangBus and get our own party started. She thought twice about it, but once we flashed some money. It was on and popping. Come and watch this college girl get that tight pussy stretched. Enjoy
Charli Maverick in White girl with some ass gets fucked 11:59
Charli Maverick in White girl with some ass gets fucked 11:59 The BangBus is back bitches! It's hot, it's sunny, it's Miami! We're out and about in the hood looking for some ass to fuck. We figured why not take a break from the beach and look for a sexy chick in the heart of Miami. Change is always good. After driving around for a bit, we finally found the perfect one. This white chick was sitting at the bus stop. We knew she didn't belong in the neighborhood, so we pulled up acting like we were the city transportation. She seemed to buy it until some Milf almost convinced her not to. Once we flashed the mula, sure enough she came along for the ride. Yes! This sexy brunette had a fat ass. We wanted to see it all. We gave her more money and net thing we know. She's on the BangBus twerking for dollars. Enough of that. We want this white girl to shake that fat ass on Bruno's thick cock. Come and see what Twerking on the BangBus will get you. Enjoy!
Anna Bell Peaks in Squirting Anna Bell's Creampie Fuck 12:00
Anna Bell Peaks in Squirting Anna Bell's Creampie Fuck 12:00 Anna Bell Peaks is the alt-girl with the movie star face, big boobs and elaborate tattoos. Her nipples and clit hood are pierced; her bright pink hair matches her sheer bikini. Anna Bell masturbates, talking dirty about pussy creampies. She can make her shaved snatch visibly throb and undulate, no hands! Director Jonni Darkko soaks her in oil and fucks her. Anna Bell spreads her labia as he pumps, and Jonni's cock head teases her clit. He fucks her sidesaddle, making her squirt two orgasmic loads of girl cum! She spews a stream of filthy talk throughout the scene. Jonni cums and then digs four fingers in her gunk-filled gash, making it gape sloppily. He feeds her the mess on his hand. They love playing in spunk and stretching her vagina open.
Louise Du Lac in Louise Du Lac Loves Getting Ass Fucked 15:00
Louise Du Lac in Louise Du Lac Loves Getting Ass Fucked 15:00 Louise Du Lac didn't know what to do when her car broke down! She was in the middle of nowhere so she decided to strip down to her lingerie to see if she could attract some help. Not only did this guy take a look under her hood, but he bent her over and fucked her ass and pussy out!
Alice Wayne, Kira Queen in The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker 12:00
Alice Wayne, Kira Queen in The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker 12:00 Cute hitchhiker Alice Wayne gets a ride from stunning Kira Queen, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic series "The Pick Up" begins. The gorgeous girls become so flirtatious with each other during the journey that Kira pulls over so they can get more intimately acquainted. They start to kiss and fondle each other’s huge natural breasts, Kira sitting on the hood of the car and sucking Alice’s stiff nipples. Alice pulls Kira’s dress down to bare her perfect tits, and rubs her pussy through her panties, then tugs them aside and kneels to lick her sexy shaved pussy. The pigtailed babe gazes up at Kira to watch her reaction as she eats her pussy, licking and stroking her clit delicately, then sucking harder. They switch places, Kira bending Alice over the hood of the car, pulling down her tight white panties, and frigging her shaved pussy from behind. Alice lets out tiny whimpers of satisfaction, which turn to moans of pure lust when Kira starts tongue drilling her from the rear, circling the tip of her tongue against her labia and dipping it deep inside her juicy slit until she orgasms. The freckled sweetheart drops to her knees to eat Kira’s pussy again, and soon has her panting breathlessly, mouth agape and eyes closed, in the grip of an intense climax. It’s a wild ride that neither driver nor passenger will ever forget.
Carmel Bliss in Carmel Creamed 15:00
Carmel Bliss in Carmel Creamed 15:00 Carmel put on a sexy red hood cape and was seductively taunting her boyfriend, Brad. Brad saw the opportunity and grabbed his camcorder. Now Carmel was in full actress mode and made sure her performance was canera worthy. She climbed up on the bed and shook her big beautiful booty till Brad could no longer resist. He grabbed her knitted pants and ripped them open giving him full access to her tight tantalizing pussy. Brad captures every inch of Carmel's blissful body as she rides his cock and he pounds that pussy proper. Carmel gets down on her knees for the "grand finale" and sucks Brad off till he explodes and covers her face in gooey goodness.
Candice in CANDICE4946 11:00
Candice in CANDICE4946 11:00 It's hard to say which is bigger, Candice's phat white girl booty or her outrageous personality. Fortunately this week you get both in the same update and as an added bonus we've included the best dialogue ever recorded in the history of ExCoGi courtesy of 21 year old Candi and her "hood rat" upbringing. We're not going to lie to you and claim that this is the best video we've ever posted to ExCoGi, it's good, but not the very best one ever. However, we can guarantee that every top ten list we will ever compile is going to have 21 year old Candice listed someplace. As soon as Jay fires up the camera for the interview, you will be captivated by Candice's sassy attitude and say-anything personality. We aren't sure where she's from as the only thing her accent brings to mind is "Hustle and Flow", but it's probably more southern than northern. Combine that with her love of er...let's say African American culture, and you have a very interesting girl. As the action gets going, Jay uses his fingers and a vibrator on Candice and to his and her pleasant surprise in no time at all she's wiggling and panting as her first orgasm overtakes her completely by surprise. Jay is ready for more and might have teased another O out of her - but she had to run to the bathroom for a nice relaxing post coital whiz. As a thank you, Candice gets to her knees to try to finish the noisy, sloppy blowjob she started in the Behind The Scenes segment but Jay is a Zen master and no matter how well she applies her amazing blowjob skills she can't get him to cum. We can only surmise that the entire time Jay was just waiting for a chance to pound Candice's big, round ass from behind. We don't cater to fans of big asses as well as we could, but it's just not that easy to find a girl with an ass as great as Candice's. Now, granted it's got a terrible paintjob, but if you ignore that and just watch those cupcakes bounce you will be in booty heaven. After getting Candice off a second time and getting his fill of her magnificent ass, Jay has her get down on the floor where he finally unleashes a massive load on her face. She's been trying to work it out of him since the cameras rolled and she seems genuinely happy to catch every drop as he finally unloads.
Asia Vargas in Asia Gives Him a Ride 15:00
Asia Vargas in Asia Gives Him a Ride 15:00 Asia Vargas is a little bit late to pick up her pal Jordi El Nino Polla because her pole dance class ran late. When she hears he was spending the day with his girlfriend, she immediately reaches into the backseat to get something and "accidentally" rubs her booty in his face! Jordi enjoys it so much, Asia lets him take off her shorts and play with her pussy, then sucks his cock. They hop out of the car to fuck on the hood, then put Asia's yoga mat on the ground so she can sit on his huge cock. Jordi gets the ride of his life before he gives Asia a facial!
Lily Madison in Lily & Her 34G-cups 6:01
Lily Madison in Lily & Her 34G-cups 6:01 Lily Madison goes on the terrace and lowers her bra under her 34Gs. Her playful boob moves begin with rubbing, then bouncing, shaking and jiggling. Her wide, pale areolae are pink under this light. Lily lowers her stockings and tiny panties to the ground. She rubs her hand over her pussy and ass then returns to her big boobs. Sitting on the railing of the terrace, Lily opens her legs and touches her pussy. Sticking her fingers inside, Lily rubs her sugar walls, pulling back her clitoral hood and rubbing the clit when her fingers withdraw. The sexy redhead lies back on the railing, gets her balance and stretches out. Now she ramps up her spanking speed. Her fingers dance in and out of her pink box until she shudders with pleasure. When her trembling goes away, Lily returns to her ocean gazing, her hands back to feeling her big, beautiful breasts. We get one last look at her lovely face before the fade out. "I can't imagine having smaller breasts, and I do like big boobs on other girls, too," says Lily. "Having big breasts makes me feel womanly. I love them." That's what breast-men like to hear, Lily.
Sofia Lee in AAA Dick 15:00
Sofia Lee in AAA Dick 15:00 When Sofia Lee's car breaks down at the side of the road, Yanick Shaft kindly pulls over to offer her some help. Yanick can't figure out what's wrong with the car, but he's kind enough to give her a lift to her important meeting, and Sofia is so grateful, she asks him to pull over so she can suck his dick as a thank you! Sofia can't believe how big her good samaritan's cock is, and not only does she want to wrap her pillowy lips and big tits around it, she bends over the hood of his convertible to get fucked, then takes him home so he can park his cock in her pussy, then cum on her face
Alaina in Alaina 2942 11:00
Alaina in Alaina 2942 11:00 Just as five-foot tiny spinner Alaina begs TC to not cum inside her, our stud ejaculates a gallon of cum in her pussy. Incredible ambush creampie! Alaina's look of disbelief and anger is priceless. And since I split-screen that shit for ya, you'll get to see it all at once - facial expression AND insemination. What else about Alaina? 22, huge fake tits, wants to go to school to be a nurse and needs to make some money. Refuses to masturbate on cam and can't handle TC's big cock in her ass at all. I'd call it "painal" but poor dude barely gets to park his hood in her Hershey Highway. If this hottie is popular with you guys, maybe we'll..."lose the demo tape" and have her come back to try out again, this time with mandatory anal. I kinda do want to see this one get ass nailed properly. Thoughts?
Gabby in GABBY 11:00
Gabby in GABBY 11:00 When we made the decision to invite Gabby for an interview, we expected a cock-crazy, anal-loving nympho who'll say and do just the right things for guys' pants to tighten around their crotches all over the world. Anything for attention. It's not just that "look at me!" hair - in fact, that's her job - she's a stripper and does cam shows. Supposedly. She also claims to have fucked over 100 guys. So clearly she's no stranger to dick. What we got instead is a trailer trash hood rat who is bad at taking directions, doesn't do butt sex, and has the personality of a clothes pin. Actually, that's doing a disservice to clothes pins. Clothes pins of the world, I apologize. She half-asses her way through this audition, expecting those big bucks jobs to just roll in because she showed up, so why put an effort in, right? I'd get more mad at this local cum dumpster if we actually were looking to give girls real jobs. The one thing she does best? Eating ass. For some reason she actually enjoys giving Vince a rimjob. She also seems pretty stoked when he unloads a big load of cum on her face. She might just be happy that this means the casting is over, though. Vote this chick down all you want, we didn't strike out on purpose here. Sometimes these amateurs just suck, and not the way we all want 'em to.
Cat Bangles in Happy Bangin' 6:00
Cat Bangles in Happy Bangin' 6:00 Bostonian bra-buster Cat Bangles is ready, eager and hot to start things off with her own big bang theory. Dressed to impress in her party outfit, a very low-cut top open to the waist and a tight skirt, the Cat dances for her audience of one. Her sexy moves are very inspirational. The first thing they inspire is a giant hard-on. As Cat dances and bends over, her skirt rides up, baring her beautiful ass cheeks. Her party date moves in for the thrill. Cat is ready to give Tony D. the best time a man can get. They share the erotic licking of Cat's nipples, sending a tingle through her body. Her lips are eager to wrap around his tool. As she sucks him off, her saliva flows out of her mouth. Cat's slurping, wet and messy blow jobs are fantastic. "I'm very flexible...and I have next to no gag reflex," Cat said, and that was not mere boasting. Cat can swallow the biggest cocks and suck so hard, she could come close to actually vacuuming the cum out of your fucking balls. Cat and Tony get comfy and into a 69 position. As Cat pulls and licks his pole, Tony spreads and tongue-fucks Cat's pierced pussycat. This gets Cat purring and moaning from the intense pleasure. Facing the camera, Cat straddles Tony and yanks his crank some more. She leans back, no easy feat in her high heels. Bringing his arm around her body, Tony finger-flicks Cat's bean quickly, exciting her even more. She licks her fingers and rubs them on his cock, preparing it for entry into her wet chocha. Cat helps Tony slide his cock in. His shaft parts her pussy lips and begins thrusting in and out as Cat fingers her pierced clit-hood. Fucking Cat slowly at first, Tony speeds it up, Cat adding her own hip moves to their dirty dancing. This Cat is in heat and eager for more.
Rebecca Volpetti, Simony Diamond in A Hands-On Lesson 15:00
Rebecca Volpetti, Simony Diamond in A Hands-On Lesson 15:00 Only a trouble-making teen like Rebecca Volpetti would let her boyfriend distract her from her new step-mother's lesson in auto repair. Rebecca and Mark leaned up against the car as they started to make out, then Rebecca dropped to her knees in front of Mark and took his stiffening cock in her mouth. The trouble started when Rebecca's blowjob was too good, and caused Mark to lean back on the hood of the car, slamming the hood shut with a massive bang that startled Simony. When that sultry Milf spotted Rebecca with a mouthful of cock, she decided to give them horny young couple a hands-on lesson, sharing her expert oral sex skills with a double blowjob. After Simony showed Mark how to lick Rebecca's pussy until she was moaning with pleasure, she selfishly took him balls deep inside, getting fucked hard on the hood of the car. It took all her charity to let Rebecca take back his cock, fucking Mark until he shot her full of a dripping creampie!
Lovita Fate in Leg Spy 2 8:01
Lovita Fate in Leg Spy 2 8:01 Stunning Lovita Fate, a blue-eyed Czech babe with waist-length blonde hair, is sitting on a floor-cushion with her laptop, flaunting her legs and bare feet. She’s dressed in just a lilac and black teddy, with hot-pink lipstick and a bright red pedicure. Posting on social media as "Lovita Loves Legs", she teases her followers with the "stocking swag" she has been sent.Setting her computer aside, she unboxes her new stockings then rolls them on, wiggling her toes, with the camera capturing every detail in close-up. She rubs her feet with French-manicured fingers and straightens the stocking seams, oblivious to an on-screen warning that her webcam has been hacked.She stands up, pulling the stockings up to her thighs, turned on at the sight of them. Then she unsnaps the crotch of her teddy to reveal her shaved pussy before peeling it off completely to expose pert, perfect breasts and a pierced navel.Lovita sits in front of her open laptop, thighs apart and pussy lips splayed to reveal a clitoral hood piercing. As she strokes her way up her legs to her pussy and begins to masturbate, the hacker gets a front-row view in the sharpest focus.Next, she lies back on the cushion, then strips off her stockings to give her bare feet some attention. She sinks two fingers in her pussy and rubs the juices all over her toes. Then she settles back to frig her pierced clit and juicy slit before getting on all fours to fingerbang herself doggy style, moaning and sighing. Soon, her hand is a blur and she cums hard.As she comes back down to earth, she turns to face the computer sensing something is up – and the hacker disconnects…
Francys Belle, Tera Link in Three-Way Is Fair Play 8:00
Francys Belle, Tera Link in Three-Way Is Fair Play 8:00 Tera is a young, tall, slender, innocent-looking lovely applying to be a house keeper for a demanding, older, raven-haired wench who prefers sexual service. She soon has Tera naked, kissing her and her tiny tits, licking her shaved honey pot. The husband then emerges wearing only a black hood. The wife makes Tera suck his gargantuan monster cock while rubbing her clit. He then slides his titanic tool into her in missionary, pounding her like a jack hammer while the wife fingers and licks Tera’s clit as she moans in licentious approval. Riding him in cowgirl, her sublime firm round ass bounces on his horse cock with fiery fervor while she fingers the wife’s clit, kissing her and her nipples before the wife stands behind hubby, having Tera lick her cunt. Switching to reverse cowgirl, the wife fingers Tera’s clit as her husband slams his massive meat stick into her with savage fury, making her explode in a volcanic, gut-wrenching orgasm. Ravishing her in doggie, he spanks her ass hard enough to turn her creamy white skin red as he slams his ginormous horse cock into her with fiery, feral energy as the wife fingers her pussy, causing Tera to convulse in multiple, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. The wife dons a strap-on that Tera mounts in anal reverse cowgirl while the husband drills her pussy with his Brobdingnagian battering ram as the wife feverishly fingers Tera’s clit, resulting in a bone-rattling orgasm. With the wife holding her head back, the husband dumps a load of cum into her sweet young mouth.
Ebony in Licking Ebony 15:00
Ebony in Licking Ebony 15:00 Ebonyy is officially the Twerk goddess. She will make them things clap like there's no tomorrow! She had us all hypnotized at how she gracefully jiggled those two beautiful butt chicks. We picked Ebonyy up in a hood in Miami. She was definitely about that life and so much more. When we invited her back to our place she was more than down to show us what she had, and she had a lot to show! This little mami was stacked and ripe for the fucking. Just mentioning cock to her would get her wet and her pussy dripping. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly beautiful art. The art of the TWERK!
Penny Nichols in Tiny Red Riding Hood 14:59
Penny Nichols in Tiny Red Riding Hood 14:59 Penny went to visit her grandmother for Halloween since its their favorite holiday and they love doing spooky stuff together. When she got there her grandmother was already wearing a mask and tucked under the blankets because she was cold. She asked Penny to warm her up with some body heat, so she jumped on top of and rubbed her down! Penny felt something strange poking her and when she looked to see what it was, she was shocked! It wasnt her grandmother all along - it was her caretaker playing a prank on Penny! She said she would take care of him as long as he took care of her grandmother, then went to town on his giant cock! Tiny penny then got pounded into again and again, loving every second of it. Finally he dropped his big bad seed all over her face and chest! Happy Halloween!
Maddy Rose in Tight Little Blonde Wants A Bad Boy's Cock 10:00
Maddy Rose in Tight Little Blonde Wants A Bad Boy's Cock 10:00 Maddy Rose has a tatted up hood in her bedroom. She lets him know what she is after by pulling up her shirt and showing off her pert tits. She give him a quick suck before taking off her shorts and having him suck and rub her pleasure points. Before long they are down on her bed. Some hot missionary followed by a hard cow-girl, front and reverse. He takes her from the side while she moans in ecstasy. She then tastes herself from his cock. Then he gives her final reaming from behind, where she gets the orgasm she was after, and deposits his wad onto those same pert titties.
Serena Lewis, Naomi Wolfe in Big Jack Hammer Nails Da Booty 8:00
Serena Lewis, Naomi Wolfe in Big Jack Hammer Nails Da Booty 8:00 Big Jack Hammer is out of the slammer and fuckin' all the black pussy in the 'hood. Yeah, Jack's back, lookin for black, doin brown bitches just cause he could. Jack's white dick's slippin with deep ass drippin', just because it feels real good. Spread those big ass hips! Suck their pussy lips! Fuckin' all the black pussy in the 'hood!
Veronica Clark in Hot Wired 15:00
Veronica Clark in Hot Wired 15:00 Sexy car thief Veronica is watching as Kai parks his luxury car and leaves his garage door wide open as if in invitation. The stealthy beauty climbs into the hatchback, but as she tries to hotwire it, she sets off the alarm instead! Kai comes running out of the house to catch her red-handed, and at first it looks like the jig is up. When Kai sees how pretty his would-be car thief is, however, he seems more aroused than angry. Veronica realizes this is her chance to score a different kind of ride! She slowly strips off her leather jacket, then makes Kai forget all about her attempt to steal his car as she pulls out his hard cock and gets his motor running with a sexy blowjob! Veronica gets an up-close look at Kai's auto as they fuck on the hood, in the backseat, and even in the tailgate. But is Kai distracted enough not to notice the sexy brunette sneaking his keys out of his pocket?
Alara in ALARA 2 11:00
Alara in ALARA 2 11:00 What kind of pussy do we have today for all of you? I think we’re in the mood for some Turkish pussy and 30 year-old Alara sure doesn’t look like she should be here taking her clothes off and sucking cock on camera. Well a prey mantis doesn’t look like a stealthy killer either so don’t let Alara’s librarian demeanor fool you. This girl’s had 3somes, 4somes, even one on the hood of a car in public in the middle of a city in Turkey and the cops showed up then left. I guess they just wanted to make sure everything was fitting ok. I think I need to visit Turkey sometime because if all the women are as hot and unassumingly nymphomaniacs who love sex as much as Alara and will lick a stiff cock clean of cum after you blow your load all over their faces then that’s the country for me, to visit anyways. Oh and this Milf has got the prettiest pussy and asshole also. So smooth and tan, and tight, and just begging to be kissed and tongued. Fucking cute as a button this Milf snatch and brown starfish is. They say girls from Turkey know how to please their partners and are givers in the bedroom. Well Alara proved that thesis correct today by licking ass and doing everything she was told to so I hope you all love Alara
Chloe Foster in Chloe Foster is Little Red Cock-riding Hood 10:00
Chloe Foster in Chloe Foster is Little Red Cock-riding Hood 10:00 Crossovers have been a hot topic since forever. TV shows, movies, music artists, literature is the usual thing. Chloe Foster has some idea on her own and invites James Deen to make it into a reality. If you’re interested to know, Chloe is a fan of childhood stories and she’s keen on making adult versions of it. In this episode, she makes a crossover for Little Red Riding Hood and porn. A really great idea if you ask us. This starts off with Chloe, already in the costume, while she slurps and gags on James fat dick on POV. With an explosive intro like this, you might think that this is gonna be the best it’s gonna get. But no, she keeps this up while making some dirty looks and eventually stripping down to show her shaved pussy for him. Chloe spent a really long time sucking his dick but what’s coming next is gonna be longer. Speaking of long, Chloe gets to the next phase to ride his long dick. She bounces her ass up and down until they moved on to the next phase. James gives her pussy some nice licking in transition. This is to make sure that little red riding hood gets off too. Chloe is lying down on her back. James fucks her while hugging one of her beautiful leg. He gives her some kisses in the process and grabs her by the neck to make sure that she stays in place. They went back and forth from these positions. I think James used her red hood to cover her face and fuck her hard at the same time at some point. It was a nice exchange. James made her drop down to her knees and showers her beautiful face with cum at the end.
Samantha Rose in Samantha Rose Gets Fucked Balls Deep On The Floor Of Her Mechanics Garage 9:59
Samantha Rose in Samantha Rose Gets Fucked Balls Deep On The Floor Of Her Mechanics Garage 9:59 Samantha Rose ain't got time to be without a car but she also didn't have the dough to pay for a costly repair. Quick on her feet, Samantha takes her tits out to bargain but her mechanic wanted more. Soon Samantha had her naked tits grazing the hood of her car while he was balls deep in her wet pussy! He fucked her hard and deep before cleaning out her pussy with his cock!