Ash Hollywood in Ash Hollywood's Mystery Man Shower Sex in Forsaken Part 3 9:59
Ash Hollywood in Ash Hollywood's Mystery Man Shower Sex in Forsaken Part 3 9:59 This is a third part of Dana Vespoli’s psychological horror-porn movie, Forsaken. If you’ve seen the previous ones, you might be interested on seeing this one. It’s got everything you might want to see here including big tits, nice ass and everything nice. The scene starts off with Ash Hollywood taking a shower. Camera closes up on the water traveling down her nice tits and booty. Little did she know, there’s actually one more entity enjoying the view. Michael Vegas takes a peak on the goddess taking a shower. Being taken over by lust, he comes in and just straight up doing his dick a favor. He started with kissing Ash as he slowly undress her and touch every bit of her body. Michael eventually lie her down on the counter and starts licking her pussy. He even bent her over to have a closer look on that ass. Once he’s done, Ash kneels down before him to start sucking on his fat cock. Michael caresses her head while she performed her heart out. When they were ready, Michael sits down and lets Ash go on top of him. Ash rode the cock to pleasure using her pussy. She bounces up and down for a while until she pauses to suck on that cock. When she resumed, she faces the other way and resumes fucking him. They go at it for a while until Michael made her lie on her back again. Spreading her legs, he starts fucking her again while he occasionally sucks on her toes. At some point, he lies down beside her to fuck her sideways and eventually going back up. When he’s about to finish, Ash was on all fours. This is the part where he pours all of his strength until he was ready to cum. When he was at his peak, he pulls out and showered her nice ass with his cum.
Tayler in TAYLER 162016 11:00
Tayler in TAYLER 162016 11:00 During an ambush interview where she reveals some stuff about herself that she probably wouldn't had she known that the camera was running, barely 18 year old Tayler confesses that she's a bit nervous today. Obviously it's her first time doing anything like this. But really, it was just a matter of time - her friend is none other than pervert sugarbaby Ashe, who is probably just about the worst influence on young Tayler. In a good way, obviously, at least for us. Tayler briefly turns the tides when she grabs one of the cameras as she ambushes TC coming out of the shower. But he reasserts his dominance quickly and makes our teen suck his cock as punishment (oh the horror LOL) before her video starts rolling in earnest. So what's going on here? A super fresh 18 year old, a hotel, no bed, new dude. Well, TC - many of you know him from a certain other site - is filling in for a few shoots while Jay is on vacation. We'll have a few other guest shooters lined up in the next few weeks, so there'll be a different flavor to ExCoGi for a little while. Let us know if you like any particular guest shooter and we see if we can get him back. Or her. Yeah, hey never know, right? Anyway, about Tayler. She's from Boston, is about to study Sociology in college, and has pierced natural 32 D boobies. Obviously she's the girl-next-door-turned-porn-slut-by-her-whorish-friend- type. Oh you never heard of that? Well, today's your lucky day then. Actually we have quite a few first timers here on ExCoGi that got turned on to the porn thing by their friends or roommates. If you want a rundown of positions now, forget it. TC is doing EVERYTHING. You can get a small taste by scrolling down to the video preview thumbs to get a taste. But he's not taking breaks (unfortunately this means the lighting is..umm...less than optimal in some shots) and just fucks our cute teen in every which way possible like he's the Energizer Bunny. For being fresh out of High School, Tayler is holding up pretty well though. We'll see how she feels tomorrow when we talk her into fucking her friend Ashe. Yeah you read that right. It's a GREAT week here!
Marley in MARLEY WALKOUT 11:00
Marley in MARLEY WALKOUT 11:00 How was your week? Probably better than ours. Wanna see the type of stuff they don't teach you in porn school? Then meet Marley. A petite little local ex-stripper of all but 21, with a bubbly personality, cock-raising sex stories, and a (seemingly) open mind. There is one red flag she raises during the interview, and it comes to bite us in the ass a few moments later, big time. After we get to know our local go-go dancin' fairy, a knock on the door announces our man JD, ready to pounce on this tiny white snowbunny. But to our horror, once-cheery Marley's face turns to stone when she realizes a huge black man is waiting for her. She says she doesn't know what to do now, this isn't what she expected. At first we figure she'll get over it but what follows next is not what we had planned....
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00 The scene starts with Raylene and James Deen showing up in court to finalize their divorce. They stand in front of a judge and rows of people waiting for the verdict to be stated. James is wearing beige suit with a striped tie. Raylene is wearing a tight black dress the shows of her curves and displays her assets well. As the session goes on and on, she begins to feel a little bit cold so James gave his coat to warm her up. At that same moment, she begins to doubt if the divorce was actually a good idea. Before the court could decide, she takes it all back with a lewd kiss. To the horror of the whole court, James pulls her up and deposited her on the defendant’s table. He pulls down the front of her dress, exposing her breast. He promptly buried his face into her massive breasts. Her big tits and nipples are exposed for everyone to see. She slid down to the floor and waited for bit as James unblocked his pants and freeing his erection. Leaning forward, Raylene took James’ massive cock fully inside her tight, naughty mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down, increasing her pace to make sure James would moan her name and beg for more. The whole court was scandalized but made no move to stop them. James stopped her right before he reached his peak and pulled her to her feet. Not long after, His thick, sturdy cock is drilling her tight ass hole. There was no escaping the strong, solid pounds of his lengthy dick inside her backside’s wet, inner walls. Her dress was hitched above her thighs and over her waist. She braced her arm against the table with one hand and used the other to spread her ass cheeks for James’ dick to fully penetrate her. His dick came out of her ass and he shoved it into her pussy. Soon her pussy was stretched and pleasantly aching as he pumps hard into her. James repositioned her body without pulling his dick out. They are now face to face and they can clearly see the lust raging in the other’s eye. His thrusts became more erratic and uncontrolled as moments passed by. James hand wanders down her body and massages her clit before pulling out. Raylene gets down to her knees and gives him another blowjob. She tastes her juices on his dick and it turns her on more than ever. James laid down on the floor and let Raylene straddle his hips before guiding his length to her pussy. She sat over James in reverse-cowgirl style. She rode his dick and he, in turn, moved his hips up and down so that his cock filled every space inside of her love hole. Up and down they both went, enjoying the moment. Her tattooed ass grinds down on his dick giving them intense pleasure. The next clip shows Raylene on her knees again. She fondles her breasts and presses them together to form a flesh hole for James’ dick. James wasted no time pumping between her glorious boobs and soon enough, he spurted thick white cum, spraying her face. The whole court claps happily.
Fuck)Dahlia in Teen Nympho Dahlia Has Sex the First Thing in the Morning 10:00
Fuck)Dahlia in Teen Nympho Dahlia Has Sex the First Thing in the Morning 10:00 Luscious brunette coed Dahlia is already on her bed in her pyjamas when she is paid a late-night visit by her boyfriend Alex. He stands there watching her for a moment before he just can't hold back any longer, reaching out and grabbing her firm little titties through her singlet. Dahlia stirs with a stretch, bending over in front of the stud, who deftly pulls down her pyjama pants to reveal her perfect ass and pussy. Dahlia gasps in mock horror as he rubs her cunt lips, noticing that she has already become moist! He slides into her from behind, sticking his thumb into her butt for added stimulation while he starts up a steady thrusting.
Emily Thorne in HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - A HORROR STORY - RUSSIAN ROBOT . EMILY THORNE 10:59 Based on a blueprint that he stole from his Russian colleagues, this mad scientist created a beautiful robot woman whom he rents for all kinds of services, generally, services of a sexual nature. However, the beautiful android is getting fed up with that kind of exploitation, and sooner than later, she's going to lash out at humans.
Bella Mercury in BELLA MERCURY 11:00
Bella Mercury in BELLA MERCURY 11:00 “Girl! Who let you be so HOT?” That’s the under statement of the year and no truer words uttered about 20 year old Bella Mercury as Jake exited the ExCoGi fuck carriage to welcome this hottie with a body. Never have more fitting words described this little Asian package that looked sexy as fuck when we picked her up outside her hotel. “What are you here to do today?” asked Jake. “Shoot a porno”, this nervous ball of fun giggled as she looked down shyly. But this little girl is not lacking confidence at all and explains; “I’m hot and I like sex.” That’s why she here to try her hand at fucking for cash and for all of our pleasure. We love this and yes you are fucking hot Bella. So hot in fact that this is one carriage ride interview you wont want to fast-forward to the nakedness. There’s just something about Bella, despite her many piercings and tats, that makes you want to hear what comes out of her mouth. You’ll also want to watch something rather large go in it because this girl can suck a cock. Perfect tits? Yep she’s got’em and we can’t stop staring at them peaking through her slightly see-through top as she discusses what lead her to the back seat of my Porsche. This girl is hot and Jake really can’t wait to get his hands on, or his fingers in, this Asian treat who’s wanted to fuck on film since her sweet sixteenth. Sorry mom but your good little girl has a naughty side. Oh what’s that you say? Your mom knows you’re here doing this? “Well I’m an adult now so she can’t stop me,” Bella says, and with a body like yours that’s built for sex there’s NO-STOPPING-YOU. You know we have a MILF site now HotMilfsFuck.com, can’t waste an opportunity to cross promote, if your mom’s as hot as you Bella? Hey, a pornographer can dream can’t he? Ok back to the task of giving Bella the fucking of her life because sadly she’s only had Tinder dick and according to her more horror stories than return fuck buddies. Our sympathies Bella, and lucky for you all that’s about to change and it’s “loser tinder dick” no more. So has a guy made you cum before? “Ummm no, maybe a few times,” she stated with a disappointed tone of voice. Well your new fuck buddy Jake has just stepped into your life and he’s about to introduce you to the world of multiple orgasms. Say hello to the Magic Wand and all the pleasures it delivers. Now add a large dose of Jake’s magic wand to the mix and you have the recipe for everyone to show his or her O face. You know what I’m taking about. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes this girl has multiple O’s today and she’s never going back to loser Tinder dick. Sorry losers. It’s what we do here at ExCoGi. We deliver toe-curling sex that girls lack and never new was possible, and as long as the demand remains high we will continue to supply. So giddy up! This fuck carriage is a rock’n and the O’s keep a coming. Cheers and ENJOY Steve!
Molly in Molly 11:00
Molly in Molly 11:00 19 year old super-cutie Molly wants to get in to porn for the attention and the great sex she's hoping for. We can get her both but probably a tad differently than how she had that envisioned in her blonde little head. Not knowing an awful lot about porn, Molly thinks her first scene ever is just like most of the porn she's seen so far: dude with the camera banging her. That dude in our case, white guy Troy, keeps a straight face as he keeps her naked (fuck clothes, she's gorgeous), and masturbating for the cameras with a vibrator. The young lady is close to orgasming (so hot!) when a loud knock on the hotel room door throws her out of her ecstasy and into a state of near panic. To Molly's horror, Troy actually opens the door - and in walks the tallest black man Molly has ever seen. Naked, aroused, and thoroughly surprised, our blonde, blue eyed newbie nevertheless manages to compose herself rather quickly. Jovan's charm and the threat of not getting paid or getting to cum if she's walking out right now quickly put her back in a sexual state of mind. In fact, the boys are surprised how quickly she does a 180 and starts flirting with and sucking on Jovan's fingers to let him know she is in no way intending to call it quits right now. And thank goodness because Molly may well be one of the most energetic, cock-loving teens we've had here in a long time. We're talking eye-rolling orgasms, pleas toward her new black lover of "fuck me, daddy", and an ability to keep up with one of porn's most hardened cockmeisters. She cums with his big black cock inside her almost immediately (reverse cowgirl), and it just continues to be a pleasure fest for both of them from then on out. She's 19, ladies and gents. But the way she fucks and sucks you'd think she's a hardcore pornstar from LA. It's hot knowing that this teen newcomer actually LOVES the fucking and doesn't just put on a show for the cameras. There's the part where you can hear her orgasmic breathing when she rides him, it's so insanely hot you better turn up your audio for that. After the romping and sucking in the living room area, Molly wants to take things to the bedroom for some extra energetic fucking. Wish granted. We get more of that beautiful face sucking on Jovan's enormous cock, more fucking, more cumming, and ...a goddamn creaking bed that's so loud, we were sure hotel staff is gonna kick everybody out any minute. By that time, Jovan's BBC is starting to stretch our teen quite a bit so she's asking to take it slow. Good timing, slower fucking means less bed creaking. It also means lots of sweet, sweet cock-in-pussy closeups. You can see her pussy and his cock glisten from her pussy juices, that's how turned on our porn princess is thanks to Jovan and his magic black oak tree between his legs. After that sex marathon we end things with a surprise creampie. Jovan unloads his cum inside 19 year old Molly's womb, then puts his cum-covered cock back in her pussy. After the last drop of black man sperm has been unloaded in our petite teen, we make her eat everything that hasn't already made its way into her womb, and make her suck Jovan's cock clean, just to make sure. When she says she's not on birth control, Troy doesn't waste time teaching her why it might be a good idea to get on that when entering the porn world, and instead just throws a pack of emergency contraceptive pills at her, which she dutifully takes on camera. Yes, the "not on birth control"-thing is not a plot device here, it's a reality, and the boys prove it by giving the girl a $50 plan-b pill, which the guys dock her pay for, of course. Coming off her first porn high, with her first black guy, Molly quickly recovers from the news and agrees that this is something she does need to start taking care of from now on. In the meantime we wish our cutie the very best of luck and success in the jizz biz. She deserves it.
Blondie Bombshell in Concept: Will She Cheat? 14:00
Blondie Bombshell in Concept: Will She Cheat? 14:00 By now, you may have seen videos around the web of suspicious husbands or boyfriends seeing if their partner will cheat on them given the opportunity. “Will She Cheat” focuses on that exact scenario. Our newest Labs experiment showcases a fresh approach to cuckoldry and explores whether or not these models are as faithful as they say they are. In this episode, Ruban Rolex seeks the help of Peter Green, a well-known pick-up artist. Ruban believes his wife, Blondie Bombshell, is unfaithful and requests that Peter attempt to get her to cheat and reveal her true colors. Unfortunately for Ruban, his suspicions were correct, and Blondie is indeed eager to let Peter fuck her brains out. Ruban watches in horror as the scene unfolds.
Rebecca Jane Smyth in Won't you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane? 5:59
Rebecca Jane Smyth in Won't you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane? 5:59 Rebecca Jane Smyth uses the ol' MILF in distress trick to get her young neighbor over to her place. She tells him her TV needs fixing, but that's not exactly true. Seems Rebecca Jane has fucked her way through almost all of the male occupants of the building. "He's new," she says. "The only one I haven't had." That situation is about to be rectified. Rebecca Jane sucks and fucks his cock, he eats her MILF pussy and then they fuck. And being the good neighbor that she is, Rebecca Jane offers him her asshole, too. Of course, he takes it. Wouldn't you? Rebecca Jane is a 46-year-old MILF from London, England who has never had a job that didn't involve sex. "I have done pretty much everything," she said. "Fucking outside is nice. It's a bit risky when you think you can get caught. I do like doing that. I've shagged in a cinema before because the film was shit, so I had to amuse myself in other ways. The one thing I haven't done is a gangbang film. That's something I would love to do. Lots and lots of guys. As many as possible." About that shagging in the cinema thing...Rebecca Jane actually enjoys going to the movies, not just fucking while they're playing in the background. "I love watching films. When I'm not working, I just like relaxing. Watching films. Listening to music. I really love horror films, mainly vampire and werewolf movies, because I think vampires are so sexy. They're so arrogant!" Rebecca Jane likes "quiet, intimate dates." She's not a swinger, but, she said, "I do have a lot of sex." How much sex? "Three, four, five times a day." Yep, that's a lot!
Jane Wilde, Jessie Saint in Alone At Last! 15:00
Jane Wilde, Jessie Saint in Alone At Last! 15:00 Jessie Saint is excited for her first time alone as her parents leave for an anniversary trip. Before they leave, her parents can't stop fretting over her, but Jessie assures them that everything will be fine!When Jessie's finally alone, she happily lounges in her underwear and gets ready to watch ALL the scary movies her parents don't allow her to see. She's been waiting for this chance FOREVER and she can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. But although it's all fun and games right now, by the time night rolls around, Jessie has some serious regrets about her life's choices.As Jessie lies in bed, every creak and groan of the house startles her. Although she tries to be logical about it, she can't stop her mind from imagining all the serial killers and monsters from the horror movies coming to get her. It gets so bad that she finally calls her friend, Jane Wilde, to come over.When Jane arrives, she is calm and collected as she offers to walk around the house with Jessie to show her that there's nothing to be scared of. Even after they do that and find everything to be safe and sound, Jessie still asks if Jane would be willing to spend the night with her -- just in case.Just wanting to be a good friend, Jane agrees, and they soon slide into bed together. But as they cuddle up to each other, things start to heat up. Surely it's just the adrenalin, right? Whatever it is, as they begin touching each and more, Jessie finds herself wishing that Jane could spend EVERY night with her -- not just the scary ones!
Caitlin Bell in Scary Movie Fuck 15:00
Caitlin Bell in Scary Movie Fuck 15:00 Busty stepmom Caitlin Bell prepares breakfast for her stepson Johnny and reminds him about movie night. Later that night, Johnny chooses to watch a horror movie, which turns out to be too scary for him, but luckily, Caitlin finds a naughty way to keep Johnny distracted from the movie and focusing entirely on stepmommy’s pussy!
Alexa Nasha in Succubus 11:00
Alexa Nasha in Succubus 11:00 A young man knows the power in the dark box of hell, he knows that if he can decipher it, will open and let out the evil inside. The Succubus will appear, a female demon, exciting, morbid, and thirsty for sex. But do you really know how far this demon is able to get through sex in a claustrophobic atmosphere? When someone opens the cube, witness the terrifying shape of the Succubus. Despite being thousands of years old, her beauty is of a young girl with a tattooed body and a bifid tongue. Her intentions will not cease until Succubus gets what needs from this world, from you. Indie porn directors Irina Vega and Adrian Mur focus on fantasy scenes: science fiction, dream, horror, comedy, anime, video games, pop culture, 80's-90's style... With care for stories, photography and music, their films have a distinguished cinematographic style.
Shalina Devine in DP Gangbang with Busty Housewife Shalina Devine, Window Cleaners, and Husband GP2003 15:00
Shalina Devine in DP Gangbang with Busty Housewife Shalina Devine, Window Cleaners, and Husband GP2003 15:00 It’s the middle of the day and Shalina Devine – a horny, blonde, and busty housewife – is fingering herself the couch. Although at first, she has absolutely no idea that there are two window cleaners directly behind her, watching her pleasure herself, once she finally realizes she doesn’t care one bit. Predictably, the slutty housewife invites the two studs in and begins sucking them off, before letting each of them take a turn on her tight ass. As the threesome is just beginning to gain momentum, Shalina’s husband David – who was supposed to be away for a week in Italy – comes home to find one guy’s cock in her ass and the other’s cock in her mouth. David’s initial shock turns to horror when his wife doesn’t even blink at the fact he’s home. She continues sucking and ass fucking cock. So, David does what any good husband would do and joins in the fun, and takes turns DPing his wife with the window cleaners.
Rosalyn Sphinx, Gracie May Green in Scared Out Of Her Pants 10:00
Rosalyn Sphinx, Gracie May Green in Scared Out Of Her Pants 10:00 Rosalyn Sphinx and her friend Gracie Green are watching a horror flick that is even more terrifying because Rosalyn’s stepbrother, Van Wylde, won’t leave them alone. He sneaks up behind the girls and puts a hand on each of their shoulders, scaring them. Then he takes a stick and uses it to lift his stepsister’s skirt for a peek underneath. When Van shows up wearing a Halloween mask, the girls realize they’re too scared to continue and abandon the movie. They move upstairs and start undressing for bed.Van won’t leave his stepsis and her friend alone even as they get naked. The girls are unaware that he’s perving on them, nor that he’s masturbating to their tight bodies. When the go to bed and go to sleep, Van takes his opportunity to put the Halloween mask back on and creep into their room. He reaches Gracie first. Pulling down her pants, he waits for her to wake up and signals for her to be quiet before sinking his dick into her tight little twat. Gracie does her best to hold the moan, but Rosalyn eventually wakes up and wants some of the action her friend is getting.
Christie Stevens in Closer To Home 15:00
Christie Stevens in Closer To Home 15:00 Christie Stevens tells her stepson, Jay Romero, that responses to his college applications have arrived in the mail. He opens one, and finds that he has been accepted at a local college. Christie is emotional about Jay growing up, but happy that he'll be staying at home with her. Jay then opens the other letter, which is from a college in another country. It says that Jay has been accepted there as well. To Christie's horror, Jay decides that THIS is the college he wants to attend!Christie asks Jay why he wants to attend the college that's in another country. As Jay lists his reasons, she counters all of his points, desperately trying to convince him to pick the local college instead. Despite Christie's convincing words, Jay says there's still one really big reason why going to another country would be best. At first he's evasive about what it is, but then admits that he's talking about getting laid. Still desperate, Christie says that Jay can bring girls home. But Jay says that girls probably won't want to have sex with him if he's still living at home.As a last ditch effort, Christie offers to let Jay have sex with HER as much as he wants. He asks if this is a joke, but she insists that she's very serious... even if he wants to have sex with her EVERY night. That's enough to finally convince Jay, so he eagerly kisses her and licks her neck, and then moves on to tasting her nipples and her pussy!
Valentina Nappi, Sovereign Syre in Sovereign Syre and Valentina Nappi: Trading Pussy For Fame 7:54
Valentina Nappi, Sovereign Syre in Sovereign Syre and Valentina Nappi: Trading Pussy For Fame 7:54 It starts with a seemingly serious interview about an incident with a doctor. One question triggered Sovereign to flashback about the specific arrangements she made with the doctor. Scene cuts to that ‘service’ she and her friend, Valentina, offered in exchange for secrecy. The scene starts with Sovereign and Valentina double teaming the doctor’s dick. While the other suck the living hell out of the man, the other undresses the other. After they’re done exposing each other’s privates, they proceed to make a line to lick each other. It was like a scene from a certain horror movie, except the horror part and 200% kinkier. It didn’t take a while until they changed their positions. They made Sovereign lay down. The doctor gave his order to make Valentina lick her shoot clean. Valentina obliged by not only French kissing it, she played with Sovereigns asshole like she’s pushing some kind of button. The doctor proceeds to do his own thing by going around and start fucking Valentina. He made a side task of licking Sovereign every now and then. Valentina made the most of the work here on this part. While being engaged behind, she cycled from eating Sovereign’s pussy and made her way to the tits and ass. Sovereign rewarded her by giving her a kiss few times in this act. We may be mistaken on the doctor’s practice. He might be a podiatrist after all because he started working on Sovereign’s feet while still, fucking Valentina. The doctor decided to taste Sovereign now. He sat down and made her sit on his dick. Valentina sucked the doctor’s nuts while Sovereign is being fucked. She also made sure that the dick is being treated nicely when it gets out of Sovereign’s pussy. The rough fun starts here. While Sovereign is being fucked sideways, Valentina started working on her techniques and gave Sovereign a light choke. Valentina tasted Sovereign’s natural tits again but this time, she also went for the pits. Valentina knew that her reward is now due. She swapped places with Sovereign and got finger-fucked at some point. Sovereign sat on the doctor’s face to get her pussy licked. Valentina and the doctor now have the best view on her pussy. The doctor got a little rougher with his treatment. He started slapping Valentina’s tits, stood up and slammed her on the couch. Sovereign decide to now sit on Valentina’s face. These acts continued for a while. The scene cuts to a new routine. The 2 girls are now on top of each other—Valentina at the top and Sovereign on the bottom. One gets the dick and the other gets fingered. After that, Valentina gets down made the doctor pin down Sovereign. They both worked on her. She got the full package to make her cum. It was a success and Valentina made sure that she licked whatever came out of Sovereign. The final act is about Sovereign. The doctor carried her and fucked her while standing up. He finished off on Valentina’s mouth. The 2 girls decided to play catch with the stuff using their mouth. End scene.
Joanna Angel in Succubus - Part 2 15:00
Joanna Angel in Succubus - Part 2 15:00 The next day, Mary (Jane Wilde) waits anxiously at the altar of the church. She is dressed in her wedding dress. Michael (Small Hands) still hasn't shown up yet and Mary is beginning to freak out. Pastor Tommy (Tommy Pistol) isn't very reassuring, telling Mary that he sees young couples like this all the time. They rush into things, and the guy gets cold feet, running off. Mary insists that Michael would NEVER run off. Something is VERY wrong here...Michael is MISSING.Unable to just sit idle while Michael is missing, Mary storms out, determined to find him.Her first stop is the strip club that Michael went to the night before. Mary walks around the club, asking the dancers if they've seen Michael anywhere, but no one answers her. When Mary finally asks Aubrey Kate if she's seen Michael, Aubrey tells Mary that she remembers Michael. In fact, she gave him a dance.Mary questions Aubrey further, asking her if Michael may have given her a hint of where he was going or what he was planning to do. When Aubrey refuses to answer her question, Mary has an angry outburst and is eventually taken out of the club by a bouncer.But, unbeknownst to Mary, Michael is in a back room of the club. He tries to call for Mary, but his cries are in vain. Aubrey walks into the back room, followed a moment later by Joanna Angel. Joanna gets one look at Michael and tells Aubrey to finish him off and get him out of there. Joanna leaves and Michael tries to reason with Aubrey. But Aubrey just laughs, pointing to Michael's hand, where he now bears the same mark as seemingly everyone else in town. He stares at it in shock and horror.Meanwhile, onstage in the club, Joanna expertly works the crowd. In the front row, two guys, Paul (Mick Blue) and Max (Zac Wild) catcall to her. Joanna gets a wicked glint in her eyes, inviting both guys on stage with her.Joanna's HUNGRY...and she's about to feed...