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Tigerr Benson in DP Anal Super-fuck 5:59
Tigerr Benson in DP Anal Super-fuck 5:59 SCORE magazine covergirl Tigerr Benson takes on two guys. They don't stand a chance against this princess of boobs, beauty and brains. She easily drains them of their precious bodily fluids. Tigerr gives her all. SCORE: Was this DP threesome with George and Kristof any different in any way? Tigerr Benson: Yes, it was. I liked that I was with a cute young guy and an older guy, that was hot for me. Sometimes it's the small things that get me hot. SCORE: Do you have any kind of mental warm-up before a scene or do you jump right in? What about a physical warm-up before you get into all those hot positions? Tigerr Benson: I don't do any warm-up. I always like to keep things natural when I'm having sex. I think you would need a warm-up if you were just doing a job but that's not really me. I keep fit by climbing. I'm a bit short so I'm always having to stretch my legs. SCORE: What three things do you enjoy most about making adult videos and pictures? What three things do you enjoy the least? Tigerr Benson: First, I just like sex, and sex with a new guy or guys is always exciting. My Chinese sign is the pig so I think I was born hungry for everything! Sex on-camera is without strings so that's cool. Second, I like the attention and the feeling I am being watched by thousands of men lusting after me. That's a cliche, I know. But in my private life I am very much into the hot wife fetish and have my (cuckold) hubby and quite a few boyfriends who enjoy seeing me having dirty sex with other men. This brings out the exhibition or performer in me when I'm having sex in front of camera. Also, many have mentioned me being in SCORE so I think being on camera is really good promotion too. Third, I enjoy being able to travel. I'm not that well known in the USA but in Europe I am popular enough that now I can pick and choose who I work with (I only work with nice people). So when I travel I know there is always going to be hot fun at my destination. Sometimes I sit in the airport waiting for my flight and just daydream about what might happen during the shoot. Then I have to go to the loo and masturbate.(Laughs) Three things I enjoy the least? That's really hard. Well, I miss my doggy Snoepje. Snoepje means "sweet" in Dutch. He gets very sad when I'm away. Second, when I am traveling it's sometimes very difficult to get good Chinese and Japanese food. I love noodles--Ramen, Soba and Udon--and I go noodle crazy if I don't get any... that sounds rude! (Laughs) Third and actually the most important now I think of it! When I'm having sex in front of a camera with two hot guys and really getting hot, and the director shouts "cut!" Totally frustrating! A lot of times I have to carry on with a stunt after the shoot is finished, so I can cum or I won't be able to sleep at night! I have collected a few boyfriends this way, which is good 'cos it means when I shoot with them again, the sex scenes are even hotter. 'Cos they are real! SCORE: Most porn performers are sexual athletes. What about the regular guys you've had sex with? Have you discovered any of them to be sex athletes too? Tigerr Benson: Yes, some of the professional guys are amazing! I have a stunt boyfriend in Valencia, Nick who fucks me all day and night!! We only stop for food. [Laughs] When I am shooting in Spain I stay with him, so when I get back I am always really exhausted. But in normal life with regular guys, sex is very different. I enjoy the difference, I'm very much into yin and yang in life. I like balance. I also enjoy slow sex that's quite real and sensual. You don't really get asked to do sex like this in front of the camera. So although the regular guys are not really sexual athletes, they still get me hot in a different way.
Molly Kelt in Cuckiversary 15:00
Molly Kelt in Cuckiversary 15:00 Hot wife Molly Kelt got all dolled up and cooked a special meal for her anniversary... so she's surprised when the doorbell rings and it's her husband's buddy, Lucky Sam! When she finds out that her husband forgot all about their anniversary and invited Sam over to watch the game, telling him Molly would take care of him until he gets home, the annoyed wife decides to do just that. Molly sucks Sam's cock and he fucks her over the kitchen counter, then she rides him on the floor in her lingerie and fishnet stockings. Sam's friend might have missed out on his anniversary treat, but it didn't go unappreciated!
Noname in Hot Wife Picks Up a Stranger 15:00
Noname in Hot Wife Picks Up a Stranger 15:00
Lola Bellucci in CONTACT - LOLA BELLUCCI - HOT WIFE 10:00
Lola Bellucci in CONTACT - LOLA BELLUCCI - HOT WIFE 10:00 CONTACT is to stay eye to eye with the girl you can imagine being your wife, your lover, your neighbor or even a stranger while she offers herself to another... Lola is a young girl of 21, curious about everything, including sex. She went to the mountains because she likes the snow, the fresh air and enjoy the evenings by tasting the pleasure of different bodies... Her fantasies will have something to warm up the temperature and she will not risk to catch cold....
Amber Dawn in Amber's anatomy lesson 6:00
Amber Dawn in Amber's anatomy lesson 6:00 I love to cook and wear skimpy, sexy slips and tease my husband all day and worship his cock and wiggle my ass, said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old hot wife from San Francisco. "I like to talk dirty and tell him how hot I am for him and that I want my pussy licked. Then he rubs my whole body with oil and massages me and eats me out." Amber, a sexy redhead with a curvy body and a great ass, knows what she wants. Unfortunately, not all young guys know what they want or how to treat a woman. So she's here today to teach them. She's a tutor. "You're failing human anatomy. That's why your parents hired me," Amber Dawn says. She asks some questions: "What is the longest bone in the human body?" The boner? "What do I have to do to get you to pay attention?" Take out your tits and show us that big, beautiful ass and your shaved pussy? Well, that's exactly what Amber Dawn does! She starts showing us the parts of her body. Her legs, which are covered in fishnet stockings. Her ass. Her nipples. Amber's anatomy lesson turns into a hands-on lesson, and although you might not learn much, we guarantee you'll get off. She does. With a big cock toy. We asked Amber if she watched her debut scenes at, and she said, "I did. I found them so hot and love how I look getting pounded and filled up. I got very excited and my husband was very turned on. I actually went down on him while he watched the scenes. He was very proud of what a good slut I was and how well I handled the big cocks." Thursday at, Amber fucks her daughter's fiance. That'll be something to see!
Taylor Leigh in Taylor Leigh's first anal 6:00
Taylor Leigh in Taylor Leigh's first anal 6:00 This scene opens with JMac's hands all over Taylor Leigh's tits, which are popping out of her top. He's intrigued because not only is Taylor a 46-year-old hot wife and mom but it's also her first time having anal sex. "I love your cock," Taylor tells JMac, "I can't wait to feel it in my ass." But first, she gives him a wet, noisy blow job, slobbering all over his big dick, and he fucks her mouth back. Does Taylor shy away? Does she tap out? No way! She goes in for more. She lies back so he can fuck her face like it's a pussy and she can suck his balls. Then JMac turns her over on her back. "Give me that, big, fat cock," she says. "I can't wait to take it in my hole. Stretch my pussy out!" JMac does that, and Taylor's nice, tan-lined tits jiggle while he fucks her hard. He fucks her from behind before sliding his cock into her ass. "Oh, god, it feels so good!" she moans. One of the best moments in this video comes at around 14:55. JMac is standing over Taylor, pounding her ass from behind, when Taylor opens up her pussy wide, making it gape. Then he takes out his cock, making her ass gape, and puts it back in, out and in, out and in. Of course, he ass-fucks her in the missionary position, too, and after Taylor has another analgasm, JMac shoots his load all over her tits and in her mouth. So what does Taylor do next? She sucks the cock that just came out of her ass.
Candice Dare in Hot Wife Creampie 3 - Scene 3 13:59
Candice Dare in Hot Wife Creampie 3 - Scene 3 13:59
Eliza Ibarra, Gia Derza in Dysfunctional Cock Leads to Functional Cuck 12:00
Eliza Ibarra, Gia Derza in Dysfunctional Cock Leads to Functional Cuck 12:00 Eliza Ibarra is tired of not getting fucked by her husband Johnny Hill! She leaves him to shop with his money, so he can enjoy some physical therapy without her. Maybe his therapist can get his dick working again, too! In comes his therapist, Gia Derza, and she's ready to work. She couldn't help but notice that he has such a smokin' hot wife, and he cannot even fuck her! Eliza returns and needs to show off her lingerie to someone who will appreciate it. Of course, Gia loves watching her perky titties in lingerie, and really wants a taste for herself! Unluckily for Johnny, Gia has another kind of therapy on her mind, and it certainly isn't for him!
Angela Aspen in Angela Wants to Fuck 8:00
Angela Aspen in Angela Wants to Fuck 8:00 Hot wife and mom Angela brings her husband to a porn shoot so he can watch. Porn stud Claudio is hot for her. She and Claudio lay back on the sofa making out and he starts choking, she likes being chocked. He fills her up with his hands and they both rip off their clothes. He lays back and pushes her head down on his cock, she is chocking on it. Then she positions herself so that she can get his big cock inside her cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his cock and they fuck in various positions while her husband hovers near by.
Apolonia LaPiedra in Apolonia Lapiedra is fucked while her cuckold husband is watching! 11:59
Apolonia LaPiedra in Apolonia Lapiedra is fucked while her cuckold husband is watching! 11:59 Perfect as always, hot wife Apolonia Lapiedra stars alongside her swinging husband Luke Hardy in Cuckold and Proud of It! He gives his babe a special Christmas gift, the big hard cock of Potro de Bilbao! She unwraps it well and shoves his fat cock inside her mouth as her husband watches her choke, he just loves watching his lover at work. Then, she opens out that tight ass to take a hardcore pussy pounding, this well hung stranger pounds out her wet box and then finishes things up with a squirting facial. Her husband doesn't let this slut rest, he gets himself some deep throat action and then covers Apolonia's face in cum, a classic Private swing party!
Nataly Real in Super Hot Wife Banged 8:00
Nataly Real in Super Hot Wife Banged 8:00 Nataly and Paul have been married for only one week and already they’re at Giorgio’s porn studio because Nataly wants to fuck other guys. Some women are just hard to please, I guess! Giorgio’s assistant Max is more than happy to scratch Nataly’s itch, so to speak, so she lays her head back against her husband, and studly Max gets down to business by eating out Nataly’s primed and ready cunt. He runs his tongue over her clitoris and pussy lips, and she gasps with pleasure as hubby Paul looks on with a frown. Next, Nataly drops to her knees, and Max sticks his massive dick into her pouting mouth for a sloppy blowjob. Silent Paul utters not one word of protest as the stud sits on the sofa beside him, pulls Nataly on top, and pushes his prick up her luscious love-hole. She rides the dude hard in reverse cowgirl position—her nice, natural tits bouncing all over the place. Then Nataly turns around to face her impassive husband and continues getting her twitching quim reamed out by Max’s sizeable salami cowgirl style before being bent over and fucked from behind in doggie position. Nataly lies back and again takes the hard shaft deep into her creamy slot, this time missionary style—in and out, harder and harder. Husband Paul watches helplessly as, finally, Max jacks off onto Nataly’s waiting tongue, and he accuses his wife of not really loving him. How could he think such a thing?
Crystal Rush in Your wife Crystal Rush fucks you in the kitchen 7:30
Crystal Rush in Your wife Crystal Rush fucks you in the kitchen 7:30 Crystal Rush is in the kitchen wearing next to nothing! She was hoping to surprise you with dinner but you came home early. She got a little after dinner dessert for you, who needs dinner? As she starts sucking on strawberries and showing off her lingerie to you she gets wet and horny! Next comes the whipped cream..mmmmmm, tasty! You whip out your cock for her to lick the cream off, fun is about to be had right there in the kitchen with your hot wife! She sucks your dick like a champ and you slide your hard cock in her wet pussy as she begs for more. What a view you have as you watch it slide in and out of her tight pink hole!
Alina Lopez in Jealous Wife Alina Lopez Punishes Her Cheating Husband 15:00
Alina Lopez in Jealous Wife Alina Lopez Punishes Her Cheating Husband 15:00 Hot wife, Alina Lopez, sensually punishes her husband for his infidelity. Clad in sexy latex gear and fishnet stockings, the disappointed bombshell leads Damon Dice to the bedroom. She then ties him upon the bed and starts giving him the erotic discipline he deserves. Alina gives Damon's big cock a sloppy blowjob before riding on top of him like a crazed cowgirl. She then lets her cheating husband bang her wet pussy in missionary, doggstyle, and spoon. Alina's moans get louder and louder as she cums hard with the rough pussy pounding. Damon tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Alina's pussy until he unloads his warm cum inside her. Alina spreads her legs to show off her dripping creampie as she tries hard to catch her breath.
Allen Benz in Hot Wife Takes Ebony Prick 8:00
Allen Benz in Hot Wife Takes Ebony Prick 8:00 Although Allen may sound like a boy’s name, she is all woman, a tall, statuesque, dirty blonde whose husband wants to see her being fucked by a black man, so Mike, our resident black sperm donor, walks in naked with his big, black dinosaur dick standing at attention and immediately pushes her head onto his big black schlong as he shakes the husband’s hand to introduce herself. His humorous howdy doody does not phase her for a second, as all she focuses on is slobbering all over his giant knob, sucking it like her life depended on it, and doing her best to force every gagging inch of it down her throat until her saliva is dripping off of it in long gooey streamers. Once properly lubed, her ebony lover sits her pretty shaved pussy onto his monumental black obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, and he slams it up into her, making her shapely natural boobs bounce in sync with every thrust while her husband enjoys this carnal spectacle. When she spins around for some rambunctious cowgirl, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what an incredible, firm round ass she has, as that huge black Johnson is drilled up into her. Catering to her husband’s fetish, she moves into doggie, with her arms on his leg, looking loving and lustfully into his eyes as he holds her hands supportively while she’s slammed from behind by Mike’s enormous black jack hammer, making her scream in ecstasy. How romantic! Unable to resist that beautiful round ass, he slips his king-sized ramrod up her back alley for some anal excavation, which is so intense that it looks like her eyes are going to pop right out of her head. After blowing both their minds with his anal assault, it is back to pounding pussy in missionary for Mike, so that he may leave a colossal creampie in her cum bucket as a parting gift to remember him by, causing a lava-like wave of creamy goo to slowly ooze out of her.