Job Interview

Jillian Janson, Abbey Brooks in This Is How You Get The Job 12:00
Jillian Janson, Abbey Brooks in This Is How You Get The Job 12:00 Abbey Brooks is accompanying her stepdaughter Jillian Janson to a job interview, and that sexy teen slut thinks she knows everything there is to know about getting what she wants. Rubbing Mr. Wylde's dick through his pants with her pretty stockinged feet, Jillian makes her intentions known, and gets a fat cock in her mouth as a sexy reward. But no one understands how to use your body to get what you want better than stepmom Abbey Brooks, so she barges in to show Jillian how to really work a cock. Mr. Wylde helps himself to all of their holes, fucking their pretty faces, tight pussies, and finally in their beautiful butts in a truly unforgettable anal threesome!
Shoshanna in SHOSHANNA 11:00
Shoshanna in SHOSHANNA 11:00 18yo fast food employee Shoshanna grew up a sheltered good girl who played in the marching band and only had sex with one guy. She's now ready to see what the world has to offer. She contacted me for a job interview yesterday and I brought her in the very next day (gotta get them quick - we don't want girls like her to get cold feet). Before today, she'd never swallowed cum and never tried anal... we had her do both to impress "The Producers". This is easily one of my favorite scenes in the past year.
Violette Pink in Pussy Power 14:59
Violette Pink in Pussy Power 14:59 Violette Pure might have a name like a delicate and chaste flower, but deep down she's just as horny as Charlie Dean, who's just shown up for a job interview with her husband. He's barely alone for a minute before he starts ogling the framed picture of the blonde beauty, and when she catches him in the act, she doesn't waste the chance to get a taste of his massive cock! Dropping to her knees and unzipping his pants, she gives him a blowjob right there on the office floor. Stripping her down, he licks her pussy until it's so wet that his hard dick just slides right in. As he cums in her waiting mouth, there's just one question left on his mind: does fucking the boss's wife help his odds at getting the job
Teal Riely in Tasty Teal 15:00
Teal Riely in Tasty Teal 15:00 Teal Riley was new to the area and pretty lost even with todays gps technology. Lucky for Peter this was the case. She stopped him to ask for directions, which was all Peter needed to keep it real on the street. She was just minding her own business and trying to get to a job interview. Peter was fishing for the right opportunity to spring the idea to her about fucking her. She told him she needed money, and that was the little bit of information he needed. A wad of cash was placed in her hand, and her interview was rescheduled. Peter took her back to the hotel, and didn't waste any time. He pulled her panties down and started to pound her ass. She tasted her own pussy as she gaged on his cock before she got some more pounding. Peter got a good view of her plump tits as they bounced right in his face. She was so turned on she didn't hesitate to take his load all over her face and neck.
Carmela Clutch in Helping My Step-Aunt Land the Job 12:30
Carmela Clutch in Helping My Step-Aunt Land the Job 12:30 My Step-Aunt Carmela has always been so well put-together. That's why it was a little surprising when she asked to stay at my place so she could go to a job interview in the area. I welcomed her into my home none the less and wished her good luck on the gig. The thing is, my step-aunt is a lot more depraved than I ever realized. She started coming onto me, talking about how we aren't related technically and then all of a sudden she was gobbling my cock like she hadn't seen one in years! She let me spread her ass apart while she sucked my hard cock. Once she climbed on top she was unstoppable, my step-aunt came over & over again. I fucked her in doggy and her amazing tits and ass bounced all over the place. When I was about to nut, I pulled out of her soaked pussy and came all over my step-aunt's face. I really hope she has more job interviews!
Payton Preslee in Lesbian's Creampie Cravings - Payton Preslee & Robby Echo 14:59
Payton Preslee in Lesbian's Creampie Cravings - Payton Preslee & Robby Echo 14:59 Payton Preslee is busy cleaning up the cafe when Robby Echo enters. He's there for a job interview and Payton likes what she sees -- so much so that she ends up hiring him on the spot.Ever since she broke up with her girlfriend, she's been handling the cafe all by herself and could use the extra help. But there's something ELSE she needs extra help with, too... and it seems like Robby is just the man for the job!
Cecelia Taylor in Generous cumshot on cutie face 10:00
Cecelia Taylor in Generous cumshot on cutie face 10:00 Once the girl comes over and agrees to do a job interview sitting in the middle of my bed I know I can easily get her to suck my dick and fuck her. All I need is a little sex talk to have her slightly aroused and when I come up with my cash-for-sex offer she just can't refuse. This nubile brunette got me totally hooked up on her tight young pussy and I gladly shot a generous load of cum right on her pretty happy face.
Sonia Lei in Suck It Sonia 15:00
Sonia Lei in Suck It Sonia 15:00 Sonia had just gotten rejected from yet another job interview. I passed by her and struck up a conversation. She was down and trying to figure out what her next move was going to be. I told her I had a friend who was looking for a personal assistant and how I would put in a good word for her. She was suspicious but I called my buddy on the spot while she waited in my car to stay out of the drizzling rain. He said he could meet up with her but in a couple of hours. I don't know if my friend just picked up on my cue after so many years of picking up chicks together or if he was dead serious about giving her a job. All I know is I definitely had a few positions in mind for her. I told her to kill a few hours with me while she waited for my friend to meet up and she figured that was the best thing she had going and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it. We chilled on my couch for a little while and I made the move. Whether she was into me or was just trying to secure employment it all worked to my advantage.
Natalli DiAngelo in Exquisite Natali Needs All Holes Filled 8:00
Natalli DiAngelo in Exquisite Natali Needs All Holes Filled 8:00 Natali is a stunning, tall, svelte, blonde, MILF goddess, with a divine, toned dancer’s body, and a perfect, full, round ass, that you could bounce quarters off of. Natali goes, to a strip club, for an in depth job interview. Bending her over, into standing doggie, she sensually sucks one stud’s potent prick, with sluttish avidity, gusto, and adroit, oral aptitude, while the other, expertly licks her pussy, eliciting her euphoric moans. With her passions set ablaze, they turn her around, so that the other guy, can enjoy her expert cock sucking, while his buddy, brutishly slams his beef baton into her honeyed hole, then switch orifices again, while she moans and yelp, with unbridled, primal passions. Then, she mount one in cowgirl, while sucking the other, before he slides his huge cock, into her ass, for a sizzling DP, as she moans and screeches, with salacious jubilation. Her wild ride continues, in anal, reverse cowgirl, as she frantically fingers, her furry, pink taco, until it turns, into another barbarous DP, while she moans and shrieks, in a cock crazed delirium. Then, she frantically jerks them off, until they fill her mouth, with the cum, that she yearns for, leaving her, looking like a happy, glazed donut.
Kylie Kay in My Dirty Mobile Store 11:10
Kylie Kay in My Dirty Mobile Store 11:10 Phone salesman Bodo can finally score a really hot deal again. Sounds dirty? Of course, it is: in order to boost Hitzefrei Mobile sales -- the first mobile network subscription with a porn flatrate -- to willing guys, Bodo has invited innocent but slutty salesgirl Kylie to a job interview. On his living room couch. Even Kylie thinks that's smutty -- but when she gets shown the first scenes from the Hitzefrei porn library, she knows she's met a real pro. The hardcore pics make her lips throb and her panties wet. Soon her hands find their way into her crotch. Overwhelmed at first, Bodo soon reminds himself that a good boss must have an excellent relationship with his employees. And so his dick aims for Kylie's pussy, and the job interview quickly turns into a hot fucking...
Zoey Velez in Shake It Mami 15:00
Zoey Velez in Shake It Mami 15:00 Alex had some sort of job interview, and he was dressed like a slack ass. The interviewer was Zoey Velez. Thank god she met us outside because if anyone else saw Alex they would have axed the interview real quick. She was quick to put Alex in his place. She was nitpicking his attire when she got to close and felt something that change the rest of the day. Zoey's attitude also changed, and she wanted to know more about Alex's physical attributes and qualifications. She said she was going to clock out, so we could go somewhere more private to prove to her Alex was right for the job. Once we were in the truck she was sitting on what she wanted to know more about, so Alex pulled out his application form. She got a better view of the fine print when she wrapped her lips around it. It wasn't before long we were at our private spot, and she was taking Alex for an interview like no other. He had her in quite a few positions, to make sure he got the job at her company. He signed across her face, and she was pleased to have him apart of the team. These two will probably get distracted more often than not while they are on the job.