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Skylar Snow in Big Tit Office Chicks #07 - Skylar Snow & Jay Romero 15:00 Skylar Snow and Jay Romero work for a firm that does estate sales. While Jay does some work on his laptop, Skylar looks around at the huge book collection of one of their clients. It's an impressive collection, however it's no match for Skylar's impressive tits, because when her chest accidentally brushes against one of the bookshelves, a whole bunch of books end up toppling to the floor!Jay asks Skylar if she's okay, and she suggests that he should check her tits to make sure she's alright. She pulls her big titties out of her bra and says they FEEL okay, but Jay should suck on her nipples just to make extra sure she didn't lose any sensitivity. Jay agrees that's a good idea, so he carefully uses his tongue to examine her breasts, then helps Skylar out of her clothes so they can take things even further. After that book mishap, they DESERVE a nice break...
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