Ariana Aimes in Keep Your Lips Off My Boyfriend 15:00
Ariana Aimes in Keep Your Lips Off My Boyfriend 15:00 When Ariana Aimes catches her roommate's boyfriend Alex Jett jacking off in the shower, she can't help spying and playing with her big tits. She sneaks up behind him, planting a big red lipstick print on his cock, then runs out. Alex's girlfriend finds the evidence and storms out, leaving the coast clear for Ariana to start sucking Alex's dick! Ariana gets Alex and his big cock all to herself as she gets fucked just the way she wanted, even hiding under the blanket as Alex penetrates her when his girlfriend comes in!
Red Fox in Ring Mistress 8:00
Red Fox in Ring Mistress 8:00 Stunning strawberry blonde Jade sits on her bed and talks about her kinks. She loves pantyhose and stockings – she is wearing red, split-crotch pantyhose that frame and flaunt her shaved pussy. Otherwise, she is naked, with her small, perfect breasts exposed. Her makeup is minimal, aside from bright-red lipstick, and she has the cutest smile, with a gap between her front teeth. Her main fetish is for sexy hands adorned with rings – her own hands are neatly manicured, and among the many rings she wears is one gifted to her by an ex-girlfriend. It brings back horny memories and Jade uses it to fuel her fantasies when she masturbates. She demonstrates, sprawling back on the bed and stroking her slit, while gazing at the jewels on her fingers. She tastes her juices off of her fingertips and begins to moan with pleasure almost immediately. She frigs herself hard and fast, then smears her ex-lover’s ring with red lipstick as she raises it to her mouth. She pauses, not ready to cum just yet, and strokes her gorgeous body. However, she can’t keep her hands off of her snatch for long, and she uses the chunky, textured ring to tease her clit as her fingers probe inside of her juice-soaked hole. Within moments, she works herself into a frenzy, on the brink of an intense orgasm – then, as it hits, her body spasms and bucks on the bed. She continues to masturbate, teasing every shred of pleasure from cumming. Then she stands up, long hair swishing as she approaches a second climax. Now she screams, clinging to the tall bedframe to steady herself as she orgasms again. Finally spent, she sits on the bed, stroking her pantyhose-clad legs – and, just before the picture fades, she aims a sassy wink at the camera…
Amber Chase in Jack-off instructions from a hot MILF 6:00
Amber Chase in Jack-off instructions from a hot MILF 6:00 Have you ever been told just what to do by a MILF? 43-year-old MILF Amber Chase asks. "Are you able to follow instructions? If I tell you what I want, will you do it? I want you to get undressed. It's not fair that I'm the only one exposed. How about if I help you? How about if I take my top off while you unbutton your pants." Amber wants us to get completely naked for her? Okay. "Get completely naked while you look at my tits," says Amber, who's married and has a grown son. "I can tell that you're already so hard for me." Amber has a beautiful face and blow job lips. She has red lipstick on those BJ lips, so you can easily imagine it wrapped around your cock. She also has big tits with beautiful tan lines. Amber lives in Hawaii, so she spends a lot of time sunning that hot body of hers. We asked Amber what she considers sexy, and she said, "I know it when I see it. It's undefinable in a sense." Not really. Amber is sexy. She's the definition of a sexy MILF.
Amie, Serena A in Taking Turns 2 12:00
Amie, Serena A in Taking Turns 2 12:00 Horny Hispanic brunette Amie is fixing her hair in a bathroom. Next to her, Serena A, a sizzling-hot tattooed blonde with a Monroe lip piercing, is checking out her reflection – she runs her fingers through her waist-length mane and flashes perfect breasts and glasscutter nipples in a revealing top. She is also admiring her gorgeous girlfriend and, as the two caress, she applies dark-red lipstick to Amie’s pouting mouth. Amie returns the favor, brushing black mascara onto Serena’s long lashes. The duo makes out, hands exploring beautiful curves as they strip each other naked. Topless, they grind their tits together slowly and sensually, with Serena sneaking a suck on Amie’s nipples. Then she gets Amie naked and bends her over the counter. Sinking to her knees, Serena licks and nuzzles Amie’s ass, then kisses her way up her back, spooning her standing up. Soon, she is naked too, showing off a bubble butt as she grinds her crotch against Amie’s cheeks. She fingers her own unshaved, hairy pussy before giving Amie’s the same treatment and soon, Amie moans and fingers her own clit as Serena’s digits plow her pussy. The two make out again, then Amie perches on the counter, thighs splayed to expose her shaved pussy. Serena goes down on her, fingering her hole hard and fast as she licks clit. Amie caresses Serena’s tits as the blonde sucks on hers again – and within moments the brunette orgasms, moaning into her lover’s mouth as she creams. Even when Amie is done cumming, Serena continues to caress her pussy, more tenderly now. Then Amie’s fingers and mouth get busy as they head into the shower for a wet and wild round two...
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59 Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Fox’s stunning erotic movie "Dark Desires." She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angel’s pussy until the blonde’s knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissive’s mouth, gasping as Blue Angel’s tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Blue lies across Vicky’s lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vicky’s wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.
Kat Monroe, Violet Monroe in Rainbow Extreme Blowjob with Violet Monroe and Kat Monroe 11:01
Kat Monroe, Violet Monroe in Rainbow Extreme Blowjob with Violet Monroe and Kat Monroe 11:01 You can forget the red carpet when porn stars Violet Monroe and Kat Monroe visit PervCity for a rainbow extreme blowjob. The entire floor needs a tarp for this slobbery tag teaming duo. They're wearing thick lipstick in the hope of adding a bit of color to their big dick deep throat, but it's the blue and purple goo that they gargle beforehand that turns the intense face fucking wet and messy to the max! You already know how dirty these pretty inked kitties are on their own. But in a threesome, the redhead and brunette redefine oral sex with a little lesbian twist to their whorish cock-sucking madness. Can you handle ball-sucking, rimjobs, spit-swapping, and milkshakes puking on your prick? Then you can handle these nasty girls!
Zerella Skies in ZERELLA SKIES 11:00
Zerella Skies in ZERELLA SKIES 11:00 Today we have very enthusiastic 20 year-old Zerella Skies. This girl has been begging to do porn and we got her first sex on camera back on 11/19/2020. We’ve been holding onto this one for a little bit but this girl is about to be set loose and she’s coming at you. So Jay picks up Zerella from the airport and right off the bat we can tell this girl is sex starved. She says she likes girls more than boys, but she loves cum. Kinda doesn’t make sense, but when your dicks hard lots of things at the time make sense that don’t. So anyways, Zerella REALLY loves cum. I mean REALLY loves cum. She’s a cum lover. Can’t get enough of the pearly white stuff says this girl. Actually wants to take baths in it she says. Says she would eat it for every meal of the day if she could. Requests it to be shot all over that smiley beautiful face every time she fucks a guy. Well you’re in the right car with the right guy Zerella because Jay packs quite the load of jizz in his gun and he’ll fire it anywhere asked. Another fun fact, we also find out that Zerella hasn’t had sex for a few months and is more than ready to take her pornginity today. We’re also very ready and willing to help you out girl with all your requests of perversions. So right away Jay gets to feeling up those perfectly not so hiding under that very see-through top of hers. Perfect tits, and Jay can’t keep his hands off of them. Yes Zerella is quite the exhibitionist and says she loves to tease the guys, and piss the girls off, while everyone stares at the headlights god blessed her with while walking through the airport. Some guy almost walked into a pole she giggles when she got off the plane. It’s also just about this time that while Jay is feeling up our exploit, we get a sneaky snake look at that wonderful “Gene Simmons” of a tongue she’s been hiding. “Let me get a closer look at that,” Jay snickers with a smile as he whips his snake out to get a sampling of her snake pierced tongue. Yes Zerella is B-Jay approved and this girl can suck a mean cock. And Jay should know. He’s had quite a few honeys suck his cock over the years. So while Zerella does what she loves doing the most, Jay begins to play with that fully erect clit of hers and introduces her to the Magic Wand while on the way back to the condo. “Does she cum Steve?” you ask. No this girl loves to torture her clit with vibrators and makes herself get” just-to-the-edge”, then backs off. She loves to actually force herself NOT TO CUM! Ok now I’ve heard everything. But I guess I get it. She wants it to happen while having sex at the condo and we say have it your way girl. It’s your pornginity. But why this girl doesn’t get sex all the time is beyond us because this girl is enthusiastic and loves to please whomever she’s sexing with. Did I say this girl loves cum also? She does, and she loves it so much that she didn’t want to wash it off after the scene. She actually requested to wear her Jay cum facial on the airplane ride home. Kinky… and I think she also said she had a date that night. Oh My!!! Hope he likes cum as much as Zerella does because he’s probably going to ask what flavor lipstick she’s wearing while getting to second base. If I knew who you were buddy, I would have shouted out a warning. But hey? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him I guess. Anyways enjoy Zerella and her first sex on camera. We hope her date enjoys the taste of Jay as much as she did today.
Victoria Lobov in Toy time for Victoria's sweet ass 6:00
Victoria Lobov in Toy time for Victoria's sweet ass 6:00 Victoria Lobov, a 47-year-old wife from Russia who now lives in the United States, is wearing a dress that her big tits are pouring out of. She has luxuriant blond hair that flows over her soft shoulders, and she's wearing sultry red lipstick.
Fuck)Billi Bardot in THE BILLI BARDOT SHOW 5:59
Fuck)Billi Bardot in THE BILLI BARDOT SHOW 5:59 Billi Bardot, a 41-year-old MILF, has on sexy red lipstick and a short dress that shows off her tits, although Billi is so stacked, just about everything she wears shows off her tits."I love the way this dress feels," she tells you. "It's so soft and shimmery. I was going to go out, but there's a storm brewing, so I guess I'll stay in and enjoy myself."There's gonna be a storm brewing in your rapidly tightening pants when you get a look at Billi. She's a knockout blonde with a curvy body: small waist, beautiful, round booty."And I have these huge 32M breasts right here that I love playing with," she says. "They're so soft and squishy."In Billi's first video at, the camera savors all of her beautiful body, including those soft, squishy tits. We get slo-mo views of Mrs. Bardot playing with her rack, running her hands all over her tits, then Billi sits down, lies back and fast-fingers her very wet pussy until she cums.Billi, a mother of five, describes herself as "one of the guys," but she's all woman. She used to be a dancer."Usually I danced during the day while the kids were at school," she said. "So the kids were at school and Mommy was getting naked in the strip club. Making a grand then going home and baking cookies and serving dinner and doing the homework and bedtime routine."Wow!
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 12 13:00
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 12 13:00 Super-busty MILF Kianna Dior says her idea of 'romantic' is a 'happy, slutty Valentine's Day.' In bright red lipstick and lingerie, she cavorts enticingly on the bed among rose petals and a big teddy bear -- director Jonni Darkko's tease footage shows her long legs, bald pussy and massive melons. The dirty-talking lady spews a streak of slutty verbal filth throughout the scene. Kianna kneels between Donny Sins' big black cock and Jonni's stiff staff for a double blowjob. She sucks and strokes each erection, slobber and lipstick smearing her smile. Streams of spit streak her huge tits as the dudes fuck her face. She gives scrotum service, worshipfully lapping balls. Each stud takes a saliva-lubed, jug-jacking titty fuck. The guys 'spit roast' her, each cramming her mouth as the other rams her twat doggie-style. The threesome climaxes with a double cum facial: Two hot loads plaster her from forehead to chin, a mess of semen dripping onto a tray. Kianna slurps up and drools out the surplus spunk, blowing bubbles, wallowing lewdly in spit and sperm.
Britney Shannon in Inked Anal Slut Britney Shannon 11:00
Britney Shannon in Inked Anal Slut Britney Shannon 11:00 Inked anal slut Britney Shannon is hot for big dick. She arrives in PervCity in black fishnet stockings and lipstick-red heels hoping to find the biggest. We don't disappoint. Introducing her to Mike Adriano, the sexy blonde takes one look at his cock, falls to her knees, and worships it with a blowjob. The big tits babe can’t get enough, but her deep throat isn't the only hole she wants filled. She bends into doggy style to take that prick up her asshole. Voracious for every inch, she bounces her big ass back against his thighs, then turns over into missionary. Mike throttles up, thrusting his hard-on from ass to pussy, until Britney orgasms and greedily slurps his sperm from ass to mouth.
Bella Rolland in Bella Rolland: Titty Fuck & Cock Ride 15:00
Bella Rolland in Bella Rolland: Titty Fuck & Cock Ride 15:00 Smoky-eyed, thick-thighed stunner Bella Rolland peels red lingerie from her natural tits and squeezes them seductively. Director Mick Blue captures personal, close-up POV-style footage. Bella sucks his big cock, letting it poke the back of her throat in the course of a slobbering blowjob. Mick takes a titty fuck -- lipstick smears her chin as spit flows onto her boobs. Bella mounts Mick for a deep cock ride that makes her squirm in orgasmic heat. She pants and screams as he thrusts inside her soaking wet pussy. Bella strokes his boner and gives him a tasty, shameless rim job! Mick pummels her cunt as she masturbates. Aggressive twat railing satisfies Bella, who swallows a hot load of semen
Victoria Lobov in As real as it gets 5:59
Victoria Lobov in As real as it gets 5:59 When this scene opens, very blonde wife Victoria Lobov, 47, is wearing red lipstick and sexy red lingerie that her big, fake tits are pouring out of. Tyler can't keep his hands off of her, and we can't blame him. Her lace bra is very sexy. Her tits are amazing. Tyler motorboats himself. He's a tit man, and Victoria is just his kind of woman.
Monica Sage in Lipstick 7:59
Monica Sage in Lipstick 7:59 Monica loves coating her perfect cock sucking lips in different shades of lipstick to provide a target for dicks. Her deep throating skills are unsurpassed, but it's her tight asshole that really does the work. Ryan gets balls deep in that big booty making her quiver as she cums over and over again.
Tricia Oaks in Caso No. 6615373 - Not So Holy Anymore 15:00
Tricia Oaks in Caso No. 6615373 - Not So Holy Anymore 15:00 When Officer Billy Boston brings suspicious Mylf Tricia Oaks to the backroom after suspecting her of stealing merchandise, she swears that she’s no longer a thief now that she has found the Lord. Officer Boston doesn’t buy it and insists on performing a strip search, in which he finds stolen lipstick stashed inside her bra! Now, Officer Boston must perform a cavity search to make sure she isn’t hiding anything else. Tricia doesn’t want to get in any more trouble, so Officer Boston promises he’ll let her go, only if she lets him fuck her!
Luna Lain, Olive Glass in Lipstick Lesbians 8:01
Luna Lain, Olive Glass in Lipstick Lesbians 8:01