Keisha Grey in Initiation Sex 15:00
Keisha Grey in Initiation Sex 15:00 Saved from a sorority prank gone wrong, fit brunette hottie Keisha Grey gives thanks in the best way - with her juicy blowjob lips and tight, wet pussy! After riding her rescuer's huge hard cock, Keisha graciously licks up every drop of cum.
Angel Youngs, Jasmine Wilde in Big Naturals Prank Payback 14:59
Angel Youngs, Jasmine Wilde in Big Naturals Prank Payback 14:59 Angel Youngs and her boyfriend Ricky Spanish nearly get caught fooling around on the couch by Angel's prudish roommate Jasmine Wilde, but she accidentally leaves her dildo behind. Much to Angel's surprise, Jasmine takes the toy to the shower and fucks herself with it! After the couple prank Jasmine, she gets some payback by sucking Angel's big natural tits and playing with her pussy, and the girls fuck in the bathroom, then share Ricky's cock.
Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies in If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf - S21:E1 15:00
Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies in If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf - S21:E1 15:00 Andi Rose has enlisted Scarlet Skies to help her set up some Christmas elf pranks for her stepbrother, Robby Echo. Robby is confused about the pranks since he didn't think his stepsister was so sexual. The pranks get sexier and sexier as the days count down to Christmas, although they reveal to Robby that both girls watch porn. The third prank involves the elf getting double teamed through a glory hole, which the girls hope will send Robby a clear message. When Robby still seems dense, Andi suggests they play Christmas elf games for real. Robby worries he might get too sexual for the girls, but they assure him it'll be fine and he agrees.Later, Andi and Scarlet walk back into the living room to see Robby dressed as a real life elf. He has set up a lemonade stand with his dick out, implying his lemonade is piss. Andi jokes that she's going to tell their parents and Robby goes to put his dick away thinking he's really fucked up. The girls stop him and take what they've been after this whole time. Getting on their knees, Scarlet and Andy lick Robby's dick like it's an ice cream cone. There's plenty of sucking going on, too, as the girls take turns enjoying their treat.Now that Robby is on the same page, they relocate to the couch. Scarlet gets the first ride on Robby's cock as she lays back in Andi's arms and lets him give it to her. Once Andi has ensured that Scarlet is enjoying herself, she climbs on her friend's mouth so she can ride Scarlet's tongue while Scarlet continues to get fucked. Robby gets on the couch next so Andi can mount him and go to town bouncing on his hardon in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet rubs Andi's clit. Getting on her hands and knees, Scarlet takes a pussy pounding next with Andi squeezing and licking her BFF's ass. Their threesome winds down with Andi on her back and Robby between her thighs, pounding her to a climax. He pulls out a second later, guiding his cum shot onto Andi's muff in the closing act of what has turned out to be a very merry Christmas romp.
Tiffany Watson, Sarah Banks in April Fooling Around 15:00
Tiffany Watson, Sarah Banks in April Fooling Around 15:00 An April Fool’s prank gone right has Tiffany Watson sharing her best friend's big, pierced tits and juicy booty with her hung boyfriend! With a face full of pussy, Tiffany and Sarah Banks take turns getting pounded by cock until Tiffany squirts all over e
Penny Nichols in Tiny Red Riding Hood 14:59
Penny Nichols in Tiny Red Riding Hood 14:59 Penny went to visit her grandmother for Halloween since its their favorite holiday and they love doing spooky stuff together. When she got there her grandmother was already wearing a mask and tucked under the blankets because she was cold. She asked Penny to warm her up with some body heat, so she jumped on top of and rubbed her down! Penny felt something strange poking her and when she looked to see what it was, she was shocked! It wasnt her grandmother all along - it was her caretaker playing a prank on Penny! She said she would take care of him as long as he took care of her grandmother, then went to town on his giant cock! Tiny penny then got pounded into again and again, loving every second of it. Finally he dropped his big bad seed all over her face and chest! Happy Halloween!
Audrey Madison in Blindfold Prank 15:00
Audrey Madison in Blindfold Prank 15:00 Oliver Faze attempts to prank his stepmom, Audrey Madison, into fucking him using flowers, a note, and a blindfold. The prank goes better than he anticipated, and soon enough, Oliver is fucking his stepmom in the shower. Audrey is stunned when the blindfold comes off to find she is fucking her stepson instead of her husband. But afterward, she can’t stop thinking about it, and they begin to have more encounters—no blindfold needed anymore.
Kylie Rocket, Nicole Kitt in Pranking And Tipping The Delivery Dude 15:00
Kylie Rocket, Nicole Kitt in Pranking And Tipping The Delivery Dude 15:00 When hot girls Kylie Rocket and Nicole Kitt are super bored, they decide to try out a naughty prank. They order a package, and when delivery guy David Lee arrives, Kylie takes her top off in front of him before Nicole drops her towel to show him her fully naked smokin' body! Kylie wants more, so she tells David to watch through the window as she takes Nicole into the bedroom to eat her pussy and scissor her, and after she starts fucking her bestie with a strap, David sneaks in to take her place! This delivery dude gets more than just the tip as these babes ride him and sit on his face before he gives them both a facial.
Val Steele in Naked Roommate Prank 15:01
Val Steele in Naked Roommate Prank 15:01 Val Steele wants to see what her roommate Jimmy Michaels would do if she walked in on him totally naked, and it turns out he instantly gets hard and hangs up on his girlfriend! Val keeps her camera rolling as he eats her pussy and she sucks Jimmy's big dick. This prank goes even better than Val hoped as she gets her pussy pounded and a big load in her mouth!
Xxlayna Marie in It’s Just a Prank, Step Bro! 8:00
Xxlayna Marie in It’s Just a Prank, Step Bro! 8:00 Xxlayna Marie just wanted to prank her step brother, Damion Dayski. However, she got much more than she bargained for. She placed her camera down and hid inside of a hamper to scare him but instead she ended up witnessing her step brother masturbate to a penthouse magazine. Eventually, she did jump out and scare him anyway but he wasn’t very happy to find out that she was filming the entire thing. Damion decided to snatch her camera and refused to give it back. After trying to get it back for some time, she decided to let him fuck her in order to get her camera back. With some hesitation, Damion agreed to fuck his step sister. He stretched her tight little pussy in several different positions before delivering a huge nut all over her face.
Mz Dani in Cheating For Dummies 12:00
Mz Dani in Cheating For Dummies 12:00 Mz. Dani is a prankster with a love for trouble. When she busts into her fuck friend Kyle Mason's house unannounced, he thinks she's crazy! His girlfriend is in the next room and she should not be there. But Mz. Dani has a trick up her sleeve. She's brought a fake dummy to prank Kyle's girlfriend with and make her think he's cheating. The joke works perfectly, and Kyle's girlfriend is totally creeped out. She takes off quick which give Mz. Dani and Kyle the perfect opportunity to have sex with the help of their dummy. But when Kyle's girlfriend takes a liking to the dummy, the sneaky sex gets taken to a whole new level.
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00 Adira had been at a party last weekend and she knew the guys at the house had a lot of goodies hidden in the safe in the upstairs room. So she devised a plan. She would sneak up there when they were all sleeping and grab what she needed and nobody would know. They would just assume it happened at the party. She would get out scot-free and go show off with her party friends. Such a brazen plot for this slightly deranged blonde. So Adira dressed all in black and tossed on a mask cause that's what cat burglars do and climbed up onto the second story balcony and ever so quietly snuck in through the window. Just as fate would have it as she was about to pick the lock on the closet door, one of the homeys' was exiting the toilet and caught her in the act. Yelling "stop thief" the rest of the household was alerted and this naughty thief was running for her life. Can Adira get away? Will the homies nab her? Unfortunately for Adira she ran right into the arms of one of the men and was quickly caught. Oh no - what will happen to our little heroine now? Will they kick her ass? Will they call the police? Is this the end of our party girl? Unmasked and caught red handed, Adira quickly thinks on her feet. She explains it was just a prank. She wanted to get their attention cause she wanted some big black cock. See guys, it was all just a prank. Huh? Fuck that makes about as much sense as anything and soon three enormously large ebony dongs are pulled out and dropped in her face where she quickly gets to sucking. You see, Adira is no dummy. She's had to suck a lot of cocks in her life to get her out of jams. When you are young dumb and blonde living in the big city it kind of becomes second nature. Slobbing and bobbing on the man root shoving into her drooling pie hole Adira gets down to what she does best - using her womanly assets to get through life. Soon her pussy is invaded by a rigid and angry cunt duster as she is facefucked from the other side. Spit roasted and pulverized she is in her natural element. Stuffed full of cock and being used as a human pump and dump station. She's done a bad thing so one must offer up the anal in these situations. No different than a snitch in prison - that asshole must make payment and reparations. Once those cocks start entering her brown eye it is game on for this piglet who needs the sweet blistering friction of a double penetration drive by to really take the edge off. With cocks filling her airtight she almost starts to believe she really did come over to get fucked and not to steal anything. Yeah you believe that blondie. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing it looks like it cost Adira today was just a little bit more of her dignity but that's a small price to pay for how good being a slut makes her feel. Holes blasted out and drenched in sweat, Adira squats in feeding position and gets a facial blasting of jizz juice as all is forgotten and forgiven. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Nickey Huntsman in Jerk Off And Squirt Challenge 12:00
Nickey Huntsman in Jerk Off And Squirt Challenge 12:00 Nickey Huntsman and Lucas Frost are a kinky young couple with a competitive streak, and they both hate losing. After an intense masturbation race that Nickey wins by squirting on Lucas before he can cum, Lucas goes on the prank warpath to get revenge. He's able to do so by covering Nickey's towel in cum, and the sticky surprise, just when Nickey thought she was all clean, evens the score. Back in the bedroom, Lucas lies in wait in the closet, but when he sees that Nickey returns frustrated, he decides to make amends by bursting out of the closet to eat her pussy. From there, make-up fucking ensues, although Nickey has one more squirt-focused surprise up her sleeve.
Rebecca Volpetti in Cheating Babe Fucked on Backseat 15:00
Rebecca Volpetti in Cheating Babe Fucked on Backseat 15:00 This petite blonde got into the backseat today and told me "just drive." I thought it was strange, but I've had more bizarre requests, so I went along with it. She asked me if I was married, and said she was wondering because I turned her on. I thought it was a prank, but when she spread her legs, took off her panties, and played with her tits, I knew she was serious. She said she had a boyfriend, and this was a fetish they shared, her hooking up with strangers. She begged me to pull over so she could suck me cock. I fucked her tight, wet pussy in the backseat of the car and made her climax, then I pulled out to cum on her.
Nadia White in Her Roommate's Pussy is Better 15:00
Nadia White in Her Roommate's Pussy is Better 15:00 When Johnny The Kid is caught by his girlfriend lusting after her roommate Nadia White and her huge tits for the umpteenth time, she buys him a fake pussy and busty torso modeled after Nadia in hopes of preventing a potential affair. While Johnny is preparing to play with his new toy, Nadia swaps the fake pussy out for her own, hiding under the blankets as a stand-in for the silicone imitation to prank Johnny, proving that nothing beats the real thing, especially when it involves cheating with someone so hot.
Adira Allure, Lilu Moon in Sparkling Fun 12:00
Adira Allure, Lilu Moon in Sparkling Fun 12:00 When sexy blonde Adira Allure sees her gorgeous girlfriend Lilu Moon sunbathing in the garden, she can’t resist playing a prank. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Sparkling Fun" begins, Adira grabs the hose and soaks Lilu with water, shocking her – but quickly apologizes with a passionate kiss. She strokes Lilu’s glistening body sensuously, straddling her on the sun lounger. Lilu bares her lover’s beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples, before Adira kisses her way down to Lilu’s pussy. When she peels off Lilu’s bikini panties, she discovers an arousing surprise – the horny babe has a butt plug inserted in her tight asshole! She licks Lilu’s shaved slit, spreading the lips open and lapping at her juicy pink interior, then eases the toy in and out, fucking her to an orgasm that makes her gasp and tremble. American cutie Adira sits with thighs spread as Lilu tugs her lace panties aside and fingerbangs her hard and deep, licking her clit to drive her wild. Juice trickles from her drenched pussy as Lilu eats her to a powerful climax. She isn’t done yet, diddling Lilu to another rapid orgasm as the brunette slams the plug in and out of her own ass.
Lily Larimar, Kylie Rocket in A Spooky Swap 15:00
Lily Larimar, Kylie Rocket in A Spooky Swap 15:00 When stepsiblings Tyler Nixon and Lily Larimar visit their friends AJ and his stepsister Kylie Rocket they expect to have a great time during their slumber party. Kylie and Lily decide to watch a scary movie and wait for their boyfriends to sneak in to have some fun, but Tyler and AJ play a prank on them, put on some scary masks and spook them. The guys sneak into their room and decide to swap their stepsisters and eat them out from behind! The girls think is their boyfriends at first, but when they discover that it’s their stepbrothers they agree to continue having fun as they were doing a great job eating them out!
Isabella De Laa in The Morning After Panty Sniffer 14:59
Isabella De Laa in The Morning After Panty Sniffer 14:59 Isabella De Laa is resting in a bunk bed in the Fake Hostel when the Landlord stumbles across her panties. The pervert sniffs them and smells the brunette's tight pussy, and hangs them from the bottom bunk as a prank. Isabella begins to collect her belongings and notices the panties, then the Landlord grabs her by the hair, turning her on. Isabella enthusiastically sucks the Landlord's cock while he squeezes her perf boobs, then throws her ass back against him as they fuck until he pulls out to cum on her bush!
Kiki Klout in You Can't Prank Me 15:00
Kiki Klout in You Can't Prank Me 15:00 Gorgeous Kiki Klout feels so sexy in her new outfits. Her butt looks stunning in her tight orange pants, and her blue one-piece is perfect with a large sweater. Kiki's mischievous roommate, Jimmy Michaels, tries to surprise her by pulling down on her one-piece suit. Unimpressed Kiki asks him what he wants. "I want the booty!" yells Jimmy, and Kiki shoves his face between her butt cheeks. She quickly realizes that the horny Jimmy's hard as fuck. Knowing how much that would make him happy, kind Kiki allows Jimmy to rip open her one-piece so he can eat her out. Jimmy might be a sloppy prankster most of the time, but when it comes to pacifying a hot gal like Kiki, he's a true master.