Skyler in Ass In The Kitchen 15:00
Skyler in Ass In The Kitchen 15:00 Levi arrived at his place and noticed that there was a car that he didn't recognize in in one of his parking spaces. When he entered his house, he was greeted by the aroma of freshly baked cookies. He followed the scent to his kitchen where he found Skyler naked only wear high heels and a half apron. Hunter met Skyler at her husband's restaurant so he made sure that he wasn't around before feasting on her delectable ass. After securing the area, Hunter fucked Skyler all over the kitchen counters and floor. He then sent her back to her husband with a mouth full of cum.
Harmony Reigns in Harmony Gets Slayed By Nacho! 12:00
Harmony Reigns in Harmony Gets Slayed By Nacho! 12:00 An innocent game of fooseball gets real fucking nasty real quick, when Nacho is in the house! The beautiful big tit blued eyed nympho Harmony Reigns is up in here too, and if she loses, she is going to have to get pummeled by Nacho's huge meat stick! It goes down, right in the middle of a restaurant with no fucks given! Harmony has a perfect big juicy pale white ass, and he smacks it up till she turns red. Hardcore relentless pussy smashing action! Her tits bounce up and down in perfection as she takes raw cock deep and hard! This is what PUBLIC BANG is all about! Hell yeah!
Myss Alessandra in What is the Spanish for Blowjob? 15:00
Myss Alessandra in What is the Spanish for Blowjob? 15:00 I saw this hottie standing outside a restaurant named Myss Alessandra. She didn't speak English, only Spanish, so I busted out a handy translator and asked her if she would be interested in flashing me for some cash. Alessandra showed me big, pierced titties, so I pressed on and asked if she would accept cash for a blowjob! Alessandra was down, and we went into the bathroom where she took out my cock and started to suck me. My big dick made her horny, so she turned around and stuck out her ass for me to fuck her doggystyle. She rode me on the ground cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then stroked me off until I came in her mouth!
Clea Gaultier, Carollina Cherry in EPISODE 3: ROOMMATES AND MORE 10:00
Clea Gaultier, Carollina Cherry in EPISODE 3: ROOMMATES AND MORE 10:00 The next morning the three women have breakfast on the terrace. Ania makes it clear to Clea that the young woman was not discreet last night. She offers Carollina a trial in her restaurant as a waitress to help her find a job. Carollina decides to let herself go and accepts Ania's proposal. In her attempt to relax, she even decides to take part in a yoga class given by Clea... At the end of the yoga class, Clea has Carrolina do a breathing exercise. The young single woman takes the opportunity to confess her desires following her orgasm the day before. The young yoga teacher gives her a very special lesson.
Diana Eisley in Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters 6:00
Diana Eisley in Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters 6:00 There are many ways to find big-boobed models. There's the direct approach by one of our finders in the "real world." That's how Diana Eisley came our way. Jay told us how he discovered her. "I went with some of my friends to a popular Japanese restaurant and I noticed the very busty hostess greeting patrons. I couldn't help but be fixated on how massive her breasts were and how genuinely adorable she was. I thought to myself, "She would make a perfect model for The SCORE Group." On my way out, I politely introduced myself. Her name was Diana, and I mentioned to her that that I'm a talent scout for a modeling website. I gave Diana my number and told her to get in touch with me in case she was interested. The next morning, she texted and inquired about the modeling gig. I was transparent with her and told her it was for an adult website. After showing her the website, Diana gave an enthusiastic 'Yes.'" Diana likes crafting, reading, dancing and sword fighting. Yes, sword fighting. A sword fighting hostess in a Japanese restaurant. That could be a martial arts movie idea. Diana also enjoys figure skating and gymnastics. You can see in the video that she's very flexible. "Once I started developing, I was the biggest in the bra department," said Diana, a girl with 32J-cups who likes to get fitted to make sure she gets the support she wants.
Orgy in the Restaurant 12:00
Orgy in the Restaurant 12:00 A Bachelorette Party turns wild as slutty bride Ella Hughes and her friends, Lucia Love, Carly Rae and Suzy Rainbow celebrate in style! These cock hungry babes just can’t resist Private’s well hung strippers, they soon find themselves sucking down their black and white cocks with some insatiable deep throat action. After some blowjobs and some squirting action, these sluts open up their pussies to get this interracial orgy into fifth gear! These girls enjoy some screaming orgasms as they take a hardcore anal blasting, finishing things off with a double set of facials.
Fuck)Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli in Dana Dearmond Lesbian sex in a Public Bathroom 9:59
Fuck)Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli in Dana Dearmond Lesbian sex in a Public Bathroom 9:59 Dana Vespoli meets slender temptress Dana DeArmond on the back patio of a restaurant, where the topic turns to risky public perversion. Breathless at the possibility of getting caught, they take turns pleasuring each other’s sweet pussy. They lick, touch, finger and do just about anything to get each other off!
Ellie in ELLIE (HAZEL MOORE) 11:00
Ellie in ELLIE (HAZEL MOORE) 11:00 The day before the shoot with Ellie began just like any other beautiful late April day. The sun was out, the birds were singing, there was a brisk cool bite to the air. I had lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant and when I opened my fortune cookie it read, "You'll be blessed with a wonderful gift at work". Fucking aye right I was blessed with a wonderful gift! A gift from God I would say, and the gift was named 18-year-old Ellie from Iowa! Damn this girl is sweet, wholesome, innocent, with a fucking flawless knockout body with spectacularly huge natural tits. Oh and the prettiest pink pussy and tight little butt hole you ever saw. Cute as a button thatasshole is. I just wanted to lick and stick my tongue in it the second I saw it. Now I have met my fare share of amateur girls in my days and I must say that out of the 750 or so shoots I have done,Ellie is in the top 3 for just how fucking awesome and innocent she is. "How awesomely innocent was she Steve?" you ask. Well... Ellie was so awesomely innocent that she just started masturbating a few days ago! Yes that's days with a D!!! Another fun fact is she just had her first Orgasm only 2 months earlier!! How awesomely innocent and sweet is that!! I know, I know, that seems backwards... Just watch the interview and all will be explained. So as the interview progresses we get our naive starlet naked, thank God! It's blasphemy to keep those 34D's caged in. Let the beasts' roam free and spread-eagle those legs wide revealing thoseperfect pink pussy lips and asshole. Fuck I have to say this girl is so clean she squeaks when you rub her, and rub that pussy and asshole Cam does. Cam also has to taste how sweet this girl is, bringing her to her first O of the day as his tongue flickers over her erect clit and fingers her fuckhole. Another 1 st for Ellie are sex toys, and fuck man does she take to them like a duck to water. We start our novice off with a torpedo vibrator that brings our little Ellie to the edge, but she really finds the full pleasure gear when the Hitachi is introduced and we fill her holes with allsorts of gadgets. Sexual Gratification 101 Class is in session and Ellie is up for show and tell. That pussy gets so wet and she gives herself an oh-so-nice O from all the action going on down there. I say she gets strait A's. Now when asked if Ellie likes things up her butt she murmurs, "Umm, I guess... maybe", that wasn't a NO. So Cam inserts his thumb up that ass followed by a butt plug. We can't leave any hole not filled so, torpedo's away!, up her fuck hole it goes while the Hitachi dances over her clit. "It's hard to keep still", she says with a smile right before she cums a 3 rd time. I think our whore in training finally understands what sex and pleasure is all about, and I've never wanted to be a vibrator or butt plug more than I do right at that moment LOL. Now Ellie confessed she doesn't really like to suck cock, but we don't care. We make her do it anyways, and fuck if she isn't great at that also. It doesn't look like she doesn't like doing it to us? Call it beginners luck, or she's a "natural" at sex, but this girl I feel was born for pleasure and pleasing. Every single perverted request or demand we uttered to her, she obeyed without question. Like a ball of clay, we were able to mold this little Mormon girl into the perfect instrument of sexual pleaser. Instructing her to use every orifice of her body in every perverted way we thought of to extract the most viewing pleaser is our faithful goal. You know I just feel so grateful; I have to give thanks to our creator. Let us pray:
Amber B in Amber 11:00
Amber B in Amber 11:00 Let me start by saying, I love redheads! This girl was right up my alley. Nice and tall, long legs, a great set of tits, a great ass and of course that long beautiful red hair. Santa musta thought I was a nice guy this year to get a present this great. So welcome 21 year old Amber to the couch. She’s a line cook at some restaurant and she should absolutely not be subjected to such a terrible job. So she came to see us in order to see if sucking dick and getting fucked in the butt can make her some money. She comes in wearing a pretty black dress and we have a pretty fun little interview. She’s trying to be a social worker, or just finished school or something like that. Honestly, I don’t listen that closely. All I can think of is does she have a bush and is it red? My question is answered pretty quickly, no bush, but look at that fantastic pussy! She’s literally a virgin to anal, never had more than a finger in that beautiful butthole. She takes the buttplug pretty well considering and finally I get a chance to get my cock in her mouth. She’s a great cocksucker too. We do some fun vag fucking, on the desk, I work in a little doggy on the floor so we can see that ass up face down pose. She rides my cock and eats my ass before I get to be the first man in that ass. She does surprisingly well getting fucked in the ass on the chair, playing with toys at the same time. She rides and I get a quick full nelson and some nice sole shots for our more vocal feet fans. After some ass to mouth and some little gapes I unload a monster load in that sweet lippy pussy. I mean I unloaaaaad. She’s in pretty good spirts after her first anal adventure, ever finding out she’s not getting paid today. All in all a pretty cool chick if ya ask me.
Fuck)Nicky in Too horny to wait 10:00
Fuck)Nicky in Too horny to wait 10:00 We were pretty hungry and decided to take a pizza in the restaurant near our place. While we waited in the bar when pizza get ready Nicky was kissing me and wispering all these dirty things. What do you think we did when we just came behind our apartment door with hot tasty pizza? No man, we didn't eat it first. Can you guess?
Adara Ace in Adore Adara 15:00
Adara Ace in Adore Adara 15:00 We were on our way to get some pizza and walking up to the restaurant when out of nowhere came this ultimate MILF walking right towards us. She seemed kind of upset so we had to ask her what was wrong. After showing us the lingerie she was not able to return and some chit chat about things not working out with her ex, we asked her to come back to our place and she enthusiastically agreed. I could not believe the bubble ass on this MILF, her body was so tight. Adara Ace took me to school and I was all in on this mega MILF.
Nicky in AFTER DINNER SEX 10:00
Nicky in AFTER DINNER SEX 10:00 We went to a restaurant and got our food to go. Nicky doesn't like it when people watch her eat. It must be a chick thing. We brought the food home and stuffed our faces. Nicky had an after dinner treat for me. You could say she had desert all ready for me. You get the drift. You can also see in these movies exactly what happened. Don't you wish after every meal you had sex? I love the feeling of getting laid after a good meal. It almost makes me feel like an animal. I get my tummy full and get to unload a big wad on my girlfriend. That's what I call the good life.
Sophia Leone in Breastaurant 15:00
Sophia Leone in Breastaurant 15:00 Busty beauty Sophia Leone has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the restaurant during her first date with tattooed hunk Alex Legend... but it's not an accident! Alex helps her re-tie her top like a gentleman, then leads her to a private lounge where they can let their flirting get even hotter and heavier as he eats her pussy, then she swallows his cock. That's just the appetizer before Alex gets to enjoy the main course: Sophia's big natties bouncing while he pounds her pussy!
Tracy Gold in Sunbathing 6:00
Tracy Gold in Sunbathing 6:00 Sunny days are truly the best! There's so much to enjoy. The most beautiful girl in the room not only gets the guy, but she also lands the job, gets better service at a restaurant, rises through the social ranks before her friends. Tracy could do anything and still steal everyone's attention!
Lilly Evans in Naughty Career Goals 15:00
Lilly Evans in Naughty Career Goals 15:00 Lily Evans is one of those girls that has so much potential. She just needs the right opportunity. Today was her lucky day. Our stud finds her flyers for a local restaurant, and he immediately notices that shes way too hot for that. SO she lets out that she actually also does webcam modeling. Perfect! She finds out our guy has directed some home movies in the past, and he asks her if she might be interested in being in one. She quickly agrees, and whips her beautiful perky tits out right in the car. Shes definitely got the body for porn, so its time to see if she has the moves. Lily wastes no time stripping down and teasing her pretty penis fly trap. Once a dick just touches the outer surface, she begins to moan right away, for sure a huge turn on. She keeps moaning until its time to guzzle down her well earned shot of baby juice. She sucks it down til the dick is as dry as a bone. Lily Evans will never flyers again, but continue to consume as much dick vaginally and cum orally as she can. Check out her ad on craigslist!
Veronica Rodriguez in Left Behind 2 14:59
Veronica Rodriguez in Left Behind 2 14:59 Today was gameday so I posted up the usual spot waiting for a call from my boy at the restaurant. It didn't take long for a couple guys to park illegally and we were there ready to tow the car quick. After that I was ready to pull out with another car whe
Stefany Kyler, Apolonia LaPiedra in Dessert 2 12:00
Stefany Kyler, Apolonia LaPiedra in Dessert 2 12:00 Are you smooth enough to swing a threesome? Few men are lucky enough to pull off a menage-a-trois, but Apolonia will do anything to keep her man satisfied, and she has to agree this restaurant hired the hottest hostess they could when they brought Stefany on board. When Stefany serves dessert, this couple might get to have their cake and eat it too.
Natasha Nice in Lesbian's Creampie Cravings - Natasha Nice & Giovanni Francesco 15:00
Natasha Nice in Lesbian's Creampie Cravings - Natasha Nice & Giovanni Francesco 15:00 Natasha Nice has only ever been with women, but she's been feeling the need for something MORE these days. She wants to be bold, adventurous, and try something completely outside of her comfort zone... which is why she secretly brought the server home after a night out at a restaurant with friends. Giovanni Francesco is ready to give her whatever she needs and to fulfil her every fantasy without question -- it's time to give HER a tip!
Shae Summers, Alli Rae in Country Lust 15:00
Shae Summers, Alli Rae in Country Lust 15:00 Alli and Shae had just finished a shift working at a restaurant and they still had their sexy outfits on. They had super hot bikinis on under the overalls they wore. They both had such juicy side tit action going on. It didn't take long before they started talking about boys and Shae brought up that she was into girls. Alli got super interested in this and wanted to totally hook up with Shae since she had never done it and always wanted to. Alli wasted no time in diving face first into Shae's pussy to start eating her out. Don't miss one second of these hot hot girls going off on each other, plenty of tits and ass to go around.
Kinuski in Husband and Waiter DP Horny Wife Kinuski in 5 Star Restaurant GP1987 15:00
Kinuski in Husband and Waiter DP Horny Wife Kinuski in 5 Star Restaurant GP1987 15:00 David and his wife are a classy but freaky couple. Out of nowhere, after ordering food and drinks at a 5-star restaurant in Milan, David’s wife’s pussy starts dripping uncontrollably, and like the horny slut that she is, she acts on the impulse and starts sucking her husband’s cock while the waiter is away. David is in the middle of skullfucking his wife when Josh, the waiter, arrives with their meals, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes awkward. While Josh heads back to the kitchen to grab their drinks, the two shamelessly continue right where they left off, and after slamming his wife’s pussy from behind, he then slips his stiff cock into her ass as she moans uncontrollably. The fuck session is interrupted yet again when the waiter Josh arrives with their drinks. This time, however, he joins in on the action and the two studs DP Kinuski on the restaurant's couch. The restaurant fuck finally comes to an end when both guys empty their balls on Kinuski’s pretty face.
Amira D in Simple and fresh 6:00
Amira D in Simple and fresh 6:00 The most beautiful woman in the room not only gets the guy, she also lands the job, gets better service at a restaurant, rises through the social ranks before her friends. Doors open for the beautiful woman that may not for a female who is twice as smart but half as beautiful. Don't believe me? Just watch Amira until the end and you'll want to hire her.
Bodo in Doreen: Fuck Me Anywhere 7:55
Bodo in Doreen: Fuck Me Anywhere 7:55 Goth girls are known to have some mysterious and eerie vibe around them, but Doreen is nothing like this. The only thing oozing out of this girl in an all-black outfit is her lustful desires. Doreen meets her date in an abandoned warehouse. For this slut, there is no need to meet in a cosy cafe or luxury restaurant. All she wants is a private place where she can do anything she fancies with her date. Her mind is full of naughty things, and she will not think twice to take action upon them. With her usual goth getup, Doreen teases her date with her playful words and enticing body. No exchange of formalities is needed for this naughty duo. Doreen is on her knees, sucking her date's big cock in no time. Both of them don't mind doing the deed in public. The thought of being caught only fuels their burning desire to fuck each other hard. The naughty goth gives the lucky man a blowjob and deep throat experience he will never forget. Her soft lips and warm tongue tickle every inch of the huge shaft. The sensual feeling from the intense throating is too much for the man. He lets Doreen bend over before sticking his cock into her cunt. Doreen can't help but moan as the fit stud pounds her pierced pussy from behind. The two go into an abandoned warehouse and continue where they left off. They fuck each other in missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. Doreen's enticing body shivers in pleasure as the guy continues to fuck her pussy in delight. The sensation of the tight cunt gripping tightly around the big cock makes it impossible for the stud to hold in his cum any longer. He pulls out his cock from the wet pussy and showers the beautiful goth with his thick cream.
Jenna Foxx in A Tip For The Waitress 11:59
Jenna Foxx in A Tip For The Waitress 11:59 Maitre’d Johnny Castle and waitress Jenna J Foxx are horny as fuck, and though they may work in a bustling high-end restaurant that surely won’t stop them from having a romp at the expense of prompt service. However, when the diners finally begin to complain about the appalling lack of service, Johnny takes charge and disciplines Jenna with a firm dicking right in front of the shocked patrons.
Nekane in Wine and Dine! 8:00
Nekane in Wine and Dine! 8:00 Nacho took his buddy to a restaurant that he frequents for some good food and the sexy waitress that works there. After you see the body on the waitress you'll see why he has the hots for her. After she brought out a couple of drinks, Nacho expressed his every desire for her and whipped out his massive cock. She loved the attention and shoved the dick down her throat. Slobbering all over it. Then head to the kitchen to get fucked. Nacho hopped on top of the counter and went balls deep in her tight asshole. Penetrating her with every inch of the big dick, making her scream with great pleasure. After banging her all over the kitchen, Nacho dropped a huge load of cum in her mouth.