School Uniform

Jericha Jem in Cum Hustler - S2-E5 15:00
Jericha Jem in Cum Hustler - S2-E5 15:00 Jericha Jem doesn't want to go to school anymore, so she writes a note to tell the school she's pregnant. Her stepbrother Lucas Frost learns her plan and mocks her. Jericha calls Lucas back and unbuttons her school uniform to pull out her perky all naturals so Lucas can feel them up. Soon he's stroking her tits while she reaches down to rub his stiffie. Finding him nice and hard, the Latina babe pulls Lucas's cock out and leans forward to start sucking with long, enthusiastic strokes.
Fuck)Alicia in Tutor Can't Help But Exploit Super Cute Teen Girl Alicia! 10:44
Fuck)Alicia in Tutor Can't Help But Exploit Super Cute Teen Girl Alicia! 10:44 Alex is trying his damnedest to concentrate on tutoring cute teen, Alicia but his eyes keep glancing at her smooth, young legs. Finally, he tosses away the book and wraps his arms around Alicia's thin waist and places his hand in between her thighs. Alicia kisses him as Alex unbuttons her school uniform and sucks on her nipples. She lets out little sighs of pleasure as Alex inserts a finger right up her tight asshole. Then, laying Alicia on her side, Alex pokes her fresh, pink twat and rides her hard on the bed. When she's had enough, Alex switches it up and nails her tiny butthole!
Lady Dee in School Girl Caught Masturbating - S16:E3 14:59
Lady Dee in School Girl Caught Masturbating - S16:E3 14:59 School girl teen Lady D. has a big dildo that she can't wait to try out. She peels off her school uniform miniskirt and lays down on the bed with her thighs spread so she can work her cock hungry bald pussy. When Michael Fly finds her, Lady invites him to join her. She starts seducing him by stroking his hard dick and sucking the tip like her favorite candy. Then she gets naked and draws him close. Spreading her thighs, Lady guides Michael's stiffie until he's seated in her juicy twat to the hilt. He gives her long, slow strokes that let her caress her clit at the same time. Then he urges her onto her side so he can spoon her from behind while delivering a harder pussy pounding that leaves Lady breathless with excitement. Next, Lady gets on her hands and knees so Michael can slide into her from behind and deliver a doggy style delight that lets him squeeze and shape Lady's ass between his big hands. Lady finds herself in charge when Michael lays on his back and pulls her down for a cowgirl style ride that lets her choose her own adventure until she explodes with her orgasm. Turning around, she keeps pumping her hips up and down while getting herself off once again. Michael can't hold back any longer as Lady's pussy walls throb around him, so he pushes himself deep and gluts her with a creampie of hot cum.
Jane Wilde, April Olsen in True Lesbian - Bad Reputation 15:00
Jane Wilde, April Olsen in True Lesbian - Bad Reputation 15:00 Sarah (April Olsen) exits her home and says goodbye to her family inside. Dressed in a private school uniform with glasses and a backpack, Sarah is about to graduate at the top of her class. She may look innocent on the outside, but Sarah secretly longs for excitement ... and other women. She slips in her headphones and puts on a punk song as she walks down the road to class.Meanwhile, Andy (Jane Wilde) sits at the base of a tree, legs spread as she dumps the contents of her school bag on the ground in front of her. Andy has failed senior year twice. She rummages through her things, opening a notebook full of lesbian doodles. She notices Sarah unknowingly pass by. Andy has been waiting all morning for Sarah. Something about Sarah has always made Andy curious. She grabs her things and hurries to catch up. Walking slowly behind Sarah so she can check her out for a moment, Andy takes in the beautiful student before gradually catching up and removing her headphones. She introduces herself to Sarah, mentioning that they have homeroom together.The students walk along the road together, as Andy complains bitterly about their homeroom, how she's always getting suspended, how boring it is, and how their teacher should retire. Soon, they fall into silence, as both women search for what to say next. Finally, Sarah breaks the silence, asking Andy if she is ready for finals. Andy stops and studies the road ahead. Andy then enthusiastically suggests that they take a shortcut and veers off the path. Sarah stops and can't help but be amused at the spontaneity of her new friend. She's pretty cute, when she isn't trying so hard. She decides to follow.Sarah follows Andy down a path. She's pretty sure they are going in the opposite direction of her school by now. But she doesn't care. She really likes Andy and wishes they could spend the whole day together. Sarah and Andy chat about their lives, their sexual tension building. Eventually, Sarah asks Andy if she has a boyfriend. Andy responds with a chuckle, saying that guys aren't really her type. Sarah laughs back and nods her head awkwardly. She can really feel the tension between them now. They chat a little more, moving closer and closer to each other. Finally, the tension boils over and they lean against a tree and kiss, their hands moving over their school uniforms.Andy may have a bad reputation, but Sarah is going to find out how GOOD that can feel sometimes...
Jane Wilde, Gabbie Carter in The Captain's Slot 15:00
Jane Wilde, Gabbie Carter in The Captain's Slot 15:00 Katie (Gabbie Carter) is curled up miserably on her bed, surrounded by crumpled tissues and food wrappers. She's been too depressed to go to school for the past few days, but today she has no choice but to go back. She opens her closet door to get her school uniform, but gets upset when she sees her cheerleader outfit, hinting that her depression has something to do with cheerleading.Later that day, after school, Katie spots her schoolmate Maria (Jane Wilde), who is wearing a cheerleading uniform. Katie's eyes narrow with contempt, and she decides to follow Maria to her home. When Maria arrives at her house, she is surprised to see that Katie has followed her, but she gloatingly calls Katie 'ex-captain', and arrogantly invites her inside.From their conversation, it is revealed that Katie used to be the captain of the cheerleading squad, but she got kicked off the squad after she was somehow outed as a lesbian. The school's conservative faculty didn't want a lesbian on the squad, and someone spread a false rumor that Katie was looking up the other cheerleaders' skirts, so nobody on the squad wanted to defend her. Katie accuses Maria, the new cheerleading captain, of being the one who outed her and spread the terrible rumor. Not only that, but Katie is sure that the only way Maria could have known that she's a lesbian is if Maria is also a lesbian herself.Maria isn't shy about admitting that she is the one who outed Katie, and taunts that Katie has no hope of getting back on the squad. To Maria's surprise, Katie says that she has no desire to rejoin the squad. Katie says that what she really wants is for Maria to admit to her that she's a lesbian, too. She just wants the personal satisfaction of knowing that Maria is a hypocrite.Maria decides that she's already won, so she admits to Katie that she is a lesbian too. But to her shock, Katie begins to gloat, saying that Maria will have to keep that a secret for YEARS, if she doesn't want to get kicked out of the squad like Katie was. That means Maria won't be able to date or have sex. Meanwhile, Katie is free to be herself, since everyone now knows that she's a lesbian. That's why Katie doesn't need revenge... because the best revenge is knowing that Maria screwed HERSELF. Maria briefly looks stricken, as she realizes that what Katie said is true. Katie gleefully offers Maria a pity fuck, which she accepts. After all, it's the last time Maria will be able to have sex for quite a while...
Kiarra Kai in Kiarra Kai Fucks Her Stepdaddy for Attention 10:00
Kiarra Kai in Kiarra Kai Fucks Her Stepdaddy for Attention 10:00 Dark-haired, all-natural Indian babe, Kiarra Kai, is jealous that her stepdad doesn't look at her the way he looks at her friends at her cheerleading competitions, and also that her friend gets to fuck her stepdaddy and Kiarra doesn’t get anything. Seeking more attention, Kiarra, says that her stepdaddy can do to her whatever he does to her friend. Her stepdaddy begins to unbutton her shirt to show her awesome tits and cute nipples. He brings out his thick cock and she takes hold of it and begins to stroke it, knowing her way around a dick from the boyfriends she has had but her stepdaddy is about to teach her more than she ever has before. Kiarra gets on all fours and her stepdaddy lifts her skirt to show off her big exotic ass, and she begins to slowly and sensually suck on his cock. Kiarra can barely fit her stepdaddy’s thick cock in her tiny mouth, but she battles through and gargles his cock down. No matter how good her mouth feels on his cock, her stepdaddy has been staring at her big ass the whole time, so he makes her turn around and takes off her panties to get a view of her beautiful tight holes. He gently shoves his thick dick in her tight pussy and Kiarra gasps as her stepdaddy stretches her pussy farther than it has before. As he begins to stroke in and out of her, Kiarra smiles, but as he begins to fuck her harder, she moans louder and starts to shriek as she gets filled to the brim. Harder and harder stepdaddy goes and Kiarra whimpers, not in agony but in total and ultimate pleasure. Kiarra makes her stepdad lay on the bed to lick off every single ounce of pussy juice that has left his cock wet and white from her teen cum. To prove to her stepdaddy that she’s the best she sucks and gargles his cock down until the point of choking and coughing and tears forming in her eyes. Stepdaddy doesn’t like seeing his little Kiarra in pain, so he tells her to ride his fat cock. She climbs atop him and rides him reverse cowgirl, showing off her magnificent fat ass. Kiarra bounces her ass up and down her stepdaddy’s cock, her ass jiggles and begs to be spanked. Kiarra cums on her stepdaddy’s cock and quickly sucks his dick to swallow her sweet young pussy juice. But she climbs again, this time riding him in cowgirl, her stepdaddy’s fat cock hits every spot in her pussy that makes her cum and moans as loud as a fucking banshee, Kiarra is in fucking heaven as her stepdad rubs her clit and fills her pussy. Her stepdaddy cums all over her pussy, tummy, and school uniform skirt.
Kyler Quinn in Step Sisters School Uniform - S19:E7 15:00
Kyler Quinn in Step Sisters School Uniform - S19:E7 15:00 Rion King is minding his own business playing video games when his stepsister, Kyler Quinn, knocks on the door to his room. Kyler is trying hard to seduce her stepbrother, so she has decked herself out in her school uniform and is here now to ask him to help her make it sexy. Despite Kyler's blatant request and equally obvious attempts to flirt, Rion holds steady that he shouldn't be doing anything like that with his stepsister. Kyler leaves, but her determination only grows. She takes the time to make her uniform sexy all on her own, then returns to Rion's room to see the results of her efforts.Rion is blown away by his sexy stepsister, and no longer feels like resisting her advances. When Kyler puts one high heel on his bed and lifts her shortened miniskirt to show off her panties, Rion can't take his eyes off her pussy. Kyler pushes Rion down, and when he doesn't resist she climbs on top of him and presses her hands to her chest and her bottom to his hardon. Once she feels how badly Rion wants her, Kyler unbuttons her shirt and pops her tits out of their bra so Rion can see the goods as she kisses her way down his body to start blowing him. Sucking Rion's balls and licking and sucking her way up and down the shaft, Kyler primes her stepbrother into a nice hard woody. She scoots backwards and ditches the panties so she can tease him with her dripping twat before sinking down onto his fuck stick.Watching his stepsis riding hard on his hardon is too much for Rion to handle. He gets Kyler to turn around so he can palm and spank her ass as she keeps their party going. Then he helps Kyler onto her hands and knees so he can deliver the rough pussy pounding that they're both totally craving. Kyler is loving every moment of it as she rocks back to meet every one of Rion's strokes. She turns over and stares up at him with big eyes through her glasses as she begs Rion to keep banging her. He does as he's asked, only pulling out to explode all over Kyler's glasses in a facial that is everything Kyler has been dreaming of.
Cecelia Taylor, Kylie Rocket in My Cute Stepsister Made Me Tie Her Up - S19:E5 15:00
Cecelia Taylor, Kylie Rocket in My Cute Stepsister Made Me Tie Her Up - S19:E5 15:00 Kylie Rocket and her friend Cecelia Taylor are hanging out in Kylie's bedroom and trying to come up with a way to get Kylie's hot stepbrother, Rico Hernandez, to fuck them. The girls settle on getting out some bondage gear and tying one another up. They take their time, gagging one another and then putting on restraints. They yell for Rico and wait for him to find them. He begins with the ball gags as he's untying them, and tries to get Kylie to tell him what happened. She lies, saying that some guys broke in and didn't hurt them or steal anything, but they tied the girls up anyway. Kylie also throws in that she's had a fantasy of being tied up and fucked by someone she cares about, but this has just about ruined it. Rico can save the day by fucking her and Cecelia right away.When Rico hesitates, Cecelia chimes in on Kylie's pleas. How can Rico say no to two hot horny girls who are both looking fine as fuck still tied up in their school uniforms? He leaves the girls bound and gets them on their hands and knees so he can spank their lush asses and feel how wet their pussies are beneath their thongs and miniskirts. Hauling the girls to a kneeling position, Rico opens their shirts and palms each of their breasts and hard nipples. He gets his panting stepsis and her friend to agree that they'll suck him off like good little girls once he arranges them on their knees on the ground. Sure enough, Kylie and Cecelia deliver on their promise by sucking Rico's cock and balls.Rico doesn't get any gentler as he tosses Kylie onto the bed and slides his dick into her greedy twat. On her belly beside Kyle, Cecelia is helpless to do anything but watch her friend get fucked and wait her turn for the same treatment. Rico finally frees the girls' hands so he can flip them over and resume banging his stepsis's juicy twat. Kylie reaches over to rub Cecelia's clit and finger her meaty snatch, but soon enough Rico has moved on to Cecelia's fuck hole and left Kylie to watch and masturbate. When Rico lays down on the bed, Cecelia helps Kylie climb on top of him and ride his hardon in reverse cowgirl. The girls swap spots so that Cecelia can enjoy the same hardcore ride and bring herself to one last climax. With their fantasies finally satisfied, the girls go back to blowing Rico with deep throat enthusiasm so that he can nut into their open mouths to deliver a cumshot the girls can exchange with a kiss.
Percy Sires, Alona Bloom in Sis Swap For Haul 15:00
Percy Sires, Alona Bloom in Sis Swap For Haul 15:00 Best friends Alona Bloom and Percy Sires are tired of their boring school uniforms so they decide to ask their brothers for some money to get some cute outfits. David Lee and Jason Deep immediately blow their sisters off, but they confess to each other that the other one’s sister has been looking cute lately, and they end up making a deal. David and Jason tell Alona and Percy that they will give them the money they asked for, but only if they agree to do a sister swap!
Elle Voneva in How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Sweet Petite 13:22
Elle Voneva in How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Sweet Petite 13:22 Elle Voneva is sucking a popsicle after school when she gets home and finds her stepbrother's best friend knocking on the door. She makes her way past him and his eyes lock on her ass and the swish of her skirt. Her school uniform is a big turn on but not as much as that popsicle. She's sucking on it like she's hungry for something else. They don't have much time because her stepbrother should be home any minute. He unzips his pants and she sucks his cock. He fucks her hard and cums all over her ass cheeks before they hear someone at the front door...
Lily Larimar, Jazmin Luv, Kayley Gunner in Cute Vs. Sexy 15:00
Lily Larimar, Jazmin Luv, Kayley Gunner in Cute Vs. Sexy 15:00 Jazmin Luv, Kayley Gunner, and Lily Larimar are in Lily's bedroom. They are discussing an upcoming neighborhood talent show, for which they are planning a dance routine. As they chat about their routine, talk soon turns to their costumes.Kayley wants to dress sexy, while Lily wants to dress on the cute side. Stalemated, they ask Jazmin what she thinks. Jazmin seems slightly ambivalent and bemused, as she tells them that she isn't sure what side of the debate she falls on. Finally, with a hint of mischievousness, Jazmin suggests that it would help her decide if she was able to see each of them in costume. Kayley and Lily readily agree.A few moments later, Kayley and Lily have changed and stand side-by-side, sizing each other up as Jazmin looks on. Kayley is dressed in sexy, popstar styling, while Lily is dressed in a more cutesy school uniform. Jazmin playfully has them spin around for her.Jazmin scrutinizes them closely, biting her lip and saying she still can't decide. She then has them pose for her and do little dance moves. As they do their poses and moves, Kayley acts more sexy, while Lily acts more cute. Jazmin claims she's asking them to do this to help her decide, but judging by the mischievous half-smile on her face, she is doing it primarily for her own entertainment.Continuing to entertain herself, Jazmin asks the other two to bend over to check for potential wardrobe malfunctions. Kayley and Lily each bend over, showing their asses to Jazmin.Overcome with horniness at the sight of their asses, Jazmin suggests that there's really only ONE way she can finally seeing the girls OUT of their costumes!