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in Chanel Preston's Big Boob Tease 10:00 Chanel Preston’s big white ass welcomes the viewers. She wears a white printed tank top hugging her big tits, her tattoo exposed and nothing on her lower body. She is comfortably sitting like a cowgirl, her legs widely spread on a black chair in the kitchen counter. She is doing something on her Macbook. She is checking out the babes on her favorite porn site. The brunette beauty is coyly talking to the person behind the camera. One can see her face with full makeup on, her eyes is accentuated with dark eyeshadows. She keeps talking to someone as the camera focuses on her pinkish lips. A hand shows up and slowly grabs her butt cheek. She ignores that move and just smiles demurely at the person trying to turn her on for some sexy time. James Deen approaches Chanel, already bare naked. He carefully lifts her ass and slowly thrusts his big hard dick on her tight pinkish pussy. He humps her hard but their current sex position is not making them sensually satisfied. James adjusts her Chanel’s position, lowering her back down and at the same time placing her head on the kitchen counter. The expressions on her face change fast with how fast James changed their position. With sensual pleasure unstoppably running through their veins, James fucks Chanel from behind really hard making them both crazy. They are both almost at their peak, orgasm building fast. Their hearts already beating too fast. James Deen starts humping her really fast, his big hard dick throbbing. He can already feel his warm cum slowly dripping from the tip of his penis. He starts biting Chanel Preston shoulders as he releases his warm juices inside of her. She wasn’t expecting this sexy time with James because she has other plans but that surprise was definitely one for the books.
in Her Guilty Secret 14:59
in Her Guilty Secret 14:59 Sara (Bella Blu) is talking with her parent, Sadie (Kenzie Taylor). They're awaiting the arrival of Sara's boyfriend, who Sara has been dating for a few weeks. This will be Sadie's first time meeting the boyfriend, although Sara says she's already told him that Sadie is a prison warden - in fact, he's been making jokes about what it would be like to have a prison warden for an in-law.When the boyfriend arrives, Sadie answers the door and is stunned to see that the boyfriend is Vince (Johnny Goodluck), a man she apparently knows. They both hide this fact from Sara. As the three of them have dinner, Vince uses innuendo to hint that he's an ex-convict. This seems to unnerve Sadie, but Sara remains unaware of what's being hinted at. Sadie tries to suggest that Vince isn't right for Sara.Thinking that Sadie is just being overprotective, Sara protests and tries to defend Vince, but Vince remains oddly calm. Sara gets upset and leaves the room. Now that they're alone, Sadie confronts Vince. It is revealed that Vince used to be an inmate in Sadie's prison, and she misused her position to have a one-night stand with him. She felt so guilty that she had him transferred to another prison afterwards, and she accusingly asks if now he's targeting Sara as revenge.However, Vince explains that he's not here for revenge, but to be with Sadie again. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, and became Sara's boyfriend because he thought that was the best way to get in the door and talk to Sadie. Vince promises that if Sadie will be with him again, he'll stop dating Sara. Sadie is stunned, but Sara returns before she can reply. The dinner resumes, and Vince talks about taking his relationship with Sara to the next level, to get Sadie to give him an answer. Sadie realizes what will happen if she doesn't intervene, so she uses her foot to suggestively touch Vince under the table, to express that she'll give him what he wants. Sadie and Vince then make an excuse to leave Sara and go to another room. Once they're alone in the other room, Vince starts to say something, but Sadie says he got what he wants, so he should just fuck her already.
Pristine Edge - Talking Taboo With My Stepmom (P4PI) 24:47
Pristine Edge - Talking Taboo With My Stepmom (P4PI) 24:47
in Flexible, Handstands & Orgasms 10:59
in Flexible, Handstands & Orgasms 10:59 LISTEN UP ALL YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!! Intelligence and emotional connections, that’s what turns this mixed heritage sexpot on the most she claims. Well that and a ‘BIGGER COCK’ she clarified as she described herself and what awesomely great parental genes united to create such a beauty is our 33 year old Hot Milf Isabel. Well we also gathered and sensed as we got to know her that she was very happy and relieved that Tyler Nixon was young and handsome because there wasn’t a whole lot of mental stimulation or ‘Emotional Connecting’ going on between these two. And Isabel gave us the look more than a few times that said, ‘Really? I’m so glad Tyler’s good looking’ look before the clothes came off and the hot as fuck festivities began, and it’s true guys. The brain is the biggest sexual organ we have and it’s even bigger on women. God gave us all two ears and one mouth to imply that the best way to seduce a woman is by talking your way into her panties. Or in our stud Tyler’s case, and unfortunately for most guys in general, a required bigger than average fun gun hanging below the belt, accompanied by an even larger bank account is required for admission. And thankfully for Tyler she walked out today completely satisfied sexually, multiple orgasms I’m referring to, and lots of Benjamin’s in her purse. Money always seems to allure women and is somehow the great equalizer and that which levels the playing field between the sexes. But something tells me Isabel just loves sex. Call it a hunch or intuition, but a woman that says her favorite thing to do is oral, giving as well as receiving, is definitely a live one and someone you should seriously ponder the option of putting a ring on it. I mean this women is fine and even licks ass without hesitation, so if she’d ever considered taking two cocks at once on film I’d seriously consider coming out of retirement to through my hat in the ring to taste and feel this thoroughbred from the inside, but only on one condition. She most definitely would need to let me shave that cute butthole of hers on film before I probed it with my tongue and fucked the shit out of it. I just love fucking women in the ass. Well enough about what I’d do to this cuties orifices and more about what Tyler did to them today because Isabel put on a show and sucked Tyler’s cock like it was the fountain of youth (21:39), and I’ll say it again. This woman’s gorgeous with a great attitude and personality who’s totally down for naughty debauchery in between the sheets accompanied by new experiences. The biggest of experiences being her 1st EVER Squirting (17:57) which was preceded by her first ever Magical Wand experience (13:33) and those two events tallied 2 of her 5 orgasms. Toy play you ask? Well who doesn’t enjoy shoving objects up a hot woman’s slit? I do and so does Tyler at (19:30) and oh what a beautiful site it is. But I think she really enjoyed getting Face Fucked while Rocky used the Magic Wand all over her pink engorged clit until she erupted in her 3rd orgasm of the day (25:29), and the toe curling followed by shivering pussy lips? Well they never lie do they at (25:55). Next it’s her favorite position, ‘anything from behind is my favorite,’ she claimed and it showed. Tyler pounded that pussy in doggy while she sucked on the hot pink double headed dildo unsolicited (29:03) before he grabbed her hair and bent her backward like a moldable Gumby doll at (31:46) for some truly creative and hot fucking. Now of course there’s Lazy Doggy, which gave our sexpot her 4th and very intense orgasm of the day at (35:19) before reverse cowgirl and who would have thought Isabel has a foot fetish? Well she does and she sucked Tyler’s toes at (41:58) and this girl’s very adventurous. But Steve, the title says Flexible & Handstands? Well gaze your eyes at (44:34) because the circus is in town and things got creative. Tyler even fucked her while she did the splits on her hands before more blowjobs and the Christmas tree shaped glass dildo made an appearance at (51:00) followed by my favorite, Rimjobs and Ass Licking (54:18). There’s of course Cowgirl and her 5th orgasm of the day at (1:02:43) followed by the main event that not many guys can pull off. A Creampie / Facial combo finish money shot in Missionary (1:16:34). Well enough said so Enjoy. Steve
in Amy Riskowitz Has Hardcore Anal Sex in Her Hotel Room 10:00
in Amy Riskowitz Has Hardcore Anal Sex in Her Hotel Room 10:00 Amy Riskowitz hides half of her bare-naked body behind the white, almost see-through shower curtain. She slowly slides the curtain to the side exposing her bodacious curves as she strides under the shower head drizzling with warm water. She pumps some body wash from the bottle, mixes it with some water and directly applies it to her big tits and freshly-shaved pussy. She continues on with her shower routine as she washes her hair with shampoo. She comfortably talks to someone behind the camera as washes everything off from her body revealing all of her tattoos. She squeezes excess water from her hair and pats herself dry using hotel tissues. James Deen shows up in front of the camera, already naked. With both of them nude and exposed, anyone would expect them to jump into each other and start fucking. But that did not happen at all. They just stood inside the bathroom, talking to each other. It looks like they were getting to know each other. Realizing that the bathroom napkin couldn’t completely dry her off, she takes a towel from the counter, dries herself off then covers her body with it. Her body being covered did not last long. The next thing she knew, she was once again fully naked, on her knees, on the bathroom floor deep throating a big dick. She almost choked every time he thrusts inside her mouth but she finds the sexual act pleasurable anyway. Knowing that Amy loves anal sex way too much, James turns her around with her head almost on the toilet. It’s a relief to see that the toilet seat is covered. He rammed into her fuck hole making her scream at the sudden action. The current position wasn’t giving him enough pleasure so he decides to push her upper body even lower to the ground that she is almost seeing the gray tiles of the bathroom floor. Feeling her about to reach climax, he pulls his dick out of her fuck hole, shoves it inside her mouth, pulls it out again and slammed it into her pussy making her release her warm cum into his big dick without any warning. Anal sex was too rough that Amy ended up on the bathroom floor.
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in Double Penetration for Blonde Big Booty White Girl! 5:59 Aj Applegate is a sexy white girl with a whole lot of ASS! I'm talking about a perfect ass that looks amazing from all angles. You get the absolute pleasure of watching this sexy blonde get double pounded by two big dicks. It all started outside. AJ couldn't wait to taste these cocks. Sucking on Clover and Jessy Jones' huge cocks . Then took the action inside here she got her pussy pounded and her asshole stretched open. All at the same dame time. Fucking AJ until busting loads in her mouth for her to swallow. This is one awesome update you have to watch. Don't be a fool. Enjoy!
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in Two hot lesbian milfs 5:59 Meet tons of gorgeous mommies who are ready to get down and dirty at MyMilfz. Everyone has fantasized about a gorgeous MILF at least once in their life… and MyMilfz makes sure that all your dirty fantasies can come to life. At MyMilfz you can enjoy watching tons of gorgeous European step moms who love to get plowed hard. This also includes many beautiful British moms who love to talk dirty with their cute accent. This means that you get to watch the hottest matured girls pleasure younger cock, while talking dirty to the
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in Paisley Parker Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 4:40 Paisley Parker smiles coyly at the camera, her pearly white teeth standing out. She is dressed in gray V-neck top. Her black bra is almost exposed. She is happily talking to James Deen who is on the other side of the lens. Her facial expressions and hand movements are giving her away. She is definitely excited about the things that are about to unfold especially now that she is inside the porn star’s house. She then stands up and leaves the camera frame. The next scene cuts into Paisley now on the floor, naked. She watches as James, still fully-clothed and with his arms on her waist, buries his face on her pussy. She arches her back, closes her eyes and tilts her head to the back as he thrusts his tongue inside her tight pussy. It’s getting tighter as he strokes her clit and licks the walls of her pussy at the same time. Wanting to feel more pleasure from their pussy-eating session, Paisley grabs onto his hair and tries to guide him on how to eat her properly. James eats her pussy the way she wants him to. And that drives her crazy. She moans loudly as he repeats the same action over and over again. She is about to reach her peak when James decides to stop and calm her down by licking her shaved pussy. She comes down a bit but he did not wait until she is stable, he takes her by surprise as James devours her wet pussy once more. As James Deen licks her clit and sucks her pussy, Paisley Parker is not able to control herself. She releases her warm juices, not only once but twice, into his warm mouth. This is definitely the best pussy-eating session she has ever had after experiencing her very first orgasm.
in Taylor Reed Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 6:20
in Taylor Reed Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 6:20 Taylor Reed arrives at James Deen’s house wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. She now sits in black chair in front of the camera. She tells James how much she likes masturbating. She continues talking about the pleasure she gets whenever she successfully makes herself come. She even smiles at the thought. After a few minutes of talking, Taylor starts looking a bit bored. She almost yawns and snoozes off to sleep with boredom. She just doesn’t know what else she can talk about. She just wants to get into action right away. She then stands up and gets away from the camera’s focus. Taylor now lays down on a red couch as red as her sexual desires. She smiles with her eyes shut. She slowly looks down on while she grabs onto the headrest. As the camera focuses on her shaved pussy, James is already down there eating her pussy as he looks at her straight in the eyes. With her small tits exposed and nipples already hard as fuck, she intently watches him during their pussy eating session. She seems unsatisfied at first because she has no reaction at all. Well, not until James puts his hands around her waist, lifting it up a bit. He holds her pussy, making her stay still as he licks and sucks her clitoris. The brunette beauty finally reacts. She suddenly arches her back as James thrusts his tongue inside of her wet and tight pussy. The sensation is almost electrifying that she reaches her peak and orgasms. James isn’t done with her yet though. After letting her rest for a few moments, he wraps his arms around her waist, tighter than earlier. He almost squeezes her insides. This time around he dives into her pussy without any warning making her jolt at the sensation. As he mouth-fucks her again, she orgasms again. Taylor Reed enjoys pleasuring herself but today she finds out that getting her pussy eaten is way better.
in Stepson's Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked! 12:00
in Stepson's Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked! 12:00 Aften Opal is playing video games while lying down on her stomach, ass-up on the couch with a gamer headset on. Her boyfriend's stepdad, Ryan Driller, walks in and checks out Aften's ass, clearly liking what he sees. Ryan asks why she's here alone, and she explains that her boyfriend wanted to go see a movie that she's not interested in, so she stayed behind to play video games.Ryan says that if Aften likes challenges and games so much, he's got a SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT for her to unlock- one that he's SURE she's NEVER completed before: 'taking her BIGGEST dick yet'. Aften's eyes go wide with awe at the size of Ryan's cock. Horny and competitive, Aften accepts his challenge, assuring Ryan that she can take every INCH of him. As Ryan fucks Aften from behind, she continues playing the video game at first... or tries to, anyway. After all, it's hard for her to concentrate when feeling SO good that she can't even control her face, let alone work a video game controller!Inspired by the popular porn trend in Japan, Ahegao Extreme Orgasms explores what it would look like in real life if a woman could be fucked senseless - literally! We're talking about her eyes rolling back and tongue hanging out, as her brain says 'No thoughts, only sexytime.' Enjoy the view as one half of the screen shows the sexy action, while the other half shows Aften's extreme orgasm faces!
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POV 19yo sluts jerk n ride oiled cock in dirty talking 3some 10:01
Aidra Fox, Aria Taylor in Essentials 11:59
Aidra Fox, Aria Taylor in Essentials 11:59 Aidra is a little too wound up about her trip to Europe with Aria. If she's going to get her friend to stop talking about sex and focus on packing, Aria might have to let Aidra relieve some excitement.
Fuck)Leena A, Vandal Vyxen in Translator Turns To Slut When She Eyeball's A Cock 10:00
Fuck)Leena A, Vandal Vyxen in Translator Turns To Slut When She Eyeball's A Cock 10:00 French babe Leena goes to meet with James Deen. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak any English. Due to this, she brought along her friend Vandal Vyxen to act as a translator. Leena is wearing a floral dress while Vandal is in a gray shirt and tattered jeans. The two friends comfortably chat with James while sitting on the bed. After having some fun talking with each other, James grabs Leena by the head then turns her around. He pulls up her dress, revealing her pink polka dots panties. James slaps his butt a few times before grabbing it. They share a quick passionate kiss. Leena aggressively removes his pants and starts sucking his dick. Vandal watches her friend give James a wonderful blowjob. The sight of her friend sucking a hard dick turns on Vandal. She slowly approaches them. She can’t resist the temptation anymore. Vandal removes her clothes as she watches James eat her friend’s pussy. The two sluts begin to pleasure James. Leena gives him a blowjob while Vandal gives him a rimjob. James pulls Leena to the bed then stuffs his dick to her wet cunt. He fucked her doggystyle before shifting his attention to Vandal. James pounds Vandal’s pussy while Leena holds her legs apart. The friends lie side by side with their butts touching each other. James alternately fucks the two wet pussies. Moans of pleasure echo throughout the room. The girls are definitely having the time of their life. The three continue to fuck in different positions. The slutty friends take turns fucking James’ hard dick. Each of them patiently waits for his dick. Their threesome continues for a long time. They fuck on the bed, on the chair and while standing up. James is utterly pleased with their pussies. When he feels that he is about to cum, he pulls out his dick from one of the pussies. He strokes his dick in front of them. James sprays his cum all over their pretty faces. Vandal receives most of the cum in her mouth and swallowed it all.
Kayla Carrera in Kayla Carrera Fucks A Dude In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband On Their Couch 14:59
Kayla Carrera in Kayla Carrera Fucks A Dude In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband On Their Couch 14:59 Kayla Carrera knew she never should have married a guy so much older than her. She is still hot and horny and he's snoring by 8pm. To jumpstart him back into fucking her, Kayla brings home a guy from the mall and fucks him right in front of her husband, while talking to him the entire time!
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Natasha in NATASHA10649 11:00 Meet Natasha, a 5'1" fun size bombshell who looks like a (tiny) supermodel and fucks like a (regular sized) pornstar. From her hip grinding enthusiasm to her two handed blowjob technique, this girl is a total sex fiend.We get started as usual chatting in the bathroom while Natasha puts on her make up but things escalate quickly when she starts explaining how hard she likes to get fucked, how much she likes to get slapped around and how much dick slapping turns her on. From there, there's just no use talking, this girl needs to get my cock inside her ASA and P. I have her drop to the floor and start sucking and I am blown (no pun intended) away. This girl claims to be half black and half white, but I'm pretty sure she's actually 75% sex goddess. While she's on her knees sucking me off I can see that she's rubbing her clit through her panties. To this observer that's a sure sign of a girl who needs to get fucked, so I bend her over the sink and pound her to her first orgasm in no time.Eventually we move to the bed and get back to a little more interview, but after playing with Natasha's fine little pussy, I'd much rather be doing that than getting to know about her high school years so I have her strip and spread. A little lube and a pocket vibrator and Natasha's having orgasm after orgasm. She's really into it, and so am I. Her giggly enthusiasm makes me want to get her off over and over.When she finally needs a rest, I have her give me more of that amazing head. This is probably one of the best BJ scenes I've ever filmed. From her two handed technique, to her sexy wet mouth, to her greedy deep throat technique, it's amazing. I can barely stop myself from busting a nut in her mouth. She's so turned on by it that her pussy is dripping wet. I throw her on the bed and fuck her as hard as I can manage, making her cum time after time.It's never really fair to compare the girls I shoot with one another. There are a lot of different circumstances that go into a shoot. That said, Natasha (or Natasha White, as she calls herself at the end - probably due to that big white jizz covered smile) is probably one of the sexiest girls I've shot in months. She's beyond enthusiastic, she's sexy as hell, she sucks dick like she invented the blowjob and she's having a great time every second of the shoot.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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Jennifer White in A Sexy White Girl Needs A Big Black Cock To Cum 10:00 A sexy brunette white babe is talking with a black dude when she shows him her ass in her tight little shorts. Then she takes off her top and is there in her bra when that comes off too and the guy licks her nipples. Then she spreads her legs and he licks her wet pussy before he teases it with his huge dick and then he has her suck on it for him. He gets so hard and then slides inside of her right there on the kitchen counter. She takes him deep in that hot pussy and then he pulls out of her cunt and slips into her asshole. She lets him pound her ass in several positions to get off.
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Nicki Ortega in Loves Big Things 15:00 Nicki Ortega is a tight and tiny stunner. Shes got a winning smile, gorgeous eyes, and a habit of rolling her tongue to pronounce her last name, I wonder what else she likes to roll her tongue on! We asked this 5 foot tall, 106 pound, hottie a few questions about what she likes in bed - but instead of talking she decided to show us and blew our boy as soon as he whipped out his junk! She could barely fit the whole thing in her mouth without some serious gagging - we LOVE that sound! Her tight twat almost couldnt fit the meat either but Nicki made it work and got twisted, flipped and obliterated for you to see! Ever seen a girl that likes to get two fingers in her snatch while getting fucked by a massive cock?! In the end, Nicki received a heavy load of jizz directly into her mouth and swallowed it like the winner she is!
Jamie Michelle, Charlotte Stokely in Splits 11:59
Jamie Michelle, Charlotte Stokely in Splits 11:59 Jamie has something to tell her friend Charlotte: she's getting a divorce. She has something else to confess, but she's going to let her body do the talking.
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Lady Lyne in Lady Lyne Gets What She Wants 12:19
Lady Lyne in Lady Lyne Gets What She Wants 12:19 Just talking about creampies during her interview got Lady Lyne so horny that she had to make a little solo scene for us first and fuck one of her big favorite toys! When she finds out her husband is going to be late coming home from work, Lady Lyne convinces his best friend to stay so she can seduce him. She teases him, sucks his cock, and mounts his hard dick while begging to be filled with his
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Alina West in Ballet Banging 15:00 There's a reason porn star Alina West's tight body is so deliciously flexible... she's a ballet dancer! Alina does some impressive stretches outside as she tells us about how she got into the industry and why she likes being watched so much before she helps herself to Scott Nails's big dick. Alina loves sucking that cock almost as much as she loves talking dirty as she rides it, and you'll enjoy your POV view of her tits and booty bouncing almost as much as Scott did!
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Jasmin Jae in The Perfect MILF Jasmin Jae 6:00 Yo, so check it out this week we had this fine ass white milf type bitch come in to clean up the crib after a ratchet ass party we had. So, this bitch Jazmin came through and already I was scoping her out. She started cleaning up the crib when I came up to her and pretty much layed it down on her, I offered her some extra cash to show that milf ass. Jazmin's sexy ass started to undress and already my dick was rock solid, feel me? This milf had a banging ass body, I'm talking about big ass titties and a nice big ass. I took out my big ass black dick and asked her if she wanted to help me out. You should of seen the look on this bitches face, she was like "omg,govna!" In no time I had my boy come through and this milf was sucking on two big black dicks. HELL YEAH! shit got real after that playa, Im telling you aint no better pussy than that older pussy. Jazzman took real good care of me and my boy.
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Monica Sage in Latina Monica: Face-Down-Ass-Up Anal! 11:59 Curvy Latina Monica Sage teases and dances, flaunting her thick rump and meaty, natural tits. The dirty-talking cutie moans as director Mark Wood munches her wet twat, and she gushes slobber in a furious face fuck. The perverted stud slam-fucks her tight slit and then bends Monica over to slowly penetrate her sphincter. Face down and ass up, Monica flaunts her gaping bunghole. She gags as she crudely sucks Mark's boner ass-to-mouth. A vulgar session of choking head and hardcore sodomy features nasty rimming and a creamy facial climax.
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Mai Baliey in 2 Dicks And Her Asshole 7:59 Mai, is a is like a real life, walking talking, tattooed and pierced, anime love doll, with flaming red hair, and a smokin hot T&A body. Playing every guy’s fantasy, of the insanely hot adult store clerk, who is bored and horny, so as soon as, two customers come, her tits are out, and her legs spread, offering to satisfy thier carnal cravings. Soon, she is on her knees, gluttonously sucking their potent pricks, with sluttish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and mind blowing, oral artistry. Putting her, in standing doggie, one stud, vehemently rams his beef baton into her, while she ravenously sucks his buddy, moaning and crying out, in wanton exultation, then they change orifices. Laying her on a padded table, they take turns, brutishly pounding thier steely shafts, into her bald pussy, while she jerks and sucks the other, moaning and wailing, ecstatically. She then, ferociously slams her greedy cunt, onto one fuckpole, while sucking the other, moaning and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. She continues her wild ride, in cowgirl, energetically humping one, until his pal, robustly drills his pork sword, into her asshole, for a raucous DP, as she moans and howls, with unbridled primal passions. She moves on, to ride one towering tool, in anal cowgirl, while she savagely sucks the other, then after switching orifices, so that she can suck her ass juice, from thier dorks, they jerk off, unleashing geysers of goo, into and all over her mouth, leaving her happily, satiated, glazed and dazed.