Yoga Pants

Skye West, Eva Long in Naughty Play 15:00
Skye West, Eva Long in Naughty Play 15:00 Eva long was furious after finding used condoms on her bed. She knew that they didn't belong to her husband since they were too small. The only other person that could've dared to fuck on her bed was her stepdaughter Skye. Eva called her over and after scolding her, she noticed that Skye was wearing tight yoga pants. Eve ordered Skye to lay back on the bed, she protested but ultimately obeyed her stepmom. Eve had her way with Skye. She licked and fingered her wet pussy. Eve also tongue fucked her stepdaughter's tight little asshole before smothering her face with her own wet pussy. After experiencing multiple orgasms they sore to keep their sexual escapade a secret.
Sara Luvv in Yoga Can Wait 15:00
Sara Luvv in Yoga Can Wait 15:00 I was spying on my girl Sara stretching before her yoga students came. Her body in those yoga pants and training bra was so tight and sexy. I couldnt help but grab her ass and try to get some pussy before she had a yoga class. She told me she didnt have enough time, so I told her Id buy her a new purse if she let me slide and record the whole thing! She agreed, so I took out my dick and gobbled it down, fitting it all in her mouth! When I went to fuck her she would let me take off her pants so I just ripped them open and drilled into her from behind. Sara was pissed that I did that but as soon as she got a feel of my dick, none of that mattered. I fucked her and rubbed her clit until she came and finally I exploded into her mouth and there was no mess at all!
Fuck)Anna Morna in Anna Morna is Irresistibly Fuckable 10:00
Fuck)Anna Morna in Anna Morna is Irresistibly Fuckable 10:00 Anna Morna arrives on set wearing a pink top, a pair of blue. Under her clothes, she has a pair of matching black lacy underwear on. Her long black hair almost reaches her waist and her heavy makeup makes her look more mature. James is nearby wearing a grey shirt and yoga pants. His eyes took in the curves of her body and the soft heaves of her breasts as she breathes. Anna feels horny, so she cast a lusty look over her shoulder to James and swayed her ass invitingly. James of course, could not resist and plunges his engorge member into her wet cunt, eliciting a breathy moan from the woman. He pumps into her, enjoying the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing his cock. Her big tits swayed and jiggled with every thrust. Before he can reach his peak, she moves and walk to the nearby bathroom. She looks at him with meaning and he follows her like a lamb on a leash. Now alone in the bathroom, his dick once again found its way to her wet pussy and he thrust and pumps into her with no care. He let his libido take over and they fuck like there is no tomorrow. Finally, they both reached their peak and the orgasm flowed through them like an electric shock. Satisfied, James left Anna in the bathroom to gather her bearings and prepare for the shooting of their next movie.
Dee Williams, Skye Blue in Over Their Clothes 15:00
Dee Williams, Skye Blue in Over Their Clothes 15:00 Skye Blue is relaxing in her room when her stepmom, Dee Williams, enters the room with a laundry basket. Dee asks her if she has any additional clothes that need washing. Skye says that no, she's fine. Dee then takes an appreciative look at the outfit that Skye is wearing and says that speaking of clothes, that's a great top she's wearing!As Dee starts to get flirty with Skye, it becomes apparent that they are attracted to each other. But Skye says they can't act on their attraction because Dee is her stepmom.Dee and Skye try to justify getting frisky by saying that if they only touch each other over their clothes, then it won't count as Dee cheating. Dee and Skye rub and fondle each other over their clothes for several minutes, especially rubbing each others' breasts and pussies. They both end up squirting from all the pussy rubbing, and dark stains form on their yoga pants.Now super turned on, Dee and Skye want to go further. But can they stop themselves before they go all the way??
Paula Shy, Angelika in Warmth 11:59
Paula Shy, Angelika in Warmth 11:59 Wrapped in a blanket, busty Asian beauty Paula Shy sits shivering by the fire, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Warmth" begins. Her face lights up with a delighted smile as sexy blonde Angelika brings her a hot drink, and some even hotter kisses. They start gently, caressing each other with tender touches, growing passionate as Paula pulls her girlfriend’s top down to suck her beautiful breasts. When Angelika’s nipples are hard as diamonds, Paula peels off her tight yoga pants and goes down to lick her shaved pussy, the lips opening like butterfly wings as her skilful tongue explores. Thrusting her fingers into Angelika’s tight slit, Paula drives her to an intense orgasm. The breathless blonde moves to her knees to ride her sweetheart’s fingers harder, cumming again, then spreads Paula’s thighs wide to eat her gorgeous pussy. She licks and frigs the stunning brunette to a powerful climax, then lies back so Paula can straddle her face and grind to another orgasm. Naked and satiated, it’s the "Warmth" of their mutual ardor that keeps these lovers red hot.
Sabina Rouge in Body Whisper 8:00
Sabina Rouge in Body Whisper 8:00 Stunning Sabina Rouge is practicing yoga, her long brunette hair cascading down her back as she moves through her bends and stretches. Soon sexual energy is flowing through the American beauty’s perfect body, and she unhooks her bra to free her gorgeous breasts. Yoga pants off, her lace panties leave the cheeks of her spectacular ass bare. She pulls them aside to reveal her shaved pussy, smiling serenely. Getting naked, the sultry babe tunes in to her erotic nature, tugging her nipples to stiff points and stroking her clit, then thrusting her fingers into her tight slit and masturbating to an overwhelming orgasm.
Clara Trinity in Clara Trinity - Flexible Asian Former Cheerleader Does Casting In Yoga Pants 15:00
Clara Trinity in Clara Trinity - Flexible Asian Former Cheerleader Does Casting In Yoga Pants 15:00 At just a little bit above 150cm in height, I had trouble finding fitness clothes that would fit Clara. This bite size Filipino was a former cheerleader and is very fit and flexible, able to do a bow-split which impressed me greatly. But although she looked small, she definitely didn't act like that when it came to sex and she was ready to show off her flexibility when it comes to fucking. Her small tight pussy felt amazing. I almost forgot she came for an audition to be a fitness model. hehe
Kiara Lord in Yoga Babe Kiara Lord Takes a Workout Break to Get DP’d by 2 Friends GP1979 14:59
Kiara Lord in Yoga Babe Kiara Lord Takes a Workout Break to Get DP’d by 2 Friends GP1979 14:59 Vince and his friend Jacob are watching sexy yoga bane Kiara stretch in her skin-tight pants while they relax by the pool of their apartment’s gym. Kiara, after overhearing the two mentioning how sexy she is, takes the initiative. She stops stretching, approaches the men, and makes her intentions clear. After she starts sucking Jacob’s dick, something Jacob clearly doesn’t mind, Vince takes her yoga pants off and drives his tongue deep into her cunt. The wet threesome then moves to the couch, where Vince and Jacob take their stiff cocks and slam them inside Kiara’s ass and pussy at the same time. Kiara finishes the job by taking two cumshots to the face.
Rachael Cavalli in There is a Rip in Your Pants 8:00
Rachael Cavalli in There is a Rip in Your Pants 8:00 Rachael Cavalli was doing some stretching when Johnny the Kid knocked. He was a friend of Rachael’s son Marc and wanted to play some video games with him. He would just wait until Marc would be back. Rachael asked Johnny to help her stretch. This is when he realized that her Yoga pants were torn in the middle and her whole pussy was exposed. He couldn’t stop staring at it. After a while she realized that happened. She was cool about it. But she realized that watching her gave him a giant boner. He couldn’t leave just like this. He would get blue balls. Tenderly she opened his pants and started to blow his dick. This didn’t make him cum so she fucked him. She fucked him hard. She fucked him fast until he came into her face.
Stella Cardo in Street Romance 11:59
Stella Cardo in Street Romance 11:59 Gorgeous Stella Cardo meets her boyfriend Stephan Cardo on the corner, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Street Romance" begins. They ride their scooters through the streets of Prague together, enjoying the sights, and each other’s company. Back home, the romantic mood continues as Stephan caresses his sweetheart’s big beautiful breasts adoringly, kissing her and sucking her nipples. She frees his stiff cock from his jeans, gazing into his eyes lovingly as she strokes it, then kneels to lick and suck it avidly. Peeling off her tight yoga pants, Stella squeezes her soft boobs around her man’s dick, then straddles him and guides it into her tight pussy. Riding slowly and sensuously, then picking up the pace until her breasts are bouncing hypnotically, she moans and gasps with pleasure. They move into missionary, Stephan fucking his sexy wife vigorously, her knees bent back by her ears as she takes him deep. She orgasms breathlessly as he slams into her, then switches to doggy so he can drill her from behind, making her orgasm again with his rapid thrusts. He doesn’t let up the pace, driving her wild as he shoots his hot creamy load inside her. Lying in each other’s arms, they kiss tenderly though the afterglow of their lovemaking.
Zazie Skymm, Sarah Kay in Those Girls 12:00
Zazie Skymm, Sarah Kay in Those Girls 12:00 Cute Sarah Kay entices gorgeous blonde Zazie Skymm to have some sexy fun with her, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Those Girls" begins. Her slender body shown off to perfection in a sheer bodysuit, Sarah grabs the TV remote to ensure she has her girlfriend’s full attention. Their play fighting quickly turns to kissing and cuddling on the sofa, as Sarah pulls Zazie’s top down and fondles her beautiful breasts, sucking her stiff nipples. She thrusts a hand into Zazie’s tight yoga pants to stroke her, then peels them down, pushes her legs high, and licks her shaved pussy voraciously. Thrusting two fingers into Zazie’s wet slot, Sarah frigs her to a climax that makes her tremble with its intensity. She doesn’t stop, teasing out the aftershocks until Zazie cums again. Now she moves up to straddle Zazie’s pretty face, grinding her soaked, shaved pussy on her girlfriend’s tongue. Giggling with pleasure, she lies back for her lover to suck her prominent clit and fingerbang her to a powerful orgasm.
Lylith Lavey in Rip My Yoga Pants 12:00
Lylith Lavey in Rip My Yoga Pants 12:00 Not only is brunette cumslut Lylith Lavey blessed with terrific ass, she also has the good sense to keep it taught, firm and flexible with a steady regime a yoga. What kind of yoga you ask? The kind that gets you a big dick in the ass, courtesy of Jesse Jones and an entire bottle of oil.