Financial advisor Riley Reyes welcomes client's BBC into ass

Blonde beauty, Riley Reyes puts Dredd's money where her mouth is in this scene from "Dredd #6". Riley is needed at Jules' place to help Dredd with some badly needed financial advice. When Miss Reyes goes online to see the recent projects Dredd has been working on, she is immediately impressed with the size of his assets. Dredd wants to know if he can trust his new advisor so he has Riley wrap her lips around his fat stack. Trust is obviously established as Dredd soon has Reyes on the counter taking his prodigious pecker up her deposit box. Riley has some assets of her own, including a very shapely ass that compliments her natural tits and long blonde hair. She folds her white nylon wrapped legs over while Dredd penetrates her asshole. They both agree it was sound move as Dredd deposits a wealth of cum into Riley's yapper...

4 weeks ago