Two Mormon girls Zoe and Alison Rey suck off together

Whenever I see other girls at church, I wonder if they have the same dirty thoughts I have. I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t stop thinking about sex. Sex with girls, sex with boys, it doesn’t matter. And it seems like I’m the only girl struggling with naughty desires. If there’s one girl I can’t get out of my mind, it’s Zoe. She’s such a good girl, and she’s so pretty. Every time I see her at church, I can barely resist the temptation to grab her and kiss her on the lips. The other day my mom told me that I was growing up too fast. With tears in her eyes, she said it was time for me to receive my endowment in the temple. Why was she crying? I thought the temple was the most sacred place on earth? It wasn’t long before I found out what made my mom so sad. When she dropped me off at the temple, I was ushered into a changing room — but it wasn’t empty. Zoe was waiting there for me. I tried to act normal, but my heart was racing. I couldn’t stop looking at her body. I thought she noticed…and I thought she liked it. Before I could tell her that I think she’s beautiful, a temple worker escorted us to the veil, where we were made to get on our knees and partake in a nasty competition: an erect penis poked through a hole in the veil, and we were told that only one of us would get to pass through. I wanted to be the one who pleased the stranger the most, but I also wanted to touch Zoe’s body. And when my lips touched her lips around the stranger’s penis, I felt so turned on I thought I might pass out. - Sister Alison Rey

4 weeks ago