Lana Mars and AK Gingersnaps make it in the green field

AK Gingersnaps and Lana Mars, two daring girlfriends, decide to make the most of the day by going on a fun hike together. As they trudge through the forest, making sure not to get smacked by branches or falling while balancing on logs, they truly enjoy each other's company.As each adventurous step brings them closer together, things slowly start to heat up between them. They start to exchange flirty looks while caressing each other in passing. They even get so bold as to exchange kisses on the shoulder.Maybe now it's time to make their way through a different kind of bush...As soon as they find a bit of space, they press close, kissing each other all over while pulling off each other's clothes. They don't pass up the opportunity to kiss each other's breasts in the process, getting more excited with each passing second. Once they sit down on the cool earth, they happily dive into each other's pussies, ready to make this hike the best one yet. But they better be quick because anyone could walk by at any moment!

1 year ago