Mandy Flores in Motherly Love 2

My only Step son needs special Motherly love to make sure he becomes a better man and lover than his father.. Custom video request: My step son asks me if his father is home. He heard a male voice in my room along with some other...sounds. No, your father isn't here. Im sorry you had to find out this way, but your father and I are separated. We've been having problems for awhile now and the man you heard is...a friend of mine. Even though your dad left both of us, can you still not tell him about my friend? Would you like to come sit down and talk? I notice he has an erection and ask him if hearing me have sex turned him on. He's shy and embarrassed but I reassure him its perfectly natural. I realize his pathetic father never had the sex talk with our son so I decide to teach him about the birds and the bees the right way..........Mandy Flores

3 months ago