Sidney Alexis in Studying For The Titty Test

Sidney Alexis was nice enough to tutor one of her friends from school. The only problem is that he focuses more on Sidney’s huge knockers than he does on the study material! This proved to be more evident than ever at today’s study session. Sidney caught him staring at her tits for the longest and he wouldn’t even respond to her questions! The only way to fix this is to let him get a taste. Sidney allowed him to not just rub, but taste and fuck her outrageous shoulder boulders. This was one of the best days this guy has ever had, and best nuts too. He spunked out a vicious load all over Sydney’s gigantic tits and beautiful face. When it came to handling the Titty Attack, this guy gets an A! We can only hope now that he’s cleared his head he can actually focus on his studies and achieve the same in the classroom. Only time will tell!

4 months ago