Emma Hix goes lesbian with her stepmom Sarah Vandella

Get ready to experience Pure Taboo like you NEVER have before. Fans of lesbian action will finally get to see the hot girl-on-girl content in this popular Pure Taboo scene from our back catalogue, re-cut to show only the lesbian sequences and characters.WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?18-year-old Alison (Emma Hix) is in her living room, pacing anxiously. She seems to be worried about something. The door opens and Connie (Sarah Vandella) walks in. 'Hi...Mom,' Alison says.Later, after dinner, Alison takes a deep breath and tells Connie that there's something she needs to talk to her about. They go to Connie's bedroom to chat. As they sit on Connie's bed together, Alison seems frozen in nervousness. 'I've been having these...thoughts lately Mom,' Alison says, looking up at her stepmom. 'Thoughts about...you,' Alison adds slowly. When Connie presses her, Alison hesitantly reveals that she's in love with Connie.Connie is completely shocked and unsure how to react. Alison tries to sooth her, putting her hand on Connie's knee. Connie is reluctant, insisting that it's completely inappropriate as she removes Alison's hand from her leg. But Alison persists, pointing out that she knows how lonely Connie is. Soon, Connie can no longer resist as Alison slips her hand between her mom's legs. Despite her misgivings, Connie is clearly thirsting for human touch and doesn't resist this time. She gasps as Alison rubs her pussy and kisses her neck, like putty in her daughter's hands...

2 weeks ago