Slutty Trinity st Clair seduced the naive Nella Jones

Nella Jones is a conservative girl from a small town moving to L.A. to pursue a new career. However, she quickly realizes that it's expensive living there and that she'll have to make some sacrifices. One, of which, has to do with giving up her personal space and living with a stranger! Nella's never had a roommate before but having someone around to help pay the bills and living costs is a must.When Nella arrives at Trinity St. Clair's place and meets her for the first time, she's immediately taken by Nella's warmth and sincerity. She has a good feeling about being roommates with Trinity, even if she's momentarily taken aback when Trinity reveals that she's a lesbian. Nella's always considered herself to be pretty open-minded, so this isn't a problem at all!But as time passes, she realizes that Trinity being a lesbian IS a bit of a problem... because Nella now has all these new feelings stirring inside. She never looked at girls before but she's drawn to Nella, loving their daily routine and being close to her. In fact, Nella starts to dress more flirty to see if she can get Trinity's attention in a different way...Finally, Nella works up the courage to ask Trinity about her sexuality. As they bare their souls to each other, it soon leads to an offer of exploration, starting with a kiss... Although Nella's nervous, this is exactly what she's been daydreaming about ever since she moved in.Nella's head spins as Trinity takes her through her first lesbian encounter. Although things start slow and sensual, it isn't long before Nella herself is caught up in the heat of the moment. Once she gets her first taste of pussy, there's no going back. It looks like this move to L.A. has changed her life in more ways than she ever could've imagined!

2 months ago