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When Jane Wilde and Rob Piper walked on camera and came together with a kiss, you could feel the calm, warm energy radiating between them. When we asked Jane why she chose Rob as her partner for the She Wants Him project, she said it was because she feels a connection with Rob that extends beyond their work together. She loves him as a person... and also loves that he's in touch with his kinky side, which is always a turn-on for her!Even though they were both so chill around each other throughout the interview, the one thing they kept bringing up was how high energy they are during sex. They not only felt comfortable around each other outside of a scene but during it, too. That was so important to both of them because it allowed them to explore with each other in ways they can't with other people.Speaking of exploration... We learned that, for Jane, sometimes it's better to get straight to the point, so she's not afraid of asking her partners what she can do to make them 'cum really hard.' She also likes saying things to catch her partners off guard so that they know she's down to be a 'nasty freak!' As she told us this, Rob was definitely flustered... I can only imagine what was going through his mind! Just WHAT were we going to see once they jumped into bed together??Well, I won't keep you guessing. I hope watching their dreams come true will make YOUR dreams come true, too!-Bree Mills

4 months ago