POV fucking and blowjob from Lisey Sweet is the best

So... my girlfriend, Lisey, and I like to get a bit WILD sometimes. When it comes to sex, we like to be DARING, always pushing the envelope. Nothing beats the rush from almost getting caught with your pants down around your ankles, amirite??We film ourselves a LOT, too, and in all kinds of different places to document all the risky public stuff we love to do. I just HAVE to share this video of one of our latest adventures at an open house. I have to give credit where credit's due since this was all Lisey's idea! How hot is THAT??Anyway, when we arrived at this open house, the realtor greeted us. She was suspicious of the camera at first but we told her it was so that we could get video of the house and compare it against other houses we've seen. It was a complete lie, of course, but the realtor ate it up. It was so HARD keeping a straight face when Lisey was making flirty gestures at me the whole time behind the realtor's back...As soon as the realtor let us go, we were off to explore the house. As soon as we found a private room, we closed the door behind us and Lisey dropped to her knees. She eagerly took my cock into her hot mouth and we were off! I can tell you that this is one tape I'll DEFINITELY watch over and over again!

4 months ago