Hot MILF Dana DeArmond uses dick of a young contractor

Dana DeArmond is just getting ready to settle down with a good video and her favorite toy when she hears a commotion. Frustrated, she goes to her door and finds Lucas Frost, a contractor. The thing is, he's the son of the contractor Dana hired to do work on her kitchen... and the dad's failed to deliver! So even though Lucas is there to do the job now, Dana is NOT impressed...Lucas tries to appease Dana, though he doesn't know he interrupted some valuable solo time. He tells her that he'll do what he can in the kitchen and to pretend that he's not even there! Since Dana's still glaring daggers at him, he hurries off to try and bury himself in his work.Dana is annoyed as she settles down again, but there's no way she's going to be able to relax with all that racket! Finally, there's a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she kicks back and starts to masturbate. If Lucas wants her to pretend that he's not even there, then that's exactly what she'll do!When Lucas comes around to ask for her input, he's shocked as he catches her masturbating. Yet, Dana is absolutely undeterred as she continues fingering herself while answering Lucas' questions. However, he's too distracted and embarrassed, and he apologizes for being such a nuisance but he really IS just doing his job! What else can he do to make it up to her??Dana grins as she approaches Lucas with a lustful look, insisting that there just may be SOMETHING he can do for her...Dana pounces, taking Lucas to bed. She eagerly goes down on his cock, wanting it inside of her already! After she makes Lucas eat her out, she finally lets him inside her pussy. Although Dana may be disappointed in his contract work, Lucas isn't disappointing her now!

2 years ago