Stepdad have the horny teen Aria Lee a tough lesson

Aria Lee is your typical teenage girl just trying to become more familiar with her body. As she relaxes in the comfort of her own bedroom, she passes the time fingering her pussy. She's grown to love the sensation and can't get enough of it!But when her step-dad, Tommy Gunn, barges in without knocking, she freezes in her tracks. Tommy is flustered as he scolds his step-daughter, telling her that if he ever catches Aria masturbating again, he'll give her the spanking of a lifetime! Shamefaced, Aria gives in and promises that she won't touch herself again...Aria TRIES to be a good girl over the next few days but the temptation is too great. She can't keep her mind off masturbating, so she finally gives in for a nice solo session. Once again, despite her attempts at hiding what she's doing, Tommy catches her. True to his word, he gives her a spanking, although it backfires and starts to arouse him... Once Aria notices this, she decides to use it to her advantage, convincing her sexually-repressed dad to let loose and have some fun!It isn't long before Aria is taking it from behind and loving every inch of his cock. Now that she's seen how naughty her own dad is, she's never going to let him live it down!

2 years ago