Hubby is distracted from playing games by Kimber Lee

Kim is getting ready for a romantic night in with her boyfriend, Paolo. As she changes into a sexy little red dress and fixes her hair just right, she's ready for some lovin'!But when she saunters into the bedroom, she finds Paolo completely lost in a video game. She gives him her best bedroom eyes as she leans seductively against the doorframe, trying to get his attention. Once Paolo looks up and sees this tantalizing visual, he's conflicted, his eyes darting between the video game screen and his stunning girlfriend. It seems as though Paolo isn't quite ready to put down the game yet, but Kim has an idea on how to change that...As Paolo continues playing, Kim crawls onto the bed and pulls down his waistband, taking out his dick. She goes down on him as he plays, determined to get her sexy night yet. Of course, it isn't long before Paolo abandons his game in favor of something much more fun. Kim is delighted as he pushes all HER buttons instead, eating her out before sliding his cock inside her pussy. Now Kim knows EXACTLY how to get his attention from now on!

2 years ago