Big-tittied MILF Dee Williams pleases herself with fingers

The female orgasm is intense, mysterious, and beautiful. So, as part of our candid study of masturbation, I wanted to talk to one of the most beautiful performers in the industry: the inimitable Dee Williams.Not only is Dee a superstar, but she's also an all-around lovely person, and when she sat down with me to answer some questions about pleasuring herself, she was honest, charming and unsurprisingly delightful.'I was reading a novel with some spicy bits,' Dee said about her first time masturbating. 'And didn't really know what I was doing,' she reflected. 'It was kind of disappointing. So I messed about for fifteen minutes and literally gave up,' Dee chuckled.But things have definitely changed in the years since, as Dee confirmed when I asked her how often she masturbates now. 'Once or twice a week maybe,' Dee answered. 'I'm very lucky in that my husband loves to WATCH me masturbate.' Hmm, sounds like HE'S the lucky one, Dee.And even though she had a rocky start when it came to experimenting with her body, it didn't take long for Dee to find her rhythm.'I first had an orgasm the first time I had penetrative sex,' Dee recalled, smiling at the memory, 'it was literally my second day of college.' Dee quickly found a willing partner, a man who, in her words was 'a very kind and conscientious gentleman who walked me through the steps.'Dee expanded on the subject, talking about her favorite way to cum. 'Probably my strongest orgasms come when I'm just in bed with myself and my fingers and my imagination,' she told me.And when we were finished chatting, Dee graciously agreed to masturbate for our cameras, but before she started, she had some advice for women who feel ashamed to masturbate. 'It's never silly to do things that make you feel loved,' she offered. 'Pleasure that I'm giving myself, that's just as much self-love as anything else...and self-love is a beautiful thing,' she finished with a smile.And as we watched Dee love herself, capturing every intimate and powerful moment, I saw how right she was, and I can't wait for you to see too.-Bree Mills

4 weeks ago