Lustful guy copulates with his GF's roommate Ana Foxxx

Jay Romero comes out of his girlfriend's bedroom and walks down the hall, stopping at a nearby open door as something inside another room catches his eye. His eyes widen in a lusty expression as he looks closer at what he saw: the gorgeous Ana Foxxx, snoring softly in bed. She's naked, a blanket covering most of her except the tantalizing glimpse of one perfect breast.Jay can't resist staring, biting his lip as he obviously likes what he sees. He looks nervously over his shoulder and then back at the intriguing sight inside the bedroom. Finally he glances around quickly one last time to make sure that no one sees him and tiptoes softly into the room.As Ana dozes, Jay pulls the covers off of her, and, staring at her hot naked body, Jay pulls out his dick and begins to masturbate.Jay can't take his eyes off of Ana as he jerks his cock, but soon he can't contain himself and accidentally lets out a moan. Before he realizes what's happening, Ana has heard the noise and her eyes flutter open. She yelps in surprise, instinctively pulling the covers over herself.Jay begins to stammer excuses, claiming it's not what it looks like.'Ohhhh, so you're NOT jerking off to your girlfriend's roommate while she's in bed?' Ana playfully fires back.Jay starts to panic, but much to his surprise, instead of being mad, Ana admits that she's always had a thing for Jay. Not only is she into Jay, but she wants to take things to the next level RIGHT NOW, spitting on his cock and sliding it into her mouth.Jay's been caught sneaking AND caught fapping...now he just has to make sure his girlfriend doesn't catch him FUCKING!

11 months ago