April ONeil joined Cassidy Klein and Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert is relaxing in the living room on her phone when her friend Cassidy Klein pays her a visit. Cassidy looks upset, insisting that they need to talk. They have a mutual 'friend with benefits,' April O'Neil, but Cassidy feels Casey is getting too much time with April.Casey and Cassidy argue a bit, then decide to invite April over to discuss everything so that they don't ruin their friendship.April arrives shortly after and is greeted by both Casey and Cassidy. There's tension between them, which April definitely notices and she asks them what's going on. Casey and Cassidy exchange uncertain looks, and finally share their frustrations with April. But as they talk, it becomes obvious that Cassidy's jealous of the time that April and Casey get to spend together and has been feeling lonely lately.April and Casey are sympathetic to Cassidy's feelings and the three of them try to figure out a way to give Cassidy more time with April. But then April's eyes light up with a naughty idea. She suggests that the THREE of them hook up, right now.Cassidy and Casey are taken aback by the idea, but they look shyly at each other, intrigued. Although they are still a little shy, they ultimately can't resist the temptation of a scorching hot threesome.No time like the present, after all!

2 years ago