Natasha Nice has a collection of toys to choose from

Natasha Nice is on the phone talking with a friend about how things are going with her and her partner. Natasha mentions that they've been a little bored lately, but they ARE thinking about trying something new in the bedroom...ass play!But Natasha isn't exactly sure how to get started so her friend suggests that she ease herself into it by experimenting with some sex toys by herself. Natasha bites her lip, obviously turned on by the idea. She decides to go for it. She hangs up with her friend and goes to her bedroom excitedly.Natasha lays out some dildos and a vibrator. Taking a deep breath, Natasha lubes up one of the dildos and takes off her shirt, playing with her perfect breasts before lying down on the bed and slipping her panties off.Looks like practice really DOES make perfect!

10 months ago