April ONeil gave bride Mary Moody a lesbian experience

Mary Moody is trying on her wedding dress. Her fiance, Casey Calvert, pops in to see where her sister April O'Neil is, who is supposed to be helping out. Mary, acting somewhat strangely, claims she doesn't know where April is.Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The second she's gone, Mary throws the poof of her dress up, revealing April, who has been under the dress the entire time, eating Mary's pussy! April rises to her feet as Mary wags a finger at her playfully.With Casey gone, the ladies resume foreplay and get naked. When Casey pops in again, Mary makes her shut her eyes because it's bad luck to see the wedding dress, so Casey doesn't see Mary and April, who are naked right in front of her.Casey leaves, closing the door behind her. The ladies exhale a relieved breath. With Casey gone, Mary FINALLY has April all to herself, and the two pick up right where they left off, April passionately kissing Mary's perfect breasts.Sure, Mary's going to be a married woman, but she's not married YET!

2 years ago