Submissive inked Cam Damage does anything master says

Cam Damage (they/them) is lounging around the house when they get a text from Ten Against (he/him), their dom. When he texts Cam to let them know that he'll be home any minute and to be ready for him, Cam quivers with anticipation. There's nothing more they love than submitting to Ten.When Ten arrives home and takes a seat on the bed, Cam doesn't skip a beat. They immediately fall into their role, which comes so naturally to them. As Cam kneels down before him to remove his shoes, their eyes trail subtly over the bulge of his pants. Of course, as soon as the shoes are put aside, Cam glides their fingers over that bulge and to his belt...With Ten assertively pushing his fingers through Cam's hair, Cam pulls his cock out of his pants and dutifully gets to work. They faithfully services him, savouring the taste of his cock as they give him what he's wanted all along: a blowjob. But as things gradually get hotter, Ten soon orders Cam to assume the position.As Cam obediently crawls onto all fours on the bed, exposing their wet pussy to him, they are ready and willing to fulfill his every need!

10 months ago