Retro housewife Karla Lane is here to please everyone

Karla Lane, wearing a frilly red dress, flowery apron, and string of pearls, warmly welcomes the audience into her kitchen. She's the host of a show for housewives and it's time for another episode of everything to do to keep a man happy. After all, isn't that a housewife's job?As she does her spiel, which is reminiscent of the housewife life in the 1950s, she shares tips for a happy marriage, such as learning how to cook a man's favorite meal or never burdening him with your problems. Remember, it's all about making your man happy! If your man is happy, everyone's happy, right?But, when the man of the house isn't around, housewives have to keep themselves entertained SOMEHOW... which is when Karla lets her audience in on a naughty little secret...With a cheeky grin, she begins pulling sex toys out of the kitchen drawer, pointing out that men never go into the kitchen, anyway. As she strips down, she prepares her toys, clearly eager to get the REAL show started. As she slips a butt plug snugly into place and grabs a glass dildo, it's now all about making the housewives happy!

12 months ago