Magic wand makes horny Jane Wilde reach strong orgasm

Jane Wilde is one of the biggest names in adult entertainment, someone I've been lucky enough to work with many times over the years. So when it came time to choose who I would invite to participate in our study of masturbation, Jane was at the top of my list.The two of us sat down to talk and Jane got right into it, telling me about the first time she masturbated. 'I had a doll, so I would take the doll and I would, y'know, rub it on me and try to get some type of sensation,' Jane said.Jane had an interesting take on a common nickname for masturbating. 'I'll call it jerking off. Even though that's traditionally the MAN way of saying it, I feel like girls can jerk off too. Why can't we jerk off our pussies?' Jane chuckled.'I did not even know what a female orgasm was for most of my early sexual experiences,' Jane told me as we talked about how she felt when she had her first orgasm. 'I didn't know HOW to get there. But then I found a little machine called a magic wand and it really IS my magic wand,' she continued. 'I had never felt something like that in my life, and I was like, THIS IS IT...I'll never be the same again,' Jane added, elaborating on her first time using a wand.Jane also cited the wand as her favorite way to orgasm, saying 'Basically what I do is I start it on the lowest level and I kind of just get used to the sensation of the vibrations running through my body and my pussy starts throbbing...and then I go to the second or third setting and then I'm cumming. It shouldn't take longer than, like, three minutes, which makes it so dangerous because it's SO easy, I'm addicted to orgasming now!' she laughed.Jane also had some advice for those who might feel ashamed to masturbate. 'It's your body, nobody's religion or their parents or their doctor or anybody should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. So what I say is just try to disregard anything that people might have told you if you think that it's wrong...it's one of the most normal things, everybody I know does it, it feels amazing, you discover so much about your body and also, yourself in general when you start masturbating,' Jane told me.To close things out, Jane generously agreed to masturbate for our cameras, saying 'I hope I can make myself cum today so you guys can see what a female orgasm looks like because, I'm sorry to say, but a lot of the female orgasms that you guys are seeing in videos online are not real!'Thanks for showing us how it's REALLY done, Jane!-Bree Mills

12 months ago