Christina Shine has sex with lustful wedding planner

Christina Shine is about to get married but is feeling the strain. In just five months, she will be a married woman, but there's still so much to do! When her friend recommends her to Zsolt, a wedding planner, she is quick to make an appointment.When Christina arrives, she is at first taken aback by how snobby Zsolt is but there's something appealing about him as well. When he pulls himself close and takes out a portfolio, she's glad for the distraction. But as she loses herself in page after page of wedding flower arrangements, she doesn't notice Zsolt stepping back and undoing his pants...When she finally looks over, she's shocked to find Zsolt jerking off while casting her lustful looks! As he comes onto her, Christina is conflicted but drawn to him. She's been so stressed out by all the wedding planning and could use a bit of stress relief. Since she's not going to be a single woman much longer, why not take advantage of it?Christina puts all her worries aside as she drops down to her knees and takes Zsolt's cock into her mouth. After sucking him with gusto, it's not long before she's naked and bent over a table, accepting his cock into her needy pussy. Wedding bells may be ringing in her future but not today!

1 year ago