Mormon girls initiate Chloe Cherry and her GF into cult

Deep in the secretive polygamy temple, innocent teen polygamist Robin is going to be anointed with sacred oil by the Seed Bearer’s favorite girls. The taboo ritual sex is performed in a creepy dark room that send a thrill of excitement through the girl. And her friend, Amy, another teen polygamist who has recently undergone the sexy procedure herself, prepares to watch her friend Robin be oiled up by the Seed Bearer’s favorite girls. Amy hopes she’ll get participate, too. Amy can barely believe how much her life has changed in the past few days. Though the recent convert still feels inferior to the rest of the girls at the temple, she has proven herself to be an obedient little fuck toy for Katherine and Kara. Amy has enjoyed being the object of the girls’ desires and getting filled by their hungry fingers and mouths. She was especially excited when The Seed Bearer invited her to join in the fun during Katherine’s family breeding. Watching Katherine get plowed by the Seed Bearer’s massive cock, while Katherine sucked on her clit, made Amy cum so hard she almost fainted. Now it is time for Robin to get the same treatment from the girls, and Amy gets to be a part of it. Amy has always been intimidated by Robin, and she feels a little surge of power and pride at having gone through this ceremony before her friend. Sitting close together, Amy can feel Robin shivering, and she can see from Robin’s face that she’s scared and confused. Amy thinks about comforting her friend, but just then Katherine and Kara file in, oiled and naked. Amy doesn’t know it, but Robin’s pussy is already dripping wet. Kara and Katherine straddle the inexperienced girls and slowly drizzle warm oil across their breasts and pussies. “You’re going to cum for us,” Kara commands, “You’re going to fill our mouths with your wetness, like good little girls.” Robin is nervous, but Amy knows that as soon as Katherine presses her full pink lips to Robin’s cunt, her body will be filled with an unimaginable pleasure. Amy tries to watch Katherine and Robin, but as soon as Kara starts to eat her pussy she swoons. She tightens as Kara thrusts her tongue inside her virgin hole. “You’re my good little toy,” Kara whispers. “And I can’t wait to fuck your face with my pussy, until you can barely breathe.”

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