Cadence Lux in Katherine and Kara: Disciplinary Action

Kara and Katherine have been having all kinds of naughty, pussy-licking fun with Amy and Robin, but the Seed Bearer isn’t completely convinced that his favorite girls are obedient enough to join The Order. He has devised a painful test to find out just how willing they are to submit to his will. He can't wait to see the young polygamy girls disciplined on the priesthood stretcher. Kara’s tender hole is still smarting from the pounding President Nelson gave her during the family breeding when Katherine, the gorgeous brunette, comes to Kara with tears in her eyes. “The Seed Bearer’s mad,” Katherine says. “He thinks we aren’t taking our initiation seriously.” Kara wipes Katherine’s cheeks and tries to kiss her thick, pink lips, but Katherine turns away. “He’s summoned us to the temple. We have to go, right now.” The girls are guided through the temple by a worker and locked in a dark ordinance room. They are roughly stripped, and the cold makes their nipples harden and their naked bodies shiver. Before them is a bench, with a graduated set of black studs that get bigger and bigger. And at the end of the bench behind the largest stud is the Seed Bearer. “You have lost sight of why you are here,” he says sternly, rolling up his sleeves, “which is to learn how to give men the pleasure that is their right. Today will serve as a reminder to you both.” He motions for Katherine to come closer and dip her hand in a small bowl full of consecrated oil. Katherine fills her palm with warm oil and slathers it across Kara’s breasts. The Seed Bearer motions Katherine and Kara towards the first peg on the bench. Kara whimpers as she feels the hard peg slide into her pussy. It’s not too terrible, but she can see how thick the stretchers become and she doesn’t know how much she can take. But the Seed Bearer tells her to keep going. She works her way down to the second to last peg, her pussy aching and straining. “I can’t go any further,” she moans. The Seed Bearer commands her to make herself cum. Kara rubs her clit, feeling filthy and turned on and overwhelmed, focusing on Katherine’s hands as they hold her down and the Seed Bearer’s fingers as he reaches between her legs. Her orgasm is explosive and sends her pussy juice shooting onto the Seed Bearer’s outstretched hand. He smiles. “Very good,” he says. He dismisses the young girl. Kara knows she is supposed to leave, but she hides behind a curtain, her cum still dripping down her legs, watching Katherine make her way down the stretcher. The beautiful girl shivers and arches as she takes each peg inside her. She too, can go no further than the second to last peg. Kara expects the Seed Bearer to tell Katherine to cum. But instead, he tells her to stand. Kara can see how slick and shiny the pegs are from Katherine’s wetness. The Seed Bearer unbuckles his pants and pulls down the sacred underwear, revealing his massive cock. “Bend over,” he commands. “It’s time to see just how much punishment your hole can take.”

3 weeks ago