Vanna Bardot, Paige Owens in Secret Scissoring

Vanna Bardot has beentrouble at school because some of the other girls can tell she is not like the rest of them. Someone even took her notebook and wrote ”DYKE” inside of it. Teens can be mean! But when Paige Owens reveals that she is the one behind the vandalism, Vanna decides to mess with her. She gets footage of Paige playing around with other girls privates, and suddenly the tables have turned. Vanna tells Paige that she will keep her mouth shut if she does a little lesbian loving with her. They sit down to play some video games, and lick each others twats while keeping their eyes on the screen. Vannas body undulates as Paige licks her clit, and both girls get passionate with some serious scissoring. I guess all is well that ends well! Do you think Vanna and Paige are babes? Let us know in the comments!

2 weeks ago