Coco Kiss in Coco Kiss: You Know You Want To Fuck Me

German hottie Coco Kiss is not picky when it comes to fucking men, as long as she gets thoroughly pleasured the way she wants to. This babe knows her way around a cock and does not need any coaxing to take action; she'll take the initiative to give pleasure to her partner. While out and about, the long-haired femme fatale searches for a male who's willing to be her model for a photoshoot. She stumbles upon a handsome gent sitting on a park bench and convinces him to join her for her little project. The male model lets Coco take a few shots while he's in his boxers on a black leather couch, but he's surprised when she asks him to stay for a bit more. The beautiful photographer steps out for a bit before walking back in clad in a lacy black pair of lingerie. A prominent bulge appears in between his legs, and Coco takes that as an invitation to do what she's been craving to do from the very start. She quickly gets down on her knees and starts to caress his sizable cock, her mouth watering at the sight of it and the thought of sinking on him. Not wasting any more time, she takes him into her moist mouth, taking in as much as she can of his length while using her hands to stroke what she can't. The neediness takes over, and being the slut she is, tries to deep throat the massive dipstick. As soon as her partner is hard as a rock, she positions herself on the sofa on all fours and invites him to sink into her aching pussy. Her moans fill up the small space as she gets the pounding she asked for, changing to missionary before finishing him off with a handjob.

12 months ago