Alexis Texas in Alexis Texas And Tori Black: A Very Lucky Patient Gets Fucked By Milf Nurses

If the police has a good cop- bad cop routine to interrogate for their jobs, there’s a corresponding thing going on in the medical industry except YMDP makes it a little bit more interesting than it should be. In this scene, Alexis Texas and Tori Black, a pair of ultra MILFs with seriously hot bodies, plays a good nurse-bad nurse routine to make their patient alive and kicking. They’ll be double teaming a patient’s big dick to make sure that he’s more than okay. Alexis and Tori is in contrasting colors of outfit to show who’s who. Alexis plays the bad nurse and Tori plays the good nurse but seeing how they take down the man to cumland in the end seems like they’re both good and bad. They started their treatment by making the man feel how fuckable their body is. They go around feeling each other and making the man involved in most ways. Eventually, Alexis started sitting on the poor man’s face. With that on his face, they only thing can do is licked the hell out of her pussy. Alexis changes her seat after a while. She started riding his dick and making Tori help around in ton of ways. From this, the guy gets motivated enough to drag Alexis to fuck her from every direction possible. Tori might be left out in most parts but she finds a way to satisfy her own fuck holes. At some point of the scene, she pulls out multiple sex toys to get off herself. When the end was near, the guy pulls his dick out of Alexis and made her wait on the floor as he jack himself off to shower her face with a huge load of cum. If healthcare and insurance offers this kind of treatment then maybe a good amount of people will be more into paying them.

12 months ago