Amelie Lou in Soft Dream With Amelie Lou

Remember those hazy erotic films from the '60s and '70s? Fantasies like Emmanuel or the work of David Hamilton? This was Amelie Lou's inspiration for the film Soft Dream. She wanted to create something that had that simple, dreamy style but with a bit of a modern edge. We used fashion with a vintage vibe, as well as cinematography style of the era, to honor those "shot on film" erotic classics. Amelie played the part perfectly, moving sensually and showing off her petite body in just the right light. We are happy to announce that Amelie Lou has launched her own website! This film and all other content we have shot with Amelie is now available on her own website, plus much more new content that can't be found anywhere else. And she also offers customs, live video chat and more. If you like Amelie Lou then be sure to visit AmelieLou.com

11 months ago