Scarlett Mae, Eliza Eves in Uncovered Attraction

Buying a robotic vacuum is the best thing Eliza Eves' parents have ever done! Since it helps Eliza keep the house tidy, now she has more time to spend with her bestie, Scarlett Mae. Tonight they decide to spend that time watching a movie, although the movie is steamier than they anticipated...As the two friends sit close together with a blanket thrown over their laps for extra warmth and comfort, they start to secretly become more and more aroused. Each thinking that the other won't notice, they slip their hands beneath the blanket to play with themselves a little. They're so distracted by what's on the screen and the naughty pleasure they feel that they don't notice the loyal little vacuum going around still doing its job... until it accidentally catches the blanket and hauls it off, revealing what they're doing!Although Eliza and Scarlett are initially embarrassed about being caught masturbating, they're also majorly turned on, deciding to keep going since they have nothing to hide anymore. Of course, the movie quickly becomes forgotten about as they instead focus on each other... It's time to get extra steamy in real life and they have their robot friend to thank!

11 months ago