Ashley Fires, Dana Vespoli in Ashley Fires: At Home Lesbian Sex

Being friends with Dana Vespoli is rarely a bad thing. She’s a very adventurous woman and quite knowledgeable in the industry. Ashley Fires knows this and approaches her to get to know herself a bit better. This can only be done by making Dana in control of her body and do her thing. So, the two is in the bed sitting down beside each other. They’re talking about something for a bit until Dana starts running her hands around Ashley’s body. Ashley just chill and watches Dana go deeper and deeper into her clothes. Eventually, Dana makes Ashley go on all fours. Ashley is now showing her nice ass for everyone to see. After this, Dana now takes off Ashley’s dress to reveal some nice tits hiding underneath. From this point, their lesbian session becomes a little more interesting. Ashley thought it wasn’t fair that she’s the only one that’s naked so she slowly takes care of Dana’s clothes. At the same time, Ashley did some bit where she sticks her tongue on Dana’s holes. Ashley now lies on her back and let Dana continue what she’s doing earlier. She spreads her legs and Dana starts eating her pussy out like it’s a damn apple pie eating contest. Ashley does the same thing afterwards to make this awesome for both of them. After that, they got to the point where they’re just focus on licking each other’s ass hole. At times, the stand up and licked each other’s tits Dana ended their little lesbian session when she made Ashley lay on her stomach and Dana licked Ashley’s holes until she came. When Dana knew that she accomplished her mission, she just hugged Ashley’s ass, showing despite being a fuck goddess, she is still as sweet as a candy. Ashley smiles knowing this.

7 months ago