Mystery in MYSTERY 2

Today is a little bit of a Mystery story with our Hot Milf who’s 35 and who also sent us her submission pictures which included all sorts of marks and bruises on her body. It does say Mystery loves BDSM in her likes but it’s still a bit of a mystery to us all why she likes it so much. She does claim to let her boyfriend hang her from the ceiling in their place from nothing more than her clit using nylon rope. Ouch, and yes it’s way more than a bit of a mystery if Mystery actually likes it this rough or if she just tolerates it from her BF since she says, “Well he likes it and it turns me on to turn him on, so I like it too.” Things like this make you say hmmmmm. Mystery also states that she only started having orgasms regularly after she met her BF and today was the first time she had ever had an orgasm that wasn’t preceded or simultaneously occurred while she was being whipped or accompanied with pain. Another hmmmmmm. You just have to listen to the interview to try and put the pieces together of how this unsuspecting mal-sexually starved women ended up on our bed about to take cock and have the best sex of her life. Well your life’s about to change today Mystery and the mystery, or safe is about to be cracked wide open as to why women have sex without pain involved. I think it has something to do with letting a woman enjoy herself and enjoy the feeling of a man’s touch while a stiff cock is in her holes accompanied by electrical stimulation devices touching her clit without ropes, harnesses, anal hooks, and whips. But that’s just a guess from a guy who doesn’t claim to know what a woman likes since I don’t have a vagina so how can I possibly know what a woman wants right? Mystery, it’s your body so your choice, and who am I to say different. It is our job however to maybe plant a seed in your mind about sex I shall say, from a different perspective, and at least put something else other than BDSM into your thoughts of things that give pleasure, and I think Tyler accomplished that today. She had so many orgasms today she lost count and I’m just happy we could be the catalyst of something different in your sexual life Mystery. Variety is the spice of life and that is especially true in the sheets. I’d say she enjoyed today and I hope you all do as well.

10 months ago