Liv Revamped in Sneaking Suspicions

Liv Revamped is on her way out to meet friends but has a troubled mind. She tells her husband, Jason Moody, that she needs to talk to him about something before she goes.Jason is concerned but attentive as he asks what's wrong. Liv bravely asks Jason if he's been cheating on her, since she's noticed that he's been acting suspiciously lately. Jason is shocked and denies cheating on her, asking for examples of his suspicious activities. That's when Liv lists off three that definitely casts him in a shady light, though Jason promises him that he loves her and is loyal to only HER.Liv finally says that she trusts him and heads out. But no sooner than she's in her car, she changes her mind and comes up with a plan on the spot to catch Jason in the act! She waits in the car for a few minutes before sneaking back into the house to see what Jason's REALLY up to... then gets the shock of her life as she catches him masturbating all by himself.Jason is embarrassed as he comes clean and admits that the reason why he's always sneaking around is because he is ADDICTED to masturbating and has to do it SO MUCH just to be able to FUNCTION. He's sheepish about it, which is why he was keeping it a secret.Now, instead of being mad, Liv is sympathetic and relieved. It's time for her to give her husband a helping hand to reconnect!

10 months ago